5mm vs 7mm pen: Which One is Better?
5mm vs 7mm pen

The war between the 5mm vs 7mm pen has been waging on forever. Some pen enthusiasts take 5mm’s side, whereas others fall into 7mm’s support. But wherever you go, the opinions appear to be biased and not-so-fact-based. It’s just people favoring the types of pens they prefer.

Today, we’ve decided to resolve this often-argued issue and declare the winner once and for all. We’ll compare both pen tip sizes in detail and decide which one is better. Let’s dive in!

What Does MM Represent in Pens? 

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You probably came across the figure in mm when choosing pens. But have you ever wondered what that mm represents? What does it determine? 

The mm, or millimeters, represents the tip size of the pen. It measures the diameter of the tip/nib of the pen. Please note it does not refer to the tip design or structure but the very edge that comes in contact with the paper.

Generally, a higher mm value means the pen will draw thick, bold lines. A lower mm value pen will create thinner, finer lines. You will select a tip size depending on your preferred writing style

Types of Pen Tips

While there are numerous types of pens available, we categorize them into three main categories:

Fine Pens

These pens have a tip diameter of 0.8mm or less. You can typically use a fine pen to produce thin, smooth lines. Most people use it for details in sketches, mandalas, and different forms of art. It’s also an excellent choice to make clean-writing lines when filling cheques and other small-font documents. 

Medium Pens 

Medium pens go a step ahead and offer a tip size of 0.9mm to 1.2mm. These create thicker lines than fine tip pens. You could classify them as broad strokes, though the produced line usually quite isn’t thick enough. 

Medium pens are the most versatile. They work brilliantly for all writing styles and needs, which is why they are most commonly used in schools, offices, and other places.

Broad Pens

As the name explains, broad pens help make dark, broad strokes using their 1.3mm + tip size. You can use them to cover large areas when writing, to make headers on documents or outlining things. 

5mm vs 7mm: A Detailed Comparison 

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Now that we’ve discussed the types of pen tips, let’s address the main query; what are the differences between 5mm and 7mm tips. We will compare both using two important factors. 

Tip Diameter

The 0.5mm pen has a smaller and thinner diameter than a 0.7mm pen. As a result, the 0.5mm pen creates fine and precise lines. You can produce very thin strokes using the 0.5 tips, and there’s no difference in the darkness, crispiness, or uniformity of both tip sizes. 

Important Note 

Many people debate this topic claiming that the 0.5mm tip is smaller than 0.7mm. They believe the smallness of the tip would make writing better, but the length does not influence the pen’s overall performance. 

The tip length is part of the design. The mm value stated on the pen product description does not even measure the length, so the smallness and greatness of the pen tip are not a differentiating factor.


Since both tips create different lines, their usage differs too. Typically, 0.5mm is preferable for tasks that require an extra-fine tip. These include detailing, mandala drawing, and minute handwriting. 

People also use 0.5mm tips for specific languages, such as Japanese and Chinese. These languages have characters with lots of strokes and lines. A 0.5mm tip allows you to make precise lines and make the writing appear neat. 

Comparatively, a 0.7mm is a versatile tip that works best for all tasks. It enables you to make both thick and thin lines. Just apply some pressure, and the stroke will become broad. Thus, you can use it for any type of writing style, font, or language. 

Is 0.5 or 0.7 Pen Better? 

After comparing them, we can conclude that none is superior to the other. The 0.5mm pen tip size caters to the needs of fine and detailed tasks, while a 0.7mm tip is better for a variety of tasks since they do not require particular details.

If you’re new to the world of pens and wish to make your first purchase, we highly recommend the 0.7mm tip size. Its versatility makes it a great choice for writing, drawing, school work, and general everyday usage.


Which mm Pen is Best?

Generally, the 0.5mm to 0.7mm pens are considered the best, but there’s a wide range of tip sizes existing in the market. The best one will depend on your individual needs.

What is the Finest Pen Point?

Most brands offer 0.25mm as the finest pen point. But, a little research will help you find even fine and thin tips. Sakura Pigma Microns come with a 0.15mm tip too!

What Pen Size is Best for Writing?

The best pen tip size for writing depends on the style and size. Ideally, a 0.5mm tip suits small and complex writing styles, while a 0.7mm tip is suitable for bigger and more complex writings. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, 0.5mm and 0.7mm have designs that suit different purposes, and they both excel at what they do. Of course, a 0.7mm gains a bit more advantage due to its versatile nature. 

You can use a 0.7mm for work, drawing, and everyday writing purposes. However, if you want a pen that helps in detailed and fine tasks, there’s no better option than a 0.5mm!

We hope this article has helped resolve the 5mm vs 7mm pen debate. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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