Fountain Pen Syringe Filler: A Comprehensive Buying Guide
fountain pen syringe filler

Fountain pens are a treasure, and it can be quite satisfying to write with one. However, they come with the chore of having to fill them with ink. If you don’t have the right resources, this can be a dreadfully messy task. 

To help you solve this problem, we will look at some of the best fountain pen syringe filler options on the market. Now, let’s get started. 

Our Top 5 Picks for Fountain Pen Syringe Fillers

1. HaBeuniversal Pack 5ML/CC Premium Ink Filling Syringe 

HaBeuniversal is our top pick for fountain pen syringe fillers. This five-per-pack syringe filler is easy to use and reasonably priced. The syringe is a 5ml syringe with a needle of about half an inch, making refilling seamless. In addition, with this syringe filler, you can avoid having to flush the ink in your cartridge every time before refilling, as the new ink shot will mix well with the remnant of the old one. 

HaBeuniversal fillers work like a regular syringe. It may come with plastic or metal needles. Keep in mind that the metal needle is not sharp enough to penetrate the skin. So instead, the needle has a plastic end with a Luer lock, which keeps it tightly engaged to the syringe once attached. You can also use the HaBeuniversal syringe filler to transfer sublimation ink to a printer. 

Even though the product says to dispose of after use, you can reuse the syringe multiple times before disposing of it. It is also easy to clean with water, although you’ll need to dry off the metal head of the needle before storing it to avoid rust. 

What We Like

  • HaBeuniversal syringe comes with marker measurements 
  • It is highly suitable for most fountain pens, including eye droppers and converters
  • You can avoid the process of pre-mixing colors and easily mix them in your syringe or cartridge

What We Don’t Like

  • The measurement markers on the syringe fade with time, so you can’t reuse them too often
  • The needle has no cap and may feel pokey against the skin
  • The packaging is too light for international shipping, and products may get crushed 

This syringe filler is convenient to use and has measurements to guide you, so it’s perfect if you are new to syringe fillers. 

2. Asvine Pack Fountain Pen Ink Syringe Filler

The Asvine Syringe Filler is a great option if you need both a cartridge and a syringe at the same time. The syringe is very easy to assemble, and there are five in a pack.  The Asvine filler has a removable needle and connector and the converter can be inserted directly into select pens for use. 

With a 3.4mm converter, it’s hard to make a mess or get ink hand stains when using the product. 

What We Like

  • It’s a 2-in-1 purchase that works like a syringe filler or directly in select pens 
  • There are detailed instructions for assembling the syringe, making it easy for new fountain pen users
  • The syringe is spring-loaded, making it easy to fill with just one hand

What We Don’t Like

  • For first-time use, the converter and the needle can be very tasking to fit together 
  • The converter is not marked in ml, so measurement is difficult 

If you are thinking of gifting a loved one with syringe fillers, the Asvine filler is a good product to consider, as it comes in a great package. 

3. Zonon 5 Pieces Fountain Pen Ink Syringe Filler Ink Filling Syringe 

The Zonon syringe fillers are pretty similar to the Asvine fillers. They come in a pack of five and are convenient to use. 

You can clean these fillers by shooting water in and out of the syringe a few times. However, be careful with the side spring as this can be more difficult to clean. 

The syringe is plastic and the needle is made of rust-resistant metal. You need to press the needle hard into the syringe to avoid making a mess when filling the ink. 

What We Like

  • The Zonon syringe fillers are easy to clean and maintain 
  • The product has no distractions; it does precisely what it needs to as a syringe filler 

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s difficult to screw the syringe and the needle together
  • They have no measurement marking

This product is a great buy if cleaning your fillers has always been a challenge or if you have to change the color in your pen often. 

4. PZNOG 10ml Ink Syringe 

The PZNOG syringe filler is perfect if you are looking for a multipurpose filler. You can use it for anything, such as filling ink, printers, pet feeding and glue application. However, when used for your glue application, you cannot reuse the syringe. 

This syringe comes in a pack of six with a 10ml measurement marked on the side of each syringe. 

What We Like

  • This product is designed for multipurpose use, so having a spare one always helps
  • The 10ml design makes it perfect for filling multiple fountain pens at a time 

What We Don’t Like

  • Since this is not a Luer lock syringe, the tube can come off when you push the plunger too hard 
  • This is not a good fit for thicker inks

If you have multiple uses for your syringe fillers, the PZNOG fillers are a great choice. Each pack holds six syringe fillers. 

5. NUOBESTY 5Pcs Fountain Pen Ink Syringe Filler

This is similar to Asvine and Zonon ink fillers but it’s a little pricier. However, the product contains five per pack and it is easy to use. This product is especially good for sucking out small quantities of ink from the cartridge or converter. 

Nuobesty syringe fillers have longer protection nibs which saves the nibs from touching the ink bottle, which may damage the nib.

What We Like

  • It has a Luer lock that protects the needle from falling off
  • Functional design that makes it easy to remove the ink 

What We Don’t Like

  • The syringe has no measurement marking
  • It’s a bit pricier than others, with no particularly distinctive features

This syringe filler is good for sucking out smaller quantities of ink from cartridges, so if you are peculiar about your ink color, this is a great choice. 

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Fountain Pen Syringe Fillers  

If you own a fountain pen, you probably already have the common problem of not being able to fill the cartridge without difficulty. Syringe fillers solve that problem for you. To make sure you are purchasing one that suits your needs, here are some things you should note. 

Consider Your Ink Type 

There are many different reasons why people use fountain pens, and so your ink can differ from the one a filler is made for. For example, calligraphy artists use sheen and shimmer ink, but not all syringe fillers can properly absorb the thick and clogging properties of the ink. In this case, HaBeuniversal may be a better fit than most other syringe fillers. 

Look at the Maker of Your Fountain Pen

There are several different pen brands, which means your converter comes in different types. The most common types of fountain pens include the following: cartridge, eyedropper, converter style pen, crescent, and piston. Cartridge pens are the most popular, so you can easily buy cartridges with your pen if you are using a cartridge pen. 

In this case, the Asvine syringe filler may be a suitable choice for you since the syringe also works as a converter, especially for Hongdian fountain pens. Also, suppose you intend to give a person who owns an eyedropper pen syringe fillers. They will probably prefer a filler with a larger capacity like the PZNOG filler since eyedropper pens are generally known to take more ink. 

Put Your Needs First

When choosing the perfect fountain pen syringe filler, your needs or the needs of the person you want to give it to are important. For example, a student may prefer the chic design of the Nuobesty syringe fillers and find them easy to carry in a case. 

On the other hand, the HaBeuniversal and Pznog filler may be preferable for artists because they come with measurements. This way, they can mix colors inside the syringe.

If you also often find it stressful to refill your ink too often, the 10ml of the Pznog fit may be better. Lastly, the Asvine and Zonon syringe may be better for older people because they are easy to figure out and super easy to clean. 

Check for Package Deals 

When shopping for your syringe fillers, you may find deals for your syringe fillers and ink at a subsidized price. Most times, the syringe fillers are already paired with a certain ink type which gives you a good idea of what ink type works best with the syringe filler you are considering purchasing. This can save you from buying an ink that is too thick for your syringe filler. 

When it comes down to it, buying the perfect syringe filler is just about knowing what your own needs are and looking out for it within your pocket range. Ultimately, a fountain pen syringe filler should flush and fill pens excellently, prevent messiness and be cleanable, and all the products reviewed above live up to these expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a cap for my needle?

The short answer is no. Most metal needles for syringe fillers are blunt. However, it may be better to purchase a needle with a cap if it is metal and you have a toddler. The needle wouldn’t pierce the skin, but it could be a bit pokey by nature. It may just be difficult to find syringe fillers with a needle cap. 

Do I need a syringe filler for my Crescent Fountain Pen? 

A syringe filler is unnecessary for a crescent fountain pen as the nib is slightly different from others. Also, since crescent pens are mostly used as table pens rather than carried around, it’s fairly easy to fill them directly from your inkpot. Check out this video on how to fill a crescent fountain pen.  

Are syringe fillers reusable? 

Yes, syringe fillers are reusable. You can easily clean most syringe fillers by shooting water up and down the syringe. You can reuse them for anything between 3-8 months. Even the HaBeuniversal syringe with Dispose After Use warning can be conveniently reused, although with the loss of the measurement markings after a couple of uses. 

Can I use this for edible ink? 

Yes, you can. Syringe fillers can be a good fit for most inks. The only downside is that edible inks may be way more difficult to clean, unless you plan to use the syringe fillers just once.  

Best Brands


HaBeuniversal is a leading producer of lab dispensing needles and accessories. HaBeuniversal also makes bottled pen ink. H.B manufactures the company’s products. 


Asvine is a world-leading seller of fountain pens and related products. It is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience. The company produces fountain pens, inks and syringe fillers for OEM and individual customization. 


Shenzhen Youli Technology Co., Ltd owns the PZNOG trademark. While the latter specializes in the sale of USB and tech products, the PZNOG trademark sells ink cartridges, fillers, oil colors, toner cartridges and watercolor paints. 


Zonon is a brand that specializes in the production of pens, fountain pens and syringe fillers. It is a trademark of the Japanese Mitsubishi Pencils in Tokyo. 


Nuobesty is an Australian online brand with various products. The company produces toys and  office materials, including pens and syringe fillers for pens. 


We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to purchasing a fountain pen syringe filler for your fountain pens. Ultimately, most syringe fillers should work fine for your pen, but the best for you is one that you buy after considering your personal needs. 

Ensure you have considered the kind of ink you use, what you use your fountain pen for and the filling system your fountain pen requires. Also, bear in mind any consideration from the manufacturers of your fountain pen or fountain ink manufacturers before purchasing. Finally, although syringe fillers are generally cheap, look at which one fits your pocket, especially per pack. 

If we have to choose our favorite fountain pen syringe filler above, the HaBeuniversal syringe filler is undoubtedly our choice. This syringe filler is dexterous, accommodates all kinds of ink, and is easily cleanable.


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