Tips On How To Stop Fountain Pen Leaking
how to make fountain pen ink

Remember the first time you used a fountain pen and how exciting it was? The elegance of the ink pens must have been awe-inspiring. Although rare, this elegance can sometimes be interrupted by the fountain pen leaking.

Without knowing the cause or solutions, many people become frustrated and dread the idea of getting their hands colored with ink while writing. Luckily, we’re here to show you some ways to prevent fountain pens from leaking. Let’s read along!

Tips to Prevent Fountain Pen Leaking Ink From the Nib 

1. Place Your Fountain Pen Upright

how to make fountain pen ink

Fountain pens use the mechanism of gravity and capillary to deliver the ink to the nib when one holds it to write. If you keep the pen inverted even when it is not in use, the ink will get stacked up in the cap. 

Do we even need to point out the mess that would happen if you opened the cap after storing the pen upside down? The ink would get everywhere! If you are carrying a fountain pen, it is wise to place it in an upright position in your pocket or elsewhere.

2. Cap Your Fountain Pen When Not In Use 

Too obvious to highlight? Well, caps are a main part of the pen body that protects the nib from drying or leaking ink out on your clothes. If you have lost the cap of your fountain pen, we do not advise you to leave it open. Instead, use a cap from one of your pens not in use to cover your fountain pen and avoid ink stains.   

3. Keep the Fountain Pen Cool

Fountain pens are sensitive and require a lot of care. Little changes in temperature or air pressure can lead to ink leakage in your fountain pen. If you are carrying your fountain pen in your pocket or holding it close to your body, the warmth of your body may expand the ink and make it leak from the nib. 

If you are traveling on an airplane or are at high altitudes, the fountain pen nib can leak the ink out. Why is that so? At higher altitudes, the air molecules are less dense than air at sea levels. Thus, the air in the cartridge will expand, pushing the ink out of the nib causing a leakage. How to avoid it? When traveling by air, keep your fountain pen empty or filled to the top of the cartridge to prevent any mishap. 

4. Clean Your Fountain Pen Regularly

fountain pen cleaning

If you use a fountain pen, a little clean-up every week or so will help in regulating its performance. With time, impurities like dust, paper fibers, and flakes of dried ink can settle on the nib, which will cause ink leakage. A little effort of cleaning your fountain pen will open the airflow in the pen body, preventing any ink leak.  

Why is My Fountain Pen Dripping Wet? 

Structural Damage

We suggest you check the internal parts of your fountain pen every now and then. You will never know if your fountain pen model is in perfect condition or damaged because of that fall. If your fountain pen is dripping ink excessively, dismantle it and check for the following.  

Crack Inside the Pen

Your fountain pen may have a crack, or perhaps, the barrel that holds it has a crack inside, and the pen ink is leaking from there. If that’s the case, you can cheaply fix it with glue or tape or get another pen if recycling is not your thing.

Damaged Ink Cartridge

A damaged ink cartridge is one of the common issues which can lead to fountain pen leaking. Fill the cartridge with water (make it less messy) to see if it is the actual cause of leakage. If the water is leaking from the cartridge, you need another one to replace it. 

Sloppy Nib

fountain pen nip

Although there is no such thing as overusing a fountain pen, they can last for years, sometimes the nibs get loose when you overwrite too much. How to fix it? Dismantle the pen nib and retighten it securely, without damaging it. You can use a paper towel to hold the pen nib, but be delicate.

Air Leaks

If there is an air leakage inside the pen body, things can get inky. Due to excessive ink flow, you might end up throwing your fountain pen outside the window. But don’t, you can fix it! Disassemble your pen and then reassemble and tighten it up. In this way, there is no space left for air.


How to Fix a Scratchy Nib?

Before we get to its remedy, let’s understand the cause of scratchy nibs. Improper tine alignment and impurities sticking can often lead to a scratchy fountain pen nib. Take a magnifying glass to see a clearer image, and start tuning it. If the pen nib is misaligned, apply some pressure to align.

Do I Need to Clean My Fountain Pen?

Fountain pens require regular maintenance if you wish to enjoy the best writing experience possible. But how often? Well, we recommend you clean your pen every 4 to 8 weeks, even on days when it looks brand new, to prevent any future problems.

How Long Does a Fountain Pen Ink Last?

Fountain pens can last long if kept with care, but the ink can last even longer – between ten to sixty years if stored in an unopened bottle. If we talk about the ink in your fountain pen, it can expire within six to nine months, depending on the formula of the ink itself.


While fountain pens offer an amazing writing experience, they do require regular maintenance. If you maintain your pen, you shouldn’t have to worry about ink stains and ink leaks.

Now when you face ink leakage, you know how to fix it, and better yet, how to prevent it from happening in the first place.


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