The 5 Best Fountain Pens to Gift in 2023

If you’re looking to purchase a special gift for someone in 2023, a fountain pen is certainly a good choice. In this post, we’ll make some suggestions on the best fountain pens to gift this year. 

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Reasons to gift a fountain pen

There are many reasons why you should gift a fountain pen, including:

  • They inspire creativity – Fountain pens stimulate and support creative thinking. There are so many ways you can utilize them! Naturally, you can write with them, but you can also make art.
  • They can help to lower stress levels – In today’s world, everyone lives at a rapid pace. Taking your time to write can help you relax, make your thoughts and feelings clearer, and solve difficulties more quickly. Give the gift of stress alleviation by putting a fountain pen and journal in the same package for a loved one.
  • The recipient can learn or perfect a new skill – Handwriting is a skill you can hone. Even if the recipient mastered cursive as a youngster, it may have been years since they last used it, considering we live in a digital age. With a new fountain pen, the recipient may start writing exercises or simply enjoy mindful writing, which makes them love writing more.
  • Fountain pens encourage people to write – You will want to start writing as soon as you pick up a fountain pen! A fountain pen is a thoughtful gift that the recipient will want to use to write with. The novelty of this enhanced writing experience will wow them. And writing opens up a world of opportunities!
  • It’s a gift the recipient is unlikely to have – Chances are, unless they are already fountain pen enthusiasts, your friend or relative will not own one. If they do, it’s maybe in the bottom of their desk drawer. In either case, a fountain pen is an impressive and unexpectedly practical gift. 

What are the best fountain pens to gift in 2023?

Here are some great ideas and suggestions if you’re looking for the best fountain pens to gift for 2023:

Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

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Want to showcase your style without breaking the bank? 

When it comes to providing a fantastic all-around real ink experience, the Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen checks all the right boxes. 

As it costs much less than rival fountain pens, it has become a great seller.

The style is timeless, practical, and has a medium tip, making it ideal as a gift for anyone without a particular preference. 

This fountain pen also has the benefit of an ink converter, allowing you to use it with either cartridges or liquid ink. 

In fact, we believe this one is difficult to surpass at the lower end of the market as a whole.

Cross Century II

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Born as a result of the popularity of the first Cross Century pen, the Century II thickens the profile and adds a striking silver and gold color scheme to produce a modern classic. 

Everything that fans praised the original for is still present and accounted for. 

We love the leak-proof design, which is immune to all sorts of movement while in transit, as well as the longevity of the build and the beautifully smooth writing action.

Pilot Capless

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The magnificent wooden barrel of this Pilot fountain pen, which feels wonderful in your hand and is well-balanced, is its key selling point. 

There are various versions, including one that has a beautiful 18k gold nib that has been Rhodium-plated. It’s better suited to people who have a featherlight touch because of this, although it’s not as scratchy to use as some nibs at this end of the spectrum are.

The fact that it is Japanese-made adds to its unique edge. I think the mechanism that keeps the fountain pen from ever drying out is brilliant. 

The Pilot also comes in a customized gift box with a cartridge refill.

Faber-Castell Pear Wood

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This wooden-cased fountain pen will spice things up a bit if you’re sick of black and gold. The pen’s bulk is made of smooth pear wood with a lovely natural grain and just the right bit of bling thanks to a mirror-finish cap, nib, and collar. I think it feels great to write with!

With its cartridge/converter mechanism, it offers the choice of using simpler current cartridges or an inkwell, and I’m happy to report a smooth writing experience in both situations.

Waterman Fountain Pen

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This is a French-made traditional fountain pen with the iconic cigar form that is so well-liked. 

It also has a wonderfully functional medium tip that, in my opinion, makes it suited for just about everyone. But, for those who want a more delicate outcome, a fine nib option is offered.

I like how Waterman created this model in a variety of options, giving you the ability to go with a fairly traditional black and gold style or one of the more eccentric ones. 

For instance, the Deluxe Blue Obsession is a beautiful choice. Also, a really lovely presentation box is included with the fountain pen.

The best fountain pens to gift in 2023

As you can see, there are some fantastic pens on the market today if you’re looking for a special gift for someone. If you choose one of the fountain pens we’ve mentioned above, you simply cannot go wrong!


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