How to Get Ink Off Skin: A Fountain Pen Guide
how to get ink off skin

Ink stains on your skin occur from several activities. For example, if you’ve ever operated a printer and needed to change the ink cartridge, you would understand the kind of frustration that accompanies even a slight stain on any part of your skin. 

Ink stains are a nasty and annoying business. They stain quickly, and it’s not always easy to get rid of. Therefore, ink spillage on any part of your skin can be annoying.

Despite how frustrating ink stains can be, they certainly can be removed, even on your skin. This article will explain how to get ink off skin quickly and effortlessly.

How to Get Ink Off Skin

The following are natural ingredients that can help you remove ink from the skin. However, before using any of these accessible ingredients, it is essential to know that certain chemicals may not be initially intended/produced to remove ink. Each of the methods offered in this article should be safe to use on your skin.

These ingredients should be used carefully:

Tea Tree Oil

using tea tree oil on how to get ink off skin

This essential oil is known to enhance skin, hair, and nail health. Tea tree oil is applied by gently rubbing it onto your skin to remove germs and bacteria, making it similar to a hand sanitizer. Additionally, tea tree oil effectively removes ink from the skin. Below are the steps you can follow:

  • Get a dry cloth and pour a few drops of tea tree oil on it.
  • Use the fabric to scrub the ink stain away from your skin.
  • To ensure the ink is completely removed, you may be required to repeat this process.
  • A nail brush (with a clean cloth) can be used to clean beneath your nails and between your fingers. After that, wash your hands and rinse with dish soap and clean water.


woman spraying alcohol

The use of alcohol is highly productive at getting rid of ink from your skin. All you need to do is pour a small quantity of alcohol on your skin. After that, rub your palms against your skin until the ink stain washes away with the alcohol. Afterward, remember to wash your hands with soap, then rinse with cold tap water.

It is also advisable to apply lotion after washing and rinsing your hands. Feel free to apply ointment to help moisturize your skin, as alcohol can also strip your skin of necessary oils. 



Hairspray is amazingly effective as a remover of ink stains. All you need to do is grab your hairspray, then spray a little on your hands.

You should start with a small amount and be very careful not to spray directly into the ink-stained area. Once you apply it, rub the ink away and wash your hands with cold water and soap. Finally, apply a bit of lotion to keep the area moisturized.

Nail Polish Remover

nail polish remover

Like hairspray, nail polish isn’t just good for your nails, it’s also handy in removing ink stains from your skin quickly. Polish remover contains acetone, which is a chemical solvent. Any ink stain from your skin would undoubtedly be quickly and gently removed.

After successfully removing the ink, make sure you wash your hands and apply lotion.



Another ingredient you can use to remove ink stains from your skin is bleach. However, direct contact with bleach can be detrimental to your skin layers. Bleach should only be used as a last resort if you do not have any of the ingredients mentioned above. 

Upon your decision to use bleach, dilution should be done with water (the ratio of bleach to water should be 1:10). After that, rub the already diluted bleach against your skin to remove the ink. Of course, you should wash your hands with a large quantity of water afterward.

If the bleach smell persists, try applying lemon juice or fresh orange.

How to Remove Fountain Pen Ink Stains From Your Skin

Fountain pen ink is another type of ink that gets the epidermis stained, apart from printer ink. Through the natural sloughing of the skin, hand washing multiple times can remove stains over time. Many household remedies are non-harmful and effective in eliminating ink from fountain pens. 

Some of these items may be in your home already:

Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

Much better than soap and water, this method can remove fountain pen ink from your hands or other areas of your skin. Just use a clean cloth and gently dab the sanitizer on the stain. This should be carried out in a circular motion, and if the stain turns out to be stubborn, you can wipe the ink with a clean towel.

Baby Oil

baby oil and q tips

Baby oil works by breaking the pen ink oil down, effectively removing fountain pen ink stains. Apply the baby oil in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly with plain water. When dealing with more challenging messes, use a clean, damp cloth, a cotton ball, or a paper towel to help with stubborn stains.


Borax is granular, which is not only useful as a booster for laundry but also as an ink stain remover. It can also be combined with liquid soap and water to remove ink from fabrics and clothing. However, borax should never be applied directly to your skin, and people with sensitive skin should not use borax if at all avoidable.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap


This is a castile soap usually used on babies who have sensitive skin. The mild and organic formula is best for people with soap allergies or skin irritation.

After using Dr. Bronner’s soap to remove the fountain pen’s ink from your hands or skin, rinse thoroughly with water until the stains disappear.

Avoid Getting Ink on Your Skin

Certain precautions should be observed to avoid getting ink on your skin. Some of these include reading the instructions on your ink cartridge or finding instructions online for replacing it and wearing latex gloves. Knowing how to get ink off skin and hands while avoiding ink stains/spills will undoubtedly save you some frustrations.


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