Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling Fountain Pen Review

If you’re looking for an affordable and stylish fountain pen, the Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling Fountain Pen could be the perfect pen for you! It features an eye-catching design and comes in a wide range of colors. 

But does it write well? Is this pen worth purchasing? Read on to discover our thoughts. 

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An overview of the Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling fountain pen

Let’s start by telling you a little bit more about this pen and what to expect:

A perfect gift

Not only is the Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling fountain pen a great gift for yourself, but it’s a lovely present for someone else. It features a stunning design, and it has an affordable price tag too. 

Large ink capacity

Once the pen is filled, it is suitable for prolonged use, saving you precious time.

Easy filling

To fill the pen with ink, just unscrew the end cap, pull it up, and then push it down. Unscrew the piston knob a few twists to allow ink to flow from the barrel to the nib if you want to use the pen for longer.

Excellent construction

The body has been built using precious translucent acrylic, while the skeletal net is constructed from brass with a chrome finish. Each pen has been manually put together and examined by Asvine’s skilled craftsman to ensure impeccable quality.

A stunning design

The V169 offers a superior writing experience and has a trendy, wonderfully-crafted water drop skeleton. Whether the cap is posted or unposted, it is an incredibly well-balanced writing instrument.

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What makes this pen different from the crowd?

Skeleton pens are not new on the scene. For over 80 years now, we’ve seen a number of businesses create them. 

Then, there are artisans who make overlays, like the late Henry Simpole. Even Laban produces a demonstrator with metal lattice work today. 

But, Asvine has chosen its own design, colored transparent resins, and…..a vacuum filler double reservoir system. 

First impressions of the Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling fountain pen

Generic plastic packaging with a brand-named cardboard box surrounded the pen when it came. Nothing too exciting, right?

My first thoughts were a bit conflicting! The skeletal work feels smooth and does not appear to have any harsh edges. The overlay’s holes have not been curved or otherwise softened. 

The transparent acrylic looks and feels brittle, but the filler knob and cap are not cheap, nor are they flimsy. 

The cap has a pleasing heaviness to it and unscrews in less than a turn. 

Asvine, which is the only branding, is imprinted on the band by the clip’s opening. 

If you have a high enough level of OCD, and you attempt to align the nib with the clip, you may find it irritating because you can easily see the nib at an angle, as there only seems to be one thread for it. This is a drawback of transparent caps. 

The pen’s vacuum system

The vacuum system in the Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling fountain pen operates effectively in terms of flushing out and filling thanks to the visible double reservoir. 

I have not observed any seepage in either direction, and the seal at the bottom of the rod does a decent job. 

Both the rod and the knob at the back, which are made of plastic with a metal overlay, have a robust feel. 

The plunger can be smoothly moved back and forth. While the frontal reservoir has the advantage of allowing you to write for a while without having to unscrew the back, it still only holds a small amount of ink, and with the valve open, the ink flow is slightly excessive, as is the case with the majority of stopper-restricted fountain pens (both eye droppers and vac fillers).

While it’s not crazy excessive, you could find your paper being over-saturated due to the feathering.

What’s the pen like to handle?

The pen has good weight and balance when in your hand. 

The area can feel slick, especially if your fingers are a little greasy, but the pinched shape makes it easier to grasp the pen securely. 

Although the capping threads are made of metal, they are wide and smooth, making the bottom of the skeletal frame more apparent. 

This may be a problem for some, although other pens like the Laban Skeleton, which are similar to this, would also have this problem.

Further details about the pen’s clip

The T-bar style clip is effective at keeping the pen from slipping out of a jacket pocket, but it may also be pushed sideways, which can occasionally lead to problems. 

Sometimes, the nib can slip across the metal, and fall into one of the frame gaps.

You should be aware of this because it can’t be good for the clip in the long run. 

With regards to the opposite direction, the nearest hole is not in a position to produce the same issue, thankfully. 

A good, albeit not top-of-the-range, fountain pen

The Asvine V169 Vacuum Filling fountain pen is certainly not the most luxe and impressive pen on the market, but for the price point, you can definitely do a lot worse!

It’s a nice writer when you hit the sweet spot, although it can be too wet. Plus, it holds plenty of ink without any real evaporation happening. 

So, if you like this style and you’re looking for an affordable pen, this is a great option to consider. 


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