Ultimate Guide to the Best Planners for Men
best planners for men

If you enjoy physically checking things off your list with your fountain pen, you’ll probably enjoy owning a planner too.

Planners help you keep track of ideas, appointments, tasks, and more. A great planner allows you to see the whole week or month at a glance, so you can see what you have going on and coming up soon in your schedule.

If you’re constantly forgetting birthdays and appointments, or just looking to get your life more organized, this guide is perfect for you.

Top 5 Best Planners for Men

No matter if you’re a woman that’s looking for an amazing gift for your man, or you’re a man who’s trying to be more organized, this list of the best planners for men will surely help you find the right one.

1. Smart Planner Pro Undated Agenda Daily Planner

One of the most attractive planners on our list is the Smart Planner Pro Undated Planner. The animal-friendly, faux leather cover is decorated with a subtle embossed emblem. This planner provides you with enough space to plan out 13 months. It also includes a place to set up your goals, daily schedules, calendars, to-do lists, and gratitude affirmation. 

This planner comes with 3 bookmarks, an elastic strap closure, and an expandable inner back pocket. The planner can give you a clear picture of what each week will be like thanks to its hourly schedule and the ability to play your day-to-day activities and goals. For important deadlines and events, you can use the monthly sections. 

In addition, after each week, you will be able to evaluate your progress and give yourself a score for your performance. Another exciting feature we would like to mention is the habit tracker, which allows you to choose 4 habits you want to build and track your progress.

The paper is 120 gsm thick and guarantees that the pages are completely bleed-proof. The pages have been stitched together using high-quality bookbinding which helps keep them from  falling out. 

This planner also comes in nice, luxurious packaging. So if you plan to gift it to someone else, it’s instantly ready. This planner has it all, from useful accessories to a convenient layout and amazing quality.

  • Has an elastic fastener
  • Vegan leather cover
  • Simple yet impressive design
  • Great for those with unpredictable schedules
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • The week starts on a Monday, which throws some people off

2. Panda Planner Pro

The Panda Planner Pro is the companion of well-organized and productive people. Buying products from this brand comes with a couple of useful conveniences and services. One of those useful services is gaining access to the private membership site. This web portal allows you to browse through interesting articles about procrastination, psychology, productivity, and much more.

The founder created Panda Planner to get back on track after cancer, a traumatic brain injury, and Lyme disease. The creator of this planner took a scientific approach and used the lessons from neuroscience and positive psychology to craft this planner. The planner is designed to help you find happiness through productivity.

The planner doesn’t have any numbered pages or dates which means you’re free to pick it up at any point during the year. It consists of three sections, including the daily, weekly, and monthly spreads that will help you get organized. It is the same as the Panda Planner Classic, but bigger.

Something that you will also find convenient is the size of this notebook. The planner is a breeze to carry thanks to the fact it only weighs 1.7 pounds despite its A4 paper size. The only downside to this planner is that the quality of the paper isn’t top-notch and that the layout of the pages might feel a bit overwhelming to some people.

  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with access to a private membership site
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Extra space for all of your thoughts
  • Undated planners allow for great flexibility
  • Only available in a handful of colors
  • Llayout might seem a bit overwhelming

3. Power Place Non-Dated Personal Daily Planner

By using the power Place Daily planner, you can keep your goals front and center while planning your time. If you’re the type of person who likes to plan their day down to the very last detail, you’re going to love this planner.

This planer includes a couple of sections to make sure that users are staying on track not only with their daily to-do lists but also with their long terms goals as well. Besides the weekly, monthly, and yearly review section; every page has a space for Tasks, Notes and Ideas, Goals, Top Priority, a 24-Hour Schedule, and a Daily Review.

The hardcover is made out of vegan leather as well as 100% post-consumer waste recycled material. This planner is the most earth-friendly planner on our list, making it the perfect choice for individuals who care not only about being their best selves but also about the planet.

  • Made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • Simple to use yet effective
  • Tracks your schedule by the hour
  • Allows you to monitor progress
  • Pages are resistant to rough erasing and bleeding of ink
  • Quality of the paper isn’t top-notch

4. Kodexlode 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

The Kodexlode 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner has a bit more style thanks to its stylish faux leather cover with golden stamping. The cover brings a little more life to this functional item, making timekeeping and writing feel like less of a task.

The date range in this planner is 12 months, so you can use it to plan the upcoming year. In order to easily keep track of future events, the planner has both weekly and monthly spreads. In addition, it also has a 2-year reference calendar, 2 contacts pages, 1 note page, and a holiday listing. A feature we don’t want to forget to mention is the fact that the planner can be opened a full 360 degrees.

The planner also features an inner pocket that is great for storing loose pages and cards.

  • Comes with special pages
  • Has an attached elastic closure
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality paper that prevents ink from bleeding through
  • Can be folded 360 degrees
  • Modern design
  • No notable drawbacks

5. Get Stuff Done Productivity Planner

The most flexible planner on our list is the Get Stuff Done Planner for Productivity. This planner features tabs and it’s undated. You can easily flip back and forth between daily, weekly, and monthly plans. The planner also offers space for brainstorming, reflections, and goals.

The planner includes premium paper, tri-ribbon bookmarks, and a pen holder. The no-bleed paper is packed neatly in a soft and durable cover and includes 60 blank pages to double as a journal.

Make 2022 your best year yet thanks to the booklet of time-saving productivity tips it comes with. In addition, you can hold all of your loose notes in its inner pocket.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be used as a planner and journal
  • Includes productivity tips and tricks
  • Has a pen holder
  • Has space for brainstorming and thoughts
  • Only allows for 13 weeks of planning

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Planners for Men

There are a few factors you need to consider when you’re buying the best planners for men. Below, we will discuss several of them.


Your planner is something you will be looking at multiple times a day. So, the design of the planner matters. You should enjoy flipping the pages of your planner and having it in sight.

Paper Quality

Quality is extremely important. You want the best planners for men with pages that don’t bleed and have a good texture to write on.

Dated or Undated

This comes down to personal preference. Buying an undated calendar might be a convenient choice for some. For example, if you decide to buy a planner in April, and the planner is dated, you would’ve wasted four months’ worth of paper. On the other hand, if you get an undated planner, you can just start on page one regardless of the date.


You will find planners where each week is spread across two pages horizontally or vertically. The layout is more important than you think. For example, the column format of the vertical layouts will be perfect for you if you’re a task-oriented or time-oriented planner. The reason for this is that you will have long to-do lists and a more detailed schedule.

On the other hand, you will like horizontal layouts more if you are a note-taker since this layout will give you plenty of space for notes and doodles. Another type of layout you might encounter is the dashboard layout. In this layout, one page will be dedicated to a week or a day, and the others will have fill-in-the-blanks, habit trackers, gratitude prompts, and other similar prompts.


It is essential that your planner lies flat when you’re writing in it. While some planners are stitch bound, others are spiral bound. A lot of people don’t care if it’s stitch or spiral-bound, as long as the planner can lie flat.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when it comes to binding is whether the binding will keep the pages of the planner together for a longer period of time. Something spiral or stitch-bound will last longer, while some glued-in pages might not be so sturdy.


How Can You Use Planners at Meetings?

When you’re at a meeting, you’re able to break down the entire thing in your planner. The bulleted points in a planner can be used for taking important notes from the meeting. Once you’ve written down notes from the meeting, if you need them in the future, you can just remember the date the meeting took place and look through your notes.

Are Planners Effective for the Office or School?

Planners make your life easier by helping you schedule and manage your daily tasks, which makes them ideal for when you’re in the office or at school. They prevent forgotten details, forgotten tasks, procrastination, and stress that comes with not having an organized schedule.

Besides the office of the school, planners can also be used for planning your home errands. Planning your home errands with a planner might also free up some time for relaxation.

Why Do People Use Paper Planners?

Even though there are many digital calendars and apps available these days, there are still a lot of people who prefer using pen and paper. With a paper planner you can also use stickers, highlighters, colored pens, and customize your planner however you’d like.

How Do I Pick the Best Planners for Men?

Because there are so many planners available on the market, it would be a smart move to decide what you want to accomplish with your planner before you explore your options. Aside from thinking about what you want your planner to look like, also think about what you plan to use it for.

Will you be taking your planner with you daily? Do you want a hardbound or a spiral-bound? What size do you want your planner to be? Are you a creative person that wants to add stickers and other ornaments to decorate your planner?

Which planner layout is the best for students?

If you’re a student, we would recommend going with a horizontal layer planner or one that has several sections for each day since this way you can keep all of your subjects separate.

Best Planners for Men: Final Thoughts

By the end of this article, you should know everything there is to know about the best planners for men. Now that you’re equipped with the needed information, you can go ahead and pick your favorite. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to planners, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all planner. A planner that is perfect for you might not be suitable for the needs of someone else, so it all comes down to personal taste.


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