Parker Fountain Pen: How to Refill It
parker fountain pen how to refill

The fountain pen is an elite writing instrument that has been in existence for generations. Fountain pens can be traced back to as early as the 17th century, and the pen’s technology has certainly changed over the years. 

Different companies are involved in the production of fountain pens, and one of the prominent industries is the Parker brand. Parker has been making all types of writing tools for over 100 years, and they have released several pens.

The Parker fountain pen is a classic, and instead of replacing it when it runs out, you can learn how to refill it. 

Parker Fountain Pen 

Parker has a long history as a pen maker that dates as far back as 100 years, and over the years, they have produced some of the best models of pens. Their design of fountain pens has been exquisite, and they keep producing more intriguing designs.

The design of the Parker fountain pen still follows the basic components that make up a fountain pen. So although they’ve succeeded in producing different models with different patterns, they still have the same basic parts.

The Nib 

The fountain pen nib is the metal tip of the fountain pen, and it is the part you place on paper and where the ink comes from. The nib size determines your font size, and the smaller the nib, the smaller the amount of ink delivered out of your nib. Also, if the nib is large, a larger amount of ink will flow out. 

The Feed

The tube is the part that connects the nib to the reservoir. The tube runs into three parallel channels that are connected to the nib. The channels allow the ink to flow at a controlled rate, coming immediately before the nib.

The Reservoir

When it comes to refilling your fountain pen, the reservoir is the component that requires our attention. 

The reservoir is the pen component that makes up part of the handle. The reservoir is a plastic tube or case that holds the ink used for writing. The reservoir is connected to the nib by the tube.

When refilling your pen, the reservoir is the component you need to look into. It is important to note that Parker pens are available in different models. There are two different kinds of reservoirs for those models: the disposable ink cartridges and the piston ink converters.

The type of refill system you will employ is based on your pen’s type of reservoir case. If your pen has an ink cartridge, you should be looking for a compatible ink cartridge. Also, if your pen has a piston ink converter, you will need an ink jar with compatible ink

Parker Fountain Pen: How to Refill It 

For fountain pens with ink cartridges, you need to get an ink cartridge compatible with your Parker pen. 

We’ve looked at the important components common to Parker fountain pens to make the instructions more relatable and easy to follow. 

The first thing you need to do is open your pen and separate the components. For example, when looking at the fountain pen, you will observe the barrel (handle), the neck, and the head (nib). 

The neck is where the barrel and the head are connected. First, you need to untwist the barrel and separate the inner components consisting of the nib, feed, and ink cartridge ( which is located under the barrel). 

It is important to note that the inner components of the fountain pen are prone to rolling if left on a horizontal surface, so ensure that you place all the components in a hollow container. 

The next thing is to get your new cartridge. You will notice that the cartridge has two ends: one is narrow, and the other is wide.

It is a general misconception that the narrow end is where the cartridge should be mounted, but this is wrong, and you should be mounting the wide end instead. The wide end is also the part of the cartridge that comes with a mounting unit. 

You will need to place the cartridge on the section of your pen that comes in contact with the feed. You will need to apply a certain amount of force before the cartridge completely stays on, which is usually a cause of concern for most people. But don’t worry, the cartridge is built with that part in mind. 

A strong application force is needed for the feeder to break into the mounting unit and allow ink to flow. So if you apply force to your cartridge and feel it give way or notice ink, don’t panic. You’re doing it right. 

Once you’ve fixed your new fountain pen cartridges, you can go ahead and screw the barrel back on. You might need to wet your nib to get the ink flowing.

Refilling a Parker Cartridge Convertor

If your fountain pen has a refillable piston ink converter, it is easier to refill. You need a compatible ink bottle, and the rest is easy.

You first need to remove the barrel of your fountain pen and separate the components. Once you’ve done that, remove the converter of your Parker pen and place the nib in the ink bottle. 

The converter has a knob that you can twist to draw up ink. Twist this knob until your reservoir is full. Next, remove the nib from the ink bottle, allow a few drops to fall, and dry the nib with a cloth.

You can reassemble your pen and fix the barrel back on the grip. With this method, you should be ready to start writing immediately after refilling your Parker fountain pen. 


Parker fountain pens are one of the top-rated choices of fountain pens, and they have released several models over the years. Unlike ballpoint pens, you can refill Parker pens. 

When refilling your pen, you have to consider the filling mechanism and the type of reservoir present. 

For the Parker ink cartridge, ensure that the cartridge is compatible with your pen, and for the converter, ensure that the fountain pen ink bottle is suitable for your pen. 


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