An Overview of Montegrappa Pens
montegrappa pens

Montegrappa pens are highly admired for their quality and unique designs. In this guide, we’ll review some of the best Montegrappa pens and help you choose the best one for you.

The Best Montegrappa Pens

1. Montegrappa “Parola Twist Open” Ballpoint Pen – Black Pastello

This pen is made of resin with chrome accents and trim, and it’s designed for convenient usage. They are intentionally crafted for the needs of today’s active consumers.

“Parola” is Italian for “word.” Montegrappa thought it was a fitting name for their entry-level writing instrument. The product line has been expanded with the introduction of the Parola pen, resulting in a writing instrument that is an excellent present option for a recent graduate who is just getting started in their professional life and needs a pen that will last for years.

It is the ideal everyday pen and makes a thoughtful and treasured present because of its versatility. Parola’s clean, uncluttered appearance and vibrant color palette cater to various consumers’ preferences. Because of its reasonable pricing, Parola will draw both business customers and students.

Despite being youthful, vibrant, and contemporary, Parola exudes an air of sophistication due to its classically inspired design and unmistakable association with Montegrappa.

Montegrappa pens is a really large pen, measuring around 5 3/4 inches in length, with a width of 1/2 inch at the cap and 3/8 inch at the grip area of the barrel. The heft of the pen is directly proportional to its size, which results in an exceptionally well-balanced writing instrument. It has a significant weight, but it is not excessively heavy.

What We Like

  • It has an air of overall quality construction.
  • It looks good.
  • It has great packaging.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is smudge-attracting in every aspect.
  • The Montegrappa G2 refill does not come close to matching the comfort and reliability of some brands.
  • The action of twisting is rough to the touch, and one can hear the friction created by the movement of the two components.

These pens with fiber-tipped nibs are helpful for writing and drawing, and you can use them on materials such as glass and plastic.

2. Montegrappa Fortuna Special Edition Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli Blue Ballpoint Pen

The Fortuna series by Montegrappa is offered in various formats, including fountain pens (cartridge or converter fed), roller balls, twist-action ballpoint pens, and mechanical pencils.

Montegrappa has released one of the most innovative pens in the company’s long and storied history. The creators at Montegrappa looked to the mind for ideas. These pens were inspired by the direct intellectual relationship between the mind and the pen.

The contrast in the Fortuna pen’s most fundamental structural elements is an illustrative example: the upper portion of the pen is ornate and luxurious while the pen’s body is straightforward. This serves as a metaphor for the body of a man, in which all of his wealth is located in his head.

What We Like

  • It’s very easy to use and produces smooth writing.
  • It has a refined appearance, and it’s a brilliant addition to any collection.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s not the best quality you can get from Montegrappa.

3. Montegrappa GoT Targaryen Ballpoint Pen

This ballpoint pen was inspired by HBO’s popular TV show, Game of Thrones. These luxurious fountain pens produced by Montegrappa are renowned for their superior quality and crafted with the highest quality resin. The clip resembles a shield, representing the noble lineages from the show.

This Game of Thrones-themed pen is offered in stunning color combinations and blends luxurious lacquers with a striking palladium, bronze, or gold finish.

There are four families represented in this assortment: the Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen families. Each individual set features a distinct pattern on the exterior and comes with a fastener shaped like a crest or coat of arms. Each of the four prominent families from Game of Thrones are represented by a writing tool in Montegrappa’s collection. You can purchase fountain pens from the collection.

Each style can be purchased as a rollerball pen, fountain pen, or ballpoint pen. Each pen features a colorful lacquered barrel and cap with palladium, 18-karat gold plate, or bronze plated accents with the words “Game of Thrones” etched on the cap. The attractiveness of the pens is increased by a collaborative design, with each pen being personalized for the family that it symbolizes through the use of sigils and emblems of the clan.

What We Like

  • This pen is not only beautiful to look at but also very easy to hold and use.
  • The ink is fantastic and the materials are of outstanding quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • This pen is quite weighty.

The pens from Montegrappa’s Game of Thrones collection come packaged in a double box, the first of which is a luxuriously dark outer carton that has each house’s sigil. The container’s interior is coated in a fabric that evokes the aesthetic of the show. The fabric features sigils and patterns pertinent to each of the four families, which will delight any fan of the show.

4. Montegrappa Fountain Pen Elmo 01 Black Broad

This is an Italian-made pen that is likely to excite those who are looking for an everyday writing instrument. It’s inspired by the efforts of a pioneer of early technology and one hundred years of Bauhaus design. Montegrappa is known for creating pens beyond the ordinary handwriting enthusiast’s imaginations. The most recent release from the Italian corporation sees a return to Montegrappa’s more humble origins and the foresight of its initial co-founder, Heinrich Elmo Helm.

Between 1912 and 1928, the company responsible for producing the most luxurious pens in the world was at the forefront of the movement to make writing more accessible to the general public. Back then, portable pens were a developing technology, and trying to get them into widespread use was a path laden with difficulties.

Helm was the first person to hold the company’s technical director position. He was a character with the same hard work ethic and optimistic outlook as today’s digital entrepreneurs. His expertise and magnetic personality were the impetus behind the young company’s decision to brand its first goods after him. Elmo pens became staples in Italian workplaces and educational institutions for years.

The Elmo 01 is a portable and versatile pen reminiscent of the worldwide style that made Bauhaus famous during the 1920s. During that period, Helm steered his firm away from the traditional models of dip pens and instead focused on developing new products tailored to modern lifestyles. His guiding principles were portability, dependability, and effectiveness. It is a prestige stationery item crafted from resins and stainless steel. It has durable, all-around performance, straightforward simplicity, and is the product of a century’s worth of expertise.

Montegrappa, Italy’s first pen producer, opened its facility in 1912 at Bassano del Grappa, a beautiful village in the Alpine foothills where the Brenta River flows. Montegrappa creates their priceless works of art by combining time-honored techniques, like die-casting, with more contemporary approaches, like low-relief engraving. These materials include precious metals and natural celluloid.

What We Like

  • Minimal degrees of elaboration provide budding writers, young or old, with a stylish and inexpensive stepping stone to the world of luxury writing.
  • An elegant clip made of fluted brass serves as a visual reminder that good design endures throughout time.
  • Archive designs serve as the blueprint for a profile that makes the fewest possible uses of metal componentry while maintaining the artistic flair of the original design.

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes at a high cost.

You can fill the fountain pen with world-quality cartridges or with a converter. It also features a steel nib, which you can customize with two different stub lengths.

5. Montegrappa Elmo 01 Blue Cross Gentian Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Blue

The spectacular iridescent resin surfaces add new points of interest to the Elmo 01 collection. This gorgeous Montegrappa Blue Cross Enzian fountain pen has a pearlescent teal swirl resin with undertones of green and purple. The pen’s nib is made of stainless steel and is extra fine (EF). It also has a filigree pattern carved onto it.

The name of the brand is etched on the cap, and the clip features a little wheel that makes it possible to slide the pen into a pocket quickly. A variety of bright colors inspired by flower beds makes these pens ideal for expressive individuals.

The Elmo 01 collection has been updated with additional highlights, including spectacular mother-of-pearl resin textures.

What We Like

  • It is a fantastic-looking pen featuring a unique extra-fine nib.
  • Because the pen is just the right size, most people should have no trouble holding it for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is possible to post the cap, but it does not post very securely. This may be problematic for individuals with bigger hands.


What’s the difference between dip pens and modern pens?

A pen transfers ink to the surface on paper for writing or sketching. Earlier writing instruments, including quill pens, reed pens, ruling pens, and dip pens, had nibs or small cavities that stored ink and needed to be frequently refilled by dipping the writing tip into an inkwell. Rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and ceramic or felt tip pens have replaced quill, reed, and dip pens as the standard writing implement.

These days, you’ll only see people using them for specific purposes, including illustration and calligraphy. Modern pens have built-in ink cartridges, so you never have to worry about running out of ink.

How does one maintain a Montegrappa pen?

To clean pens filled with a piston, you need to start by immersing the tip in water and then turning the blind cap multiple times to load and drain the reservoir until the water becomes clear.

Do you store pens facing up or down?

Placing the pen tip-down can ruin the nib or pool ink. Fountain pen nibs should be stored up or horizontally.

Wrap Up

We hope this article has helped you find the perfect Montegrappa pen for you. All of these Montegrappa pens are stylish and make a perfect gift, but our favorite is the Montegrappa Blue Cross Gentian fountain pen because of its vibrant mother-of-pearl and teal resin with traces of green and purple.

The pen’s nib is made of stainless steel and is extra fine (EF), and it has a motif of filigree carved onto it. The company’s name is etched on the cap, and the clip features a small wheel that makes it possible to quickly and conveniently place the pen inside the bag. Its colors are ideal for people with vibrant dispositions and creative spirits.

Carrying a Montegrappa pen is like carrying a trophy for your love of writing, design, and the finest things in life. These Italian-made writing implements are a reflection of your taste and sophistication. Superior craftsmanship and expert detailing elevate a sophisticated design to the next level of exclusivity. Montegrappa has been making fountain pens for over a century, and they have always managed to strike a good mix between the old and the new.


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