Fountain Pen Revolution: Everything You Need to Know
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To start with, let’s discuss what a fountain pen is. A fountain pen is an instrument for writing that uses a metal nib to apply water-based ink onto paper. This action is possible because there is a force of gravity and capillary movement acting on the ink as it moves via a feed from a reservoir to the nib before it eventually appears on paper.

To fill with ink, the reservoir can be manually accessed using a syringe, eyedropper, or through a mechanism (an internal filling mechanism) that creates a suction or vacuum to transfer ink into the reservoir via the nib directly. However, another option is through pre-filled ink cartridges, perfect for fountain pens with exchangeable reservoirs.

The initiative behind the fountain pen revolution (FPR) was to produce cost-effective pens that are also of great quality. Let’s dive into what exactly FPR is all about.

Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR)

The fountain pen revolution initially constructed nibs and pens with higher specifications to offer affordable Indian-made fountain pens to pen lovers worldwide. FPR focuses on spreading the joy of possessing fountain pens to a generation of new writers. This goal is continuously achieved by producing and offering top-notch products at affordable prices.

Benefits of FPR

Enhances the Experience of Improved Writing 

Besides the pleasant aesthetic that fountain pens offer, they also enhance the hand-writing experience. Moreover, fountain pen barrels have an optimized shape for comfortable gripping to prevent you from worrying about ink flow or hand fatigue and allow you to focus solely on your script. 

Allows Personalized Style

A fountain pen meets your flexible writing expectations and tailors them according to your preferences. You certainly have the freedom to change the shape and size of your nib tip, depending on your preferred writing style. Furthermore, the changeable ink cartridges give you the liberty to choose the ink color.

Over time, the fountain pen nibs gradually meld to your choice of writing angle, allowing you to enjoy a personalized pen tailored to your handwriting style.


Although several brands and models fit wide-ranged budgets, fountain pens are still a standard investment. Thanks to the refillable barrels of fountain pens, they can be an excellent economic investment and easily refilled.


refillable fountain pen

The reason fountain pens are economical is the ability to refill the pens yourself. To become even more eco-friendly, you can opt for an ink bottled with glass that can be recycled after use. This allows you to avoid single-use plastic cartridges.

Travel Friendly

Before the fountain pen revolution, many fountain pen users were hesitant in transporting their pens along with them, meaning they couldn’t make use of their fountain pens on the go. What’s the reason for that? Fountain pens were previously known for leakage during transit, but that problem has become a thing of the past because of the fountain pen revolution.

Now that you don’t have to worry about ink staining your shirts during travel, you can take them with you on business trips.


While disposable pens must be discarded as soon as the ink runs out, fountain pens can be enjoyed for many years. However, to maximally enjoy your fountain pen, you need to ensure you take reasonable and proper care of your fountain pen as much as you can.

Examples of the Fountain Pen Revolution

Himalaya Fountain Pen – Fountain Pen Revolution

Himalaya Fountain Pen

The FPR Himalaya is a standard-shaped type of pen that is relatively flat and made out of bright and vibrant acrylics and ebonite. The pen model has four acrylic colors: Sundoor Red, Taj Mahal White, Saffron Orange, and Indigo Blue. The shape of the fountain pen is well constructed, attractive, and straightforward.

The fountain pen has a sturdy and springy clip, but the ring of the clip extends beyond the cap’s edge. It also has a bog-standard folded metal clip. However, even though it is minimally overhung, it’s fairly noticeable.

The cap has a silver cap band that is large and also takes two full turns to achieve unscrewing on smooth threads. Likewise, under the lid is a smooth and tapering section with a flange along the nib. 

As with the rest of the pen, the unit is made of the same acrylic. The Himalaya fountain pen also comes with an ebonite flex (feed) and uses a nib of #5.5. There are several nib options that you can choose from, including the FPR modern steel flex nibs.

Guru Fountain Pen – Fountain Pen Revolution

The Guru FP is another fantastic introduction to the fountain pen revolution world. It has six nib sizes to choose from and a high-capacity piston filling mechanism. It also has a clutchless design, making it possible to fully disassemble for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Another feature of the fountain pen is the transparent demonstrator barrel which allows you to admire the ink inside your pen and know how much is left. The pen also has a steel flex nib that produces thicker or thinner lines, depending on your writing pressure.

Features of Guru FP- Fountain Pen Revolution

  • Ebonite feed
  • Flexible steel nib
  • Fully disassemblable and clutchless type of design
  • Clear demonstrator barrel
  • Piston filling mechanism


The fountain pen revolution encourages the fountain pen hobby, which inspires fans to load their entire homes with numerous pens and accessories. Various inks and nibs can be used for your fountain pen, and you should always choose the type of ink and nib that suits your writing purpose. 


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