What Type of Fountain Pen Blotting Paper Should You Get?
fountain pen blotting paper

Blotting paper is something you probably didn’t know existed until you started writing with a fountain pen. Many who use fountain pens, even beginners, find that any form of blotting paper can prove to be a handy tool. 

This highly-absorbent paper is beneficial if the inks you may be using take a longer time to dry. It will help soak up any excess ink from the writing or drawing paper’s surface. 

If you haven’t used fountain pen blotting paper before or don’t know anything about it, there are certain things you should know. This article discusses what it is and how to use it. We also look at some of the best you can buy.

5 Fountain Pen Blotting Papers For You to Try 

1. Printhead Hospital Heavyweight Blotting Paper 

When you open this pack from Printhead Hospital, you will find inside ten sheets of 350gsm (grams per square meter) of highly-absorbent blotting paper. 

Each of these sheets weighs twice as much as standard blotting paper. As a result, it can retain more fluid, including any excess ink from fountain pens. This paper is beneficial if you enjoy doing calligraphy. As soon as any excess ink comes into contact, it is removed from the document you are writing on.

It is quite thick that when you touch it, it feels more like the card used to make greetings cards. Unfortunately, you may find attaching some to a rocker blotter difficult due to its thickness. 


  • Has twice the capacity to absorb excess liquids compared to standard blotting paper
  • Absorbs from fountain pens instantly
  • Helps to prevent the transfer of ink from fountain pen nibs onto other surfaces


  • Due to the thickness of this paper, you may find it difficult to fold
  • Not as affordable as some other blotter papers

2. Herbin 10 Pink Blotter Sheets 

Each one of the ten sheets of J. Herbin blotter paper in this pack measures 190 x 120 mm and has the company logo printed on them.

This is one of the best types of blotter paper you can buy today and is specifically made to be used by anyone who is a fountain pen fanatic.

You will find that these particular sheets are easy to cut down to size so that you can use them on a Herbin rocker blotter. Plus, this pack of pink ones also are available to you already pre-cut.

Each Herbin ink blotting paper comes in full sheets and is made up of highly-absorbent fibers that will absorb any excess ink as you write quickly and effectively. It proves so helpful when writing documents with fountain pens or pens that you dip into ink. Quickly applying the J. Herbin rocker blotter over any ink writing will prevent smears or smudges.


  • Very effective at blotting
  • Perfectly good for using in A5 size journals
  • This heavy paper is very absorbent
  • You can easily cut this paper down to any size you want
  • Pack of 10 sheets will last a long time


  • It seems to be a little costly

3. Arnold Grummer Reusable Couch Blotter Sheets

These sheets of blotter paper from Arnold Grummer aren’t only useful when writing with a fountain pen but are also good to use for flower pressing. 

Each of the herbarium sheets that make up this pack is designed to soak up as much moisture as possible.

This special micro-texture will help remove any excess ink from the paper you are writing quickly. Each sheet comes with a measurement of 200gsm. 

You usually find that most packs of blotter paper are A5 size, but in this pack, they are A4 size, which means that you get a great deal more for your money, and these can easily be cut down to any size you want. 


  • This form of blotter paper is excellent for removing moisture 
  • You can easily cut it down to any size you like 
  • It works well, just like any heavy blotting paper 


  • You may find you need to replace it after only one use 
  • It is pretty expensive compared to some other blotting papers

4. Berstuk Blotting Paper for Flower Press 

Although this blotter paper from Berstuk is described as being specifically for flower pressing, it is also good to use when writing with a fountain pen. 

Each one of the sheets in the pack measures 11.7 x 8.3 inches, but should you wish, you can cut them in half or any size you want. So if you’re going to, you can use it if you are someone who writes regularly in a journal with a fountain pen. 

This good quality, highly-absorbent paper will help remove excess ink from the document that you are writing on. You will find that it reduces the risk of any smudges or smears occurring. In addition, the drying process takes place a lot faster due to the unique texture of the paper’s surface. This micro-texture allows the surface of this blotting paper to come into contact with more of the surface below. 


  • Sheets are reusable 
  • This heavy paper is very absorbent
  • You can simply cut it to any size you want
  • Unique micro-texture helps to remove any excess ink from paper more efficiently


  • You may find that the paper needs to dry out before you use it, especially if it hasn’t been sealed in the plastic wrapping correctly

5. Aboofx 20 Sheets Blotting Paper 

Each of the 20 sheets of blotter paper from Aboofx is highly absorbent and weighs 8 grams each.

You will find that each sheet is made from natural fibers that can quickly absorb excess ink as well as other liquids such as water. This will help reduce the risk of smearing or smudging on any paper you write on with, say, a Kakuno fountain pen.

Each of the sheets can be reused time and time again which provides good value for money. Even though these sheets are pretty thick (measure around 0.35mm), you can cut them down to a different size. You may find them helpful if you have a rocking blotter.

This paper will make any form of writing when using inks such as calligraphy a joy. This paper has become popular with many fountain pen users around the world.


  • Very absorbent
  • Great at preventing smearing or smudging as it is able to remove any excess ink from the surface of paper quickly
  • Can be used for more than just as blotting paper to remove excess ink


  • You may find that it is thinner in comparison to some other types of blotter paper

We’ve taken a look at some blotting papers you may want to consider using to help remove excess ink from paper when using your fountain pens. 

Next, we will take a closer look at what this type of paper is and how to use it. 

What is Blotting Paper?

As you will have seen above, this is a highly-absorbent paper made to help speed up the drying process when using ink from fountain pens. It does this by removing any excess ink from the paper’s surface on which a person is writing.

This form of paper has been used for more than 700 years and the methods used by a paper mill worker to create it haven’t changed that much. Of course, today, most of these papers are made using special paper machines. Still, there are a few places where the paper mill worker produces 100-Gsm archive-quality paper by hand. 

How to Use Fountain Pen Blotting Paper 

When it comes to using this kind of paper as a fountain pen enthusiast, there are two different aspects that you need to know. The first is how to use it and the second is how you should use it physically. 

Let us begin with the actual use of these indispensable desktop tools. 

Using it is as simple as pressing one piece of paper against another. When you press the blotting paper against the paper you have written with your fountain pen it will quickly soak up any excess ink. As a result, you don’t have to wait a long period of time for it to try since it leads to instant drying of the ink.

However, when it comes to placing the blotter paper on ink, you need to do so gently and then press straight down. If you don’t do this, ink smearing or smudging is increased.

So to help you use it correctly, we provide some tips and tricks below. 

Tips and Tricks to Help You Use Blotting Paper Correctly

1. Get a Rocker Blotter 

You will find that a rocker blotter is much easier to use than just applying a sheet of blotting paper onto any ink from your fountain pen. This is because it helps to apply pressure more evenly over the paper, not just where you would press with your hand or fingers. 

In addition to this, you’ll find that these desk accessories are quicker to use as they come with a handle. This allows you to pick it up quickly and get to work on your writing. 

2. Be Careful 

Be careful when using this type of paper, especially if you like to use different color inks. If not, you may find that you transfer each different color of ink from the paper to the ink that is still wet. 

This often occurs when you use lighter, low-saturation inks with thinner blotting paper or blotter paper that you have used a great deal already. 

3. Let the Ink Dry a Little 

Try to avoid using blotting paper after you have only written a few words. Instead, wait until you have finished a sentence to allow the ink to dry a little. If you do this, you will find that what you have written looks cleaner and crisper. 

We hope you find this information to be helpful and that you enjoy the experience even more when writing with your fountain pen. 


What Can Blotting Paper Be Used For? 

This type of paper is also known as bibulous paper and is designed to help remove excess liquid from various surfaces. It is suitable for removing excess ink but it is used today to help remove oils and makeup from your skin as well.

Is It Okay to Use Cheap Copy Paper Instead of Blotting Paper? 

Unfortunately, you will find that copy paper doesn’t come with the same texture as blotting paper. So you will find that it will not help absorb moisture as, say, archive-quality white 100-Gsm paper can. 

How Does it Absorb Ink? 

It absorbs ink through the use of capillary action. As soon as the paper comes into contact with any moisture, it then starts to remove some of it. 

Let Us Wrap Things Up 

It is important to remember that although you can use the same piece of blotting paper numerous times, at some point, you will find it doesn’t work as effectively. 

As soon as you start noticing that it isn’t absorbing ink from writings as effectively, this is the time to replace it. However, you’ll find that one pack of this paper will last you long. Even more costly packs of blotting paper can prove to be excellent value for your money.

We hope you have found our article has helped educate you a little more about using fountain pen blotting paper.

If you have any further questions or want to let us know how useful you’ve found this article, leave a comment below. 


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