The Best Fountain Pen Under $100 in 2022
Best Fountain Pen Under 100

A fountain pen helps to create a smooth writing experience. What’s more, the right budget fountain pen will help you achieve this without breaking the bank. With this in mind, we’ll be helping you find the best fountain pen under $100 today!

We’ll be the first to admit that cheaper fountain pens don’t have the best reputation. However, that isn’t to say that they aren’t worth your while. You can still find pens in this category that have a classy design, consistent flow, and ensure seamless cursive writing.

Each of the fountain pens we’ve reviewed is guaranteed to give you the most comfortable writing experience possible within a $100 budget. 

Best Fountain Pen Under 100

1. Cross Century II Fountain Pen with Stainless-Steel Nib (Medium)

As a company with over 200 years of experience in the industry, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they were the first to make our list.

A. T. Cross Co. knows how to give its users a perfect and precise writing experience, and even their average budget fountain pen collection clearly shows this. The Cross Century II with a medium stainless-steel nib is a classic example.

If you like having tons of choices for ink colors and cartridges, then this collection of cheaper fountain pens is perfect for you.

First off, you get 19 different color options with this pen alone! From lustrous chrome to translucent cobalt blue lacquer, the Cross Century has it all.

Boasting a metal body, these pens drive home their superiority in the under $100 price range by giving you a firm grip, smooth ink flow, and a well-balanced design.

Unlike your average pocket pen, you can use these beauties for long periods of time. 

You also get two black fountain pen ink cartridges as well as a free bottled ink converter when you purchase this pen. 

  • It has a comfortable design and an ergonomic grip.
  • The brand has a long and rich history of providing quality products.
  • It has a well-crafted metallic body.
  • It has smooth ink flow and delivery.
  • It has a wide variety of color options.
  • It comes with useful accessories like two black fountain pen ink cartridges and a bottled ink converter.
  •  It comes well-packaged and can be presented as a gift item. 
  • It doesn’t come with any documentation.
  • While it has a good package, there’s no groove for the pen inside the box so it just rolls around on a flat surface. 

2. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen GT (Fine Point)

Like the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen, the Hemisphere GT is a true work of art. Easily rivaling luxury fountain pens, it gives you a seamless cursive writing experience.

Sporting a black exterior with gold trim, this stainless steel pen has a beautiful design and high functionality.

While it isn’t available in extra-fine nibs, you can still use this fountain pen to get thin, clear lines when writing.

Say goodbye to hard starts and sudden breaks as this piston-filling pen has writing ink with zero breaks in transmission!

We particularly love this pen because it doesn’t give you any trouble off paper as well. Not only is it remarkably easy to refill, but there’s also a wide range of ink cartridges and bottle color options to choose from!

It comes with a beautiful gift box and a whopping 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well!

As with the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen, it’s clear that this fountain pen is in a class of its own. 

  • It gives users a nice, above-averaging writing experience.
  • It has a very beautiful stainless steel body.
  • It comes with a 23K gold clip cap.
  • It can be easily used for an extended period of time with minimal inconvenience.
  • Its cartridge-converter filling system supports multiple ink colors.
  • It comes in a gift box with a luxurious design.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty. 
  • It could be more durable.
  • It’s best used by writers with relatively smaller hands.
  • It doesn’t come with any accessories. 

3. Parker 51 Fountain Pen with Chrome Trim

Pens like the Parker Urban and the Parker Sonnet have effectively ensured that the name of this brand will forever live on in the history books. A tribute to elegance and refined grace, the Parker company is a leader where luxurious design and pens are concerned.

Their dedication to making the best luxury fountain pens is evident in the stainless steel body of the Parker 51. A remake of one of their most iconic pens in the 1940s, the modern design of this pen is stunning. 

Boasting the signature Parker arrow clip, every inch of this pen, from its stainless steel nib to its resin barrel, contributes to its overall balanced design. Weighing 8.2 ounces, it’s very popular amongst writers who like heavy fountain pens.

Simple yet incredibly sophisticated, cursive writers are certain to love the feel of this pen when they put it to paper!

From black and midnight to plum, teal, and burgundy, this pen has a wide range of color options to choose from. It also comes with an elegant gift box.

It bears mentioning that this pen pushes a little close to our established $100 price range. But the superior ease of writing and comfortable design it offers in return make that fact all too easy to overlook! 

  • It’s perfect for both left and right-handed writers.
  • Its stainless steel body has a classic design.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It comes with a stylish gift box.
  • It has a wide variety of color options to choose from.
  • It comes with a Quink black ink cartridge.
  • Its ergonomic grip makes smooth writing fast and easy. 
  • The threads for the screw-on cap could be finer.
  • While it has a classy design, it doesn’t quite match the original Parker 51 in terms of performance. 

4. LAMY Lx Live Deluxe Fountain Pen

The LAMY name is fairly popular among fountain pen enthusiasts. From the LAMY Safari to the LAMY AL-Star to the LAMY Studio, these guys have shown they know what it takes to make a great fountain pen.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the LAMY Lx Live Deluxe is our standout best fountain pen under $100!

This fountain pen goes above and beyond your typical pen. 

In addition to its futuristic and sophisticated design, the LAMY Lx Live Deluxe gives you a consistent flow more commonly found in high-end luxury fountain pens.

While this budget fountain pen weighs only 2.88 ounces, it’s lightweight without feeling flimsy. Because of this, even writers who are more partial to heavy fountain pens will be able to comfortably use and enjoy this product.

In addition to facilitating ease of writing and an overall comfortable experience, you won’t have any problems using this fountain pen for an extended period. Thanks to its ergonomic grip, you can maintain balance more easily.

You have 3 color options to choose from with this pen, and it comes with a matching anodized aluminum pen case.

We also love its ink level window that easily lets you know when it’s time to break out new black or blue ink cartridges. 

  • It’s one of the more affordable pens on this list.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It has an elegant and classy design.
  • The pen comes in a tastefully-designed anodized aluminum case.
  • It produces a consistent flow of ink.
  • It has a solid cap and doesn’t dry quickly when not in use.
  • It has a firm grip. 
  • The finish may be susceptible to scratches.
  • It doesn’t have a fully metallic body. 

5. Picasso 902 Gentleman Collection Fountain Pen (Relievo 2)

If you want a fountain pen under $100 that makes you feel like royalty, then you should look into the Picasso 902. We guarantee you there’s nowhere you’ll use this pen and won’t be the center of attention!

It has a matte-finished grip that makes it easy to use. Coupled with the perfect balance struck between the weight and size of this pen, you get a triangulated grip that ensures your cursive writing is flawless.

Available in five different colors, each pen comes with a silver or gold engraving on the cap, further adding to its majestic look.

The hardcover box it comes in can be comfortably used either for storage or as a gift box, further adding to its versatility.

  • It comes in a faux leather case perfect for storage or gifting.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s available in five different color options and has a very unique and aesthetically-pleasing design.
  • You can use any ink to refill the pen.
  • It has a smooth and consistent flow when writing.
  • It has a nice weight, feel, and grip. 
  • The flow of ink can get excessive and leave blobs on paper.
  • It may be too fat for some users. 

Why You Should Get the Best Fountain Pen Under 100 

Some reasons you’re better served buying one of the best fountain pens under $100 include:

More Value for Your Money

Price usually increases with quality. However, the best fountain pens under $100 can help you get the smooth writing you crave without having to exceed your budget.

What’s more, because they last longer as well, they help you save more money long-term than you would with disposable pens.

Smooth Writing

Putting pen to paper can quickly become a dreadful chore if you don’t have a trusty pen to help you through the exercise.

Using any of the pens we’ve reviewed won’t only make your writing neater and smoother, it’ll also increase your speed as well. Because of the even flow of ink, you’ll be able to cover more ground in less time.

Pain-free Writing

The best fountain pens redirect and spread the pressure you apply on them, making your writing light. Not only will this make your writing softer, but it’ll also ensure you can carry on for longer with less difficulty.


These pens are the cream of the crop. They have the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. 


You’ll be pleased to know that because all of these pens are refillable, your writing instruments won’t be contributing to the mass of non-biodegradable products filling the environment today.

What To Remember When Choosing the Best Fountain Pen


A fountain pen is usually made of either stainless steel or plastic. Both materials have their pros and cons. While the former usually makes for a more comfortable writing experience, the latter gives you a more balanced and lightweight feel.

Also, the material the pen is made of will impact its longevity as this variable determines how prone the pen is to cracking and breaking.

Size and Weight 

Another thing worth looking into is the dimensions of the pen, which are important for comfortability.

There are no “perfect” dimensions that you have to look out for. What suits you best will often be determined by factors like your hand size and how heavy you personally prefer your pen to be.


We’ve listed the best pens within a $100 price range. This category is a great place to start if you’re just getting into fountain pens or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost too much.


1. Why Does the Average Fountain Pen Cost So Much?

Because they’re built to last.

As such, the materials they’re made of are typically sturdier and more expensive.

2. How Often Do I Have To Change the Cartridge of My Fountain Pen?

This depends on the quality of the product and the frequency of use.

Quality products will leak more slowly, and, the more often you use your fountain pen, the less ink it’ll have.

3. Does a Fountain Pen Really Improve Handwriting?

Yes, it does.

This is because writing with these instruments requires a level of skill and finesse. So, the more you finetune this, the better your handwriting will get.


For us, the best fountain pen under $100 is the LAMY Lx Live Deluxe. It’s simple, stylish, and has everything you could want in a fountain pen. However, if you’d like to get more than one fountain pen, any of the other entrants on our list will do quite nicely as well.


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