How To Clean a Lamy Fountain Pen: A Detailed Guide
how to clean lamy fountain pen

Lamy is one of the most popular brands of pens available on the market. Whether or not you have owned a fountain pen before, you want to make sure that your Lamy fountain pen is cleaned properly. 

Keeping your fountain pen clean will preserve its quality and allow it to work properly for a long time. This article will offer you instructions on how to clean a Lamy fountain pen. 

Lamy pens use an ink cartridge system or a cartridge converter system, except for the Lamy 2000, which utilizes a piston filler system. Depending on what type of pen you have, the cleaning process may vary slightly. 

A fountain pen flushing kit may assist in the cleaning process, especially if you are dealing with blockages or your pen is drying up. 

How to Clean a Brand New Lamy Fountain Pen

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Although a brand new Lamy fountain pen will most likely not need to be cleaned, some may choose to still do so. Most Lamy pens, except the affordable ones, are tested before being put up for sale. This ensures that users will be able to enjoy a functioning pen immediately after purchase. 

If you have purchased a Lamy pen from another person instead of a retailer, it is wise to clean the pen, as you won’t know how well the previous user has maintained it. 

A brand new Lamy fountain pen will be very easy to clean because it won’t have any blockages or issues that can develop over time. Plus, most Lamy fountain pens fully disassemble on the end to enable an easy cleaning process for users. Once you detach the pen, apply the corresponding converter for your specific model. 

Upon attaching the converter, the next step is to submerge the nib of your Lamy fountain pen into water or a fountain pen cleaning solution. 

As the converter filters the solution, you will be able to see how dirty the pen is, or how heavily it has been used since its last cleaning. After the converter is full, you can release the water or solution back out of the pen, pushing it back through the ink path by twisting the piston.

You may have to repeat this process several times to effectively clean a Lamy fountain pen. Continue until the water runs clear. It will likely take 5-10 times to fully clean the pen. 

How to Clean a Broken In Lamy Fountain Pen

Broken Fountain Pen

As you use your Lamy fountain pen, you may eventually reach the point where your Lamy pen does not write as well as it used to. It may write too wet, too dry, or have an inconsistent flow. This could be caused by dried-up ink in the pen, which can be solved with a simple cleaning. 

Even if you are not having any issues with your fountain pen, if you have been using it for a while, it is a good idea to clean it to prevent any malfunctions and to ensure that your pen stays in the best possible condition. 

If you’re wondering how to clean a Lamy fountain pen if it’s broken in, the process is essentially the same. You will still disassemble the pen, submerge the nip in water or solution, draw the water or solution through the pen, and release it. If your pen has some wear on it, it may require more time to fully clean. 

If your pen has misaligned tines, things can get trickier. Misaligned tines can cause an ink blockage which prevents the ink from flowing properly, but can also prevent the cleaning solution from properly flowing through your pen. 

If you suspect that your fountain pen has misaligned tines, it is best to fix them before cleaning. This will allow your pen to work better, but will also make it easier to clean. If there are severe blockages, you can use a paper towel to remove the excess dried ink. This will make it easier to realign the tines and properly clean the pen. 

After a Lamy fountain pen has been heavily used, the ink may build up on the ink path, making the cleaning process more difficult. You may need to repeat the flushing process more times than if the pen was new. 

A flushing kit can help with cleaning a Lamy fountain pen. These kits will make your work faster than manually flushing the pen out with water. 


Whether your Lamy fountain pen is old or new, it is important to keep it clean to increase its functionality over time. You can manually facilitate this process with water or a pen cleaning solution, or you can use a pen flushing kit.

Older pens may require more time and precision to fully clean, but you should incorporate regular cleanings into the usage of the pen at any stage to preserve its structure and value. 


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