What’s the Best Blue Fountain Pen Ink?
best blue fountain pen ink

Fountain pens are quite fun to write with. However, using them is a little more complicated than just buying a pen. Your fountain pen needs to have high-quality ink in it as well. 

Blue symbolizes professionalism, stability, and peace. Blue ink comes in a variety of hues and shades. So whether you prefer a vibrant sapphire, deep navy, or a cheery sky blue, there are a lot of amazing inks you can choose from. 

We know that finding the right ink can be an overwhelming process. That is why we’ve done most of the research for you and we’ve laid out the best options for you to pick from.

The Best Blue Fountain Pen Ink on The Market

We’re sharing our 5 best blue fountain pen ink brands – all of which offer reliable performance, saturated color, and excellent flow. Picking any of these inks will take your writing to the next level. Continue reading if you want to find out which of these inks is the perfect one for you.

1. PARKER QUINK Ink Bottle

One of the most reliable options on our list you can go for is the Parker Quink blue ink. One of the reasons this ink is highly praised is its sophisticated pot, which makes it great for prolonged use.

Even though the bottle is made of glass, it’s still quite sturdy. It also doesn’t react to the ink even if it sits for a long time. The lid of the bottle is easy to unscrew and secure, and you can fill your fountain pens straight from it.

Your writing will stand out thanks to the super bright color of this ink. Blue ink like this one will make your writing look amazing on white paper. Anything you write will stand out in your college class, personal journal, or at your job. The makers of this ink did a top-notch job by adding a bit of lubricant to the product. The lubricant provides a smoother flow to the ink and prevents any blockage or clogging issues from the cartridge to the nib.

Besides this, the ink also has a quick-drying formula, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners and for those who write very quickly. Thanks to the Parker Quink ink, you won’t turn your paper into a smudged mess. The ink will dry off in just a couple of seconds.

  • Water-resistant
  • Elegant glass bottle with screw top
  • Vibrant color
  • The inkpot is sturdy
  • Very lubricated
  • Affordable price
  • Washable
  • Fades with time
  • Not an ideal calligraphy ink

2. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

These ink cartridges are made by Dryden, one of the most popular manufacturers of fountain pens in the United States. This brand created beautiful products which have earned the respect and trust of their customers.

This value pack by Dryden offers 24 standard-size ink cartridges that will fit almost all fountain pens. The pen will glide across the paper and offer an optimal writing experience since you won’t experience any break in ink flow. Each of the cartridges comes in a reclosable case made out of plastic that will last you at least two weeks of regular use.

The ink is made using natural dyes resulting in a natural, neutral, and non-toxic pH. It also only takes a couple of seconds for the ink to dry, which ensures that your writing won’t be ruined by smears or smudges. The ink is neither too runny nor too thick – it has a perfect balance.

  • Made by a well-known manufacturer
  • A value pack that comes with 24 ink cartridges
  • Quick-drying formula
  • The case is reclosable and can last for a longer time
  • Isn’t compatible with all fountain pens

3. Waterman Fountain Pen Ink Serenity Blue

Waterman has been creating elegant fountain pens and inks ever since 1883, so they have plenty of experience in the field. Waterman makes outstanding products, and their Serenity Blue ink isn’t an exception. If you’re looking for a blue link that will work with any paper and any pen, no questions asked, then you should pick Waterman Serenity Blue. As a matter of fact, if a pen using Serenity Blue doesn’t write well, there’s probably something wrong with the pen.

The ink has a moderately wet flow and it behaves predictably on a page. As a result, you won’t see much bleeding or feathering. The super-bright color makes it look amazing on paper, and the formula is acid-free and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. In addition, the ink dries very fast.

Besides the ink, the bottle itself is extremely functional. The faceted design allows you to tilt the bottle so you can fill it easier once the ink gets low. The glass bottle is easy to carry and it won’t accidentally spill or leak.

The product is one of our top recommendations and it might be among the best all-around fountain pen inks ever made. It is quite affordable and widely available. More importantly, it is widely considered one of the greatest fountain pen inks on the market.

  • Beautiful blue color
  • Bottled Even and predictable flow
  • Dries quickly
  • Prevents clogging the nib and other parts of the pen
  • Isn’t water-proof

4. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Fountain Pen Ink

This 30-ml bottle of ink is economical and small. This product would be a great choice for you if you only pull out your fontain pens for special occasions or you’re budget-conscious. We were impressed by the packaging, specifically the vintage-looking glass bottle and the bright, plastic lid it comes with. This fountain pen ink is incredibly easy to use and refill your pen with.

The ink is made with lubricant, which helps make sure it writes smoothly. The ink will flow nicely and create uninterrupted lines. The even finish also makes sure that the ink won’t fade in and out in different shades of blue. If you’re drawing with the ink, it’s worth mentioning that this product is especially good for layering.

Even though the blue shade of this ink might not be saturated and dark enough for some people, it’s a soothing tone that makes everything easy to read.

  • Nice ink flow
  • Sturdy packaging
  • A budget-friendly choice
  • The color isn’t as saturated as other products

5. Monaggio Black and Blue Ink Cartridges for Fountain Pens

If you’re not into refilling your pen from an ink bottle, then we have a solution for you. During our search for the best ink, we came across fountain pen cartridges that do an amazing job.

In this set by Monaggio, you get 10 blue and 10 black top-quality ink cartridges. The ink cartridges fit all Monaggio style pens and most fountain pens without any issues at all. They are also very easy to install, which gives them a competitive edge over other options on the market. With these cartridges, you won’t have to carry around a whole inkpot with you and run the risk of it spiling.

This US-based, family-owned business provides excellent customer service and you can easily communicate with them and return any items if you’re not satisfied – which is always a plus in our books. Besides the amazing customer service, the ink itself is very smooth, which allows it to flow from the cartridge to the nib without any issues.

  • Super smooth writing experience
  • No need for applying pressure to write
  • Doesn’t smear and dries quickly, making it an excellent choice for lefties
  • If you’re looking for only blue ink, this set isn’t a good choice for you

Things to Consider When Buying a Fountain Pen Ink

There are a few things you should factor in when you’re buying fountain pen ink. In this section, we’ll go over everything you need to know.


It’s happened to all of us at least once – one false move and you’ve spilled some water or coffee all over your notes. If you plan on using fountain pen ink regularly, then you should consider its waterproofness.  Most inks have a certain level of waterproofness to them. If you happen to spill liquid on your notes during or after writing, the notes can still be legible, even though they will be smeared.

When some inks dry they become completely waterproof. These types of ink have a high level of permanence. If you want to ensure that your writing won’t get smeared in the case you spill something on it, make sure you go for these inks.

Drying Time

Fountain pen inks have high viscosity, and as a result, they don’t dry as fast. Depending on the type of paper and pen you’re using, you might need more than a minute in order for the ink to dry.

This can be especially impractical if you take a lot of notes with your pen or you’re left-handed. If you’re not patient, everything you have written down will be smudged. Make sure that you look for fountain pen inks that dry fast after they’ve touched the paper.


When it comes to the packaging of the fountain pen ink, you can choose between cartridges and bottled ink. While some users swear by bottled ink, others prefer cartridges. To make the decision easier for you, we’re going to go over the pros and cons of each of the options.

When it comes to bottled ink, its benefits are that there are more colors to choose from for your fountain pens and they are more cost-effective because of the low replacement frequency. The disadvantages are that bottles are larger than cartridges and they’re not ideal for when you’re traveling. In addition, refilling your pen can get messy and you might accidentally spill some of the ink.

On the other hand, ink cartridges aren’t messy, and it’s highly unlikely that there will be any spills. The packaging is travel-friendly and very convenient to move from one place to another.

The disadvantages are that you’ll run through them faster. So in the long run, ink cartridges can get quite expensive. Additionally, there is a limit to the color variety you can pick from. When you’re using a cartridge, you’re limited to the color choice of the manufacturer.


The level of viscosity is essentially the wetness of the ink. Dry ink goes slowly through the pen, while wet ink has no problem moving quickly to the nib.

You should go for dry ink if your characters are tightly knit together and your handwriting is small. The reason for this is that wet ink will make your characters run into each other and it end up looking very messy. On the other hand, wet ink will be a better choice if you have bold and big handwriting.

Color Saturation

Is the color of the ink highly saturated or has it been diluted? Your writing will be vibrant and dark if the color of your ink is saturated, and your handwriting will stand out. If the ink is diluted, your writing will be less vibrant and dull. If you’re not going for the faded look, look for saturated fountain pen ink.

Final Thoughts

It took us a bit of research, but we’ve found the best blue fountain pen ink options on the market. After carefully analyzing all of the options and reviewing plenty of products, we’ve made a list of some of the best products currently offered. We hope that after reading our article you will have a solid idea about what is the best blue fountain pen ink for you.


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