Why Use a Fountain Pen: Top Reasons
why use a fountain pen

While much of modern communications is done via email, the use of fountain pens is growing. People are looking for a way to connect more to their writing and their feelings, and fountain pens provide this opportunity. 

Many people now prefer to construct messages or texts digitally with a computer or other technological devices, but this can be mind-numbing day in and day out. Using a fountain pen encourages creativity and mindfulness while writing.

The fountain pen is an older method of writing, and most people no longer pay much attention to it. Unfortunately, many people have the mindset of, “why use a fountain pen when I can use my computer?” There are different reasons, and we’ll take a closer look at them. 

Why Use a Fountain Pen?

using a fountain pen to write

The use of fountain pens is growing as writers seek to connect more with their writing and take a break from digital overload. Different advantages come from using a fountain pen, and some of these advantages help develop our overall writing skills and abilities. 

It Is Easier to Write With

The modern or more popular pens in this era work differently from the fountain pen, and they require you to apply pressure to the tip of the pen before the ink comes out. 

Fountain pens don’t work the same way. Instead, they use gravity, pressure, and capillary action to draw the ink. 

The design of modern fountain pens requires air to enter into the air channel of the pen through the space at the slit of the nib, and air goes into the ink reservoir to push out the ink through three channels. Unfortunately, gravity also pulls the ink flow downwards, and capillarity in the tubes contributes to this process.

The total of these factors ensures that the ink flows out of the pen without pressing the nib on your writing surface, reducing the amount of pressure you feel when writing. 

Compared to other pens, the fountain pen requires less writing pressure. 

Varying Sizes and Shapes of Fountain Pen Nibs 

different types of fountain pen

With fountain pens, you have a wide range of accessory options to choose from. Fountain pens are available in different sizes, and you can get one that will fit your hand perfectly. 

There are also different shapes and nib sizes. The nib size affects the lettering produced by the pen. You can achieve different fonts and thicknesses in your writing depending on the type of nib. 

Different Colors 

fountain pens

You can also enjoy different colors with your fountain pen ink. Usually, different nib sizes cause differences in the lettering. However, you can also achieve different colors in your text with the same nib. 

Fountain pens are designed so you can easily change out the ink you’re working with. With other forms of writing pens, you need to get different pens with different ink colors before writing. However, the fountain pen eliminates this need, and instead of gathering multiple pens with different colors, all you need is one pen and cartridges of different ink colors. 

You can simply change the ink cartridge or refill the tube with different ink colors. 


vintage fountain pen

One of the biggest reasons fountain pen lovers adore using a fountain pen is because of its longevity. Unfortunately, most of the pens in circulation are made to be disposed of once the ink runs out. However, fountain pens are designed with more longevity.

You can still see fountain pens that our grandfathers used back in their days in mint condition and still ready for use. 

The fountain pen design is meant for continual use, even if the ink runs out. The pen reservoir is normally designed to be refilled or replaced, and the refillable tank allows you to put new ink and keep writing like you never stopped.

On the other hand, the cartridge fountain pens can’t be refilled, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. Instead, it is designed so that you can replace the ink cartridge with a new one, and you can keep using your pen like before. 

They Are Valuable 

gold fountain pen

The regular ballpoint pens are designed to be disposable after use, and they hold very little value. On the other hand, fountain pens are more well-designed and hold a lot of value. 

In the same way, there are coins from years ago that are now worth a lot of money. Fountain pens also fall into that category and can be classified as collectibles.

If you have a collection of fountain pens from the older generation, you might be sitting on a gold mine. The value of the fountain pen appreciates as time goes, and it is more of an investment than the other forms of pens. 

Join the Family 

You’ll be surprised to discover that there is a large connection of fountain pen enthusiasts worldwide. This is because writing with a fountain pen is more of a culture, and more and more people are returning to fountain pens as they search for ways to be more mindful while writing.

Improves Handwriting 

using pen to write

Another reason to use a fountain pen is that it improves your writing style. Using a fountain pen is an easy skill to learn, and gives you greater connection to your writing, your thoughts, and the moment. 

Some people say using this pen makes writing a more mindful and creative experience. If you can master writing with this pen, you will see that your handwriting with other pens will become impeccable too. 


Writing with a fountain pen is a skill that has been passed down over numerous generations. As a result, its rich history and technique offers a lot of advantages. 

Why use this kind of pen over a traditional type of pen? Fountain pens are not only beautiful collector’s items, but they’re functional too – and they’ll last you a long time if you take care of them.

All you need to do is replace the ink cartridge or refill the ink tank, depending on the type of reservoir, and you can keep using your fountain pen forever. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a fountain pen and start feeling more connected to your writing.


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