All About the Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen
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Pens are fundamental tools used by people for everyday writing. Although some people might prefer writing or taking notes on their notepads and tablets, there’s just nothing like putting some ink to paper. Studies have even shown that writing things down on paper stimulates your brain and helps you think and process things faster. 

When it comes to luxury pens, no expense is spared in acquiring the materials or the craftsmanship involved in making them. In this digital age, where technology has gradually taken the place of pens, fountain pens have become fascinating pieces of luxury. 

One of the most beautiful luxury fountain pens in the world is the Aurora Diamante fountain pen. In this article, we will be looking closely at the Aurora Diamante and why it has such a high price attached to it. 

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen: A Diamond Dream

Have you ever wondered what the presidents and ministers of various countries use in signing treaties or even bills into law? Do they use conventional pens or luxurious pens with a history? 

Fountain pens are generally known to exude class and elegance. Then you hear about the Aurora Diamante fountain pen, and you begin to wonder what caliber of person would own this pen.

The Aurora Diamante is the most expensive fountain pen in the world, priced at approximately $1.47 million. It is produced exclusively by the Aurora Manufacturing Company, an Italian company specializing in luxury pens. 

The pen’s body is encrusted with De Beers diamonds, precisely 1,919 of them. It possesses a gold nib and a 2-hectogram platinum barrel. With only one copy being produced per year, this limited edition fountain pen is reserved for the uber-rich. The lucky person that buys this extraordinary pen has acquired a rare artifact.


Aurora Diamante fountain pens are made up of various high-class materials, including the following:


For any item that intends to exude luxury and sophistication, adding diamonds will do the trick, just like the Fulgor Nocturnus adorned with dark diamonds, the Caran D’Ache gothica pen, or the multiple fountain pens produced by luxury brand Montblanc. The Aurora Diamante fountain pen was encrusted with about 1,919 De Beers diamonds weighing 30 carats.

The De Beers firm that produced the diamonds is one of the biggest in the diamond market, and they are known for their quality diamonds. They are reputed to control a lot of the world’s diamond production. 

If you’re familiar with the Aurora Company’s history, you’ll notice that the number of diamonds used correlates with the year the company was founded. With such a history attached to it, it’s no wonder this luxury pen comes with such a high price tag.


Platinum, a rare metal, isn’t mined as much as other valuable metals. This precious metal is priced depending on its weight. The Aurora Company uses two hectares of pure platinum, equal to 200 kilograms of platinum, to make the barrel of the Aurora Diamante. Because of the rare status of platinum, this pure platinum barrel is a huge contributor to the exorbitant price of the Aurora Diamante fountain pen. 


Gold exudes wealth and status, so anything made with it will have a high price tag. The Aurora Company kept this in mind when making the nib of the Aurora Diamante. This pen was crafted for the super-rich with a solid gold nib of 18 carats, which is also rhodium treated.

The Company

The Aurora Company is an Italian manufacturing company established in 1919 by Isaia Levi. The company deals in exquisite writing materials, pens, and leather goods, but they initially produced Italian fountain pens.

Aurora pens include high jewelry designs that surpass other luxury design pens. The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is known primarily for its elegance, beauty, and style. The Aurora Company has been making fountain pens for over a century now. Combining rich heritage, cutting-edge designs, and impeccable Italian craftsmanship has made them world-renowned. 

Aurora is the only Italian company that makes its fountain pen nib. Unlike other manufacturing companies that get their parts from other countries, Aurora produces all the features of their pens. All of the Aurora pens are beautifully handcrafted, and their attention to detail ensures they get high-quality results.  

The only thing they don’t make is the ink of the pen, which is outsourced and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the company’s highest standard. Collectors of luxury pens have been enthralled for years over the Aurora limited editions, and they create pieces beloved by writing enthusiasts.  

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen: Drawbacks

There hasn’t been any recorded setback since the production of the Aurora Diamante started in 1919. Aside from rich and famous people becoming frustrated about having to wait each year and compete with each other for the pen, there has not been any real drawback of this famous pen.

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen: Final Thoughts

The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is a work of art with its 18-carat gold nib, 30-carat diamond-encrusted body, and barrel made with pure, solid platinum. You can now understand why it has such a high price. 

The Aurora Diamante wasn’t created only to serve as a writing instrument. The manufacturers made it with the idea that it would afford the owners prestige and class. Because each piece is sold only once a year, it sets itself apart from other luxurious pens as a rare item.

Owning a pen of this caliber would be a dream come true for those with luxury collections and luxury fountain pen lovers. The bottom line is, would this be something you would like to add to your collection in the future? Time to start saving!


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