What to Expect from Pilot Iroshizuku inks

An opulent line of inks, the Pilot Iroshizuku Ink range is influenced by the islands of Japan and their natural environment.

The phrase “iroshizuku” combines the Japanese words “iro” (coloring), which expresses high standards and a variety of colors, and “shizuku” (droplet), which captures the picture of dripping water. 

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Each ink’s name is drawn from a specific feature of the Japanese environment, such as shrubs, natural occurrences, or landscapes, all of which contribute to the richness of each color. 

Because of this, the rich and understated color approach of Japan is now accessible to all fountain pen users via this amazing Pilot Iroshizuku range. So, let’s take a more in-depth look below. 

There are 24 inks in the Pilot Iroshizuku range

The 24 colors in this range are as follows:

  1. Tsukushi – Brown 
  2. Yu-yake – Sunset
  3. Ajisai – Periwinkle
  4. Kosumosu – Pink
  5. Yama-guri – Wild Chestnut
  6. Ama-iro – Sky Blue
  7. Yama-budo – Bordeaux 
  8. Tsutsuji – Azelea
  9. Tsuyu-kusa – Deep Blue 
  10. Asa-gao – Navy Blue
  11. Tsuki-yo – Deep Teal
  12. Fuyu-gaki – Deep orange
  13. Chiku-rin – Bamboo Forest
  14. Take-sumi – Gray Black
  15. Syo-ro – Pine Tree Dew
  16. Fuyu-syogun – Bluish Dark Gray
  17. Kon-peki – Cerulean 
  18. Shin-ryoku – Deep Green 
  19. Ina-ho – Light Brown
  20. Shin-kai – Blue Gray
  21. Murasaki-shikibu – Deep Lavendar
  22. Momiji – Vermillion 
  23. Ku-jaku – Deep Turquoise
  24. Kiri-same – Misty Dark Gray 

What’s the packaging like?

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You’ll find that 50ml glass vials are commonly used. These are sizable decorative bottles that look excellent on a desk, thanks to their oblong shape. Because of this, they also make wonderful presents.

Also, commonly seen are 15ml glass vials. This bottle, referred to by Pilot as the “Mini,” is offered both individually and as part of color combinations. 

Furthermore, three bottles containing 15ml of Kon-peki, Tsuki-yo, and Take-sumi are included in the most popular set, which serves as the majority of people’s introduction to this ink. The average price of this package is $15.

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Overall impression of Pilot Iroshizuku inks

Iroshizuku inks are well-known for being inexpensive, beautifully colored, practical, and incredibly simple to use. 

These inks are dependable and user-friendly! Because they are deemed luxury inks, they function exceptionally well in almost all fountain pens and have subtle color tones.

The Iroshizuku colors include a variety of more exotic oranges, pinks, and greens, in addition to a reasonably common charcoal black and a range of blues. 

The series’ most popular inks include black, blue, and purple inks like Murasaki-shikibu and Yama-budo. 

Light brown and bamboo green are two examples of the medium tones that the series is meant to highlight, but they are less useful and not as liked than things like charcoal black (Take-sumi) or blue-black (Shin-kai).

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Your common Pilot Iroshizuku ink questions answered

  • Are these inks water-resistant? – They are water-resistant, but they’re not sold as waterproof. 
  • Are these inks prone to clogging? – Not from my experience!
  • Is it hard to get the ink off your hands? – It’ll take a good few washes, that’s for sure. 
  • What about stains on the pen? – This isn’t something to worry about. It’s very easy to clean your pen if the ink does get onto it.
  • Does the ink dry the nib out? – This isn’t something I’ve experienced. 
  • Do Pilot Iroshizuku inks suit beginners? – They would fall somewhere in the middle between beginners and expert fountain pen users. 
  • What’s the lubrication like? – Incredibly smooth!
  • How about the flow with these inks? – The flow is very good and rather wet. 

Pilot Iroshizuku inks are a joy, and come in a stunning range of colors

So there you have it: our view on the range of Pilot Iroshizuku inks on the market today. If you’re thinking about purchasing these inks for the first time, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Not only are they enjoyable to use but they come in the most beautiful range of colors. 


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