Which Is the Best Fountain Pen for Art?
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When sketching a piece, many great artists choose to use a fountain pen rather than a fineliner. Have you ever wondered why this is? Is it that easy to draw using these pens? 

Yes, it is possible to draw with any pen, including fountain pens. As you will discover, when you start putting this type of pen to paper, it offers certain advantages over other pens. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best fountain pens you can use to draw with. We’ll also provide some helpful information about buying these pens that will allow you to create some stunning fountain pen ink art. 

5 of the Best Fountain Pen for Drawing With 

1. Best Fountain Pen Set for Novices 

This disposable fountain pen set from Thornton Office Supplies is perfect for those just getting into drawing with ink. 

In each pack are 12 long assorted colored fountain pens. Each pen barrel is color-coded, so you can see quickly what color ink is inside it.

You’ll find that each one of the pens in this fountain pen set is comfortable to hold and you do not need to apply a great deal of pressure as you draw. 

While these pens are disposable, you will find that they will help to improve your sketches. This is because the nib sizes allow for a variation in line thickness and shading.

The pouch which comes with them makes storing your pens when not in use easy and is ideal for carrying all kinds of disposable fountain pens. 


  • They come in a good choice of colors
  • Not only suitable for drawing but also suitable for writing with 
  • They come in a sturdy case
  • Ideal for beginners as it comes at an affordable price


  • You may find that the caps don’t always stay on
  • Sometimes there is a slight inconsistency with the flow of ink from the cartridge to the nib

2. Best Calligraphy Fountain Pens You Can Use to Draw With 

If you are just getting into calligraphy, this basic fountain pen sent from GC Quill pen makers is worth considering. 

Each package contains six pens that have different width nib sizes. These nibs can produce thin, medium, and bold lines, all ideal for anyone wanting to learn the art of calligraphy. 

You will be amazed at just how easily these pens glide over the paper, helping to make all your lettering much easier to read. Although they are made mainly from plastic, you’ll be surprised at these fantastic fountain pens’ sturdiness. You can quickly see how much ink remains with the see-through barrel.

What is great about this set is that it comes with an additional 20 ink cartridges of various colors. This is sure to add even more embellishment to your work. 


  • This set comes with a wide variety of ink colors to choose from 
  • Comes with six different fountain pen nibs to allow you to write different fonts
  • This quality fountain pen is comfortable for those just learning how to do calligraphy
  • Great value for the price 


  • You may find inserting new ink cartridges into the barrel tricky

3. Best Range of Colors of Fountain Pens for Art 

These OOLY Color Write Fountain Pens work great if you’re a beginner who’s just getting used to drawing with these types of pens.

Each fountain pen set from this company contains eight pens in a wide range of colors. The average price you can expect to pay for a pack is around $14, less than $2 a pen. For fountain pens for art, this is very reasonable. 

As a novice, you will find that the soft rubber that makes up the barrel is easy to hold and the pen will not slip around as you draw with it. However, they aren’t as sturdy as some of the other pens we’ve discussed and the nib is mounted in a white plastic sheaf. 

The various color inks in each pen are lovely and will allow you to produce some very colorful pieces of fountain pen ink art. 


  • It is possible to buy replacement packets of ink cartridges 
  • You’ll find the pen body is easy to grip and will not slip around when in use
  • The colors in the ink cartridges are really nice 
  • Very affordable price


  • There isn’t any breathing hole in the nib
  • The nib does not come with any fins on the back

4. Best Disposable Fountain Pen for Drawing

Arteza disposable fountain pens are ideal for a wide range of artists, from complete beginners to those with years of experience. 

From the start, you’ll find that this set of fountain pens is long-lasting and will not leak or dry out quickly. The actual ink inside the cartridges is quick-drying, so you don’t need to worry about smudges or smears as you sketch. 

Each of the pens in this set is fitted with a 0.9mm nib designed not only for sketching but also for writing to be used daily. 

However, unlike other sets discussed in this article, this set is only made up of the four primary colors. So in this fountain pen set, you only get ones containing red, green, blue, and black ink cartridges. 


  • Will not leak or dry out
  • The water-soluble Ink inside each cartridge is quick-drying 
  • Ideal to use for sketching a variety of lines and writing with 
  • Designed by people who want to inspire others to use a fountain pen for drawing


  • Only come in four primary colors 

5. Best Price Fountain Pen for Drawing With

This set of 12 disposable fountain pens from Clabby is an excellent option to choose if you’re wanting to draw. The average price of this fountain pen set you can use for drawing or doing calligraphy is around $10. 

These also have a much larger capacity regarding the amount of ink they contain in their cartridges. This helps them last longer in comparison to some other fountain pens. Also, the ink contained inside each of them drys quickly, so the issue of smearing or smudging occurring is reduced. 

As well as being suitable for drawing with, you can use them in much the same way as classic fountain pens are. So you will find that they work just as well for writing or taking notes. 

The nibs on these pens are just over 0.5mm and will write just as smoothly as any expensive fountain pens. They come with an easy-to-grip barrel, so they won’t place any additional stress on your hand as you draw. 


  • Available at an affordable price 
  • Easy to control even when you place it at a 55-degree angle
  • You can easily replace them 


  • If left uncapped, the ink reservoir will dry out quickly

Above, we looked at what we consider to be the best five fountain pens to draw with.

Now let’s explain why you may want to choose using fountain pens to sketch or draw. Also, we look at some of the factors to consider when buying a fountain pen set for drawing. 

Why Use Fountain Pens for Drawing?

There are a few reasons that you would want to use a fountain pen for drawing. Below we look at just what some of these reasons are. 

Nibs Are Durable

It doesn’t matter how often you use fountain pens for drawing, these are fitted with stainless steel nibs that are very durable. They will not bend or break even if you place too much pressure on them. 

In addition, you will find that over time these nibs do not deteriorate and will not be harder to use. A good fountain pen will function better the more you use it. 

Can Be Held at Different Angles 

Unlike a fineliner pen that needs to be held in a vertical position, you can choose to hold it at any angle you like. 

Often, when a pen is held at a flatter angle, your grip on the pen is much looser. This, in turn, results in movement as you draw coming from your shoulder rather than your wrist – both of which make drawing a lot easier. 

Can Use Wider Range of Colors 

There is a much more excellent selection of color inks available for use with fountain pens today and you can do much more than simply black and white sketches. 

So as you can see, there are certain advantages to be had from using a fountain pen ink set for drawing instead of a set of fineliners. 

Choosing the Best Fountain Pen for Creating Beautiful Art 

When choosing a fountain pen for drawing, there are certain important things that you really should consider.

Below we look at what some of these factors are.  

Nib Shape and Flexibility

Most nibs on fountain pens are round in shape and these will allow you to create lines that are consistent in width. These are especially good for those who are only just starting to use these types of pens for drawing or sketching. 

However, if you want to create lines in your sketches that are more complex, choose a pen with an italic or flexible style nib. We suggest you don’t start using a zoom or fude nib until you feel confident with using the current nib on the pens you already have.

From the beginning, choosing a flexible nib will ensure that you create lines on the paper with various widths. This will allow you to produce some very unique drawings quickly and efficiently, even when holding the pen at a 55-degree angle. 

Nib Size Choice

This is entirely subjective when using a fountain pen for drawing. What size nib you use on yours depends on the scale you want to draw.

If you like to draw on a large scale that includes thicker uniform lines, you should choose a fountain pen set for drawing fitted with a calligraphy or medium style nib.

If you prefer to produce more detailed drawings made up of thinner lines, choose ones fitted with smaller fine nibs. 

Pen Body Design 

As you will see, each fountain pen for drawing we’ve discussed differs in design. Ideally, choose a pen that you will find easy to hold and will help to ensure that you don’t place too much pressure on the nib as you use it. 

Also, you need to consider the size of your hands. If you have pretty long fingers, you may need to choose a fountain pen set for artwork with a long narrow body. 


Are Fountain Pens Really Good for Drawing? 

Yes, they are, as they are more comfortable to draw with because of how the ink flows out of them. This allows you to produce consistent line widths that are more expressive. 

What Type of Paper Should You Use With a Fountain Pen When Drawing? 

The best type of paper you should use is one that has little or no texture to its surface. The optimal paper surfaces you should use for drawing with a fountain pen need to be as smooth as possible to avoid feathering, especially when using calligraphy ink. 

What Size Nib os Best? 

Generally, you should be looking to use pens with a nib that can create expressive lines that measure between 0.5 and 0.9mm in width.

Finally, Let’s Wrap Things Up 

We hope that the information provided in our guide above regarding choosing the right kind of fountain pen for art proves to be helpful to you and that you have found one that you like.

While there are so many different kinds of fountain pens available, we hope you try out some of the ones we suggest above. Why not let us know what you think of this article and which fountain pen set you went with to start creating beautiful pieces of artwork. 


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