5 of the Best Black Fountain Pen Inks
best black fountain pen ink

Black ink is the standard ink color and is used for most formal occasions. Black may sound like a boring color, but its beauty is that it comes in different shades and consistencies. An ink’s viscosity will tell you how fast it will dry and whether it will smudge or not. Runny ink, for instance, has a high chance of smudging and feathering.

Finding the best ink from among so many manufacturers can be a hectic experience. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a detailed guide to the best black fountain pen ink. Read more for our recommendations!

Best Black Fountain Pen Ink

1. Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle, Black, 57 ml

PARKER has over a century of experience in making ink. Their eco-friendly Quink ink bottle is made out of glass and has a screw-on lid that closes tightly to prevent the ink from spilling or drying out. The cover also makes it possible for ink users to carry refills in their pockets or bag without worrying about ink stains. Quink is coined from “quick and ink,” which signifies how fast the ink dries.

The company’s experience shows in its ink quality. Its quink ink comes in four colors: blue, black, blue-black, and washable blue. The black color is washable but still heavily pigmented, producing solid colors when used.

Other than the solid color, the manufacturer also includes lubrication, which makes the ink flow faster and look smoother on paper. Washable ink is easier for amateurs to use because you can quickly fix any painting or drawing mistakes.

PARKER’s high-quality ink is quick-drying and doesn’t feather as you write. Since the pen is washable, wiping any spills with a soft cloth will blot out the excess, and you can easily wash off the stain. This ink goes well with PARKER convertors.

  • Fast-drying, non-feathering ink
  • Washable
  • Screw-on lid that makes the bottle portable
  • Produces a smooth, pigmented black color
  • Non-permanent ink

2. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges – SET OF 24 BLACK INK CARTRIDGES

Dryden Designs Co. is a US-based company that specializes in stationery like fountain pens and ink cartridges. These pen ink cartridges come as a set of 24, and each cartridge can last for about two weeks of continuous use. This set is not only convenient, but it’s a highly affordable option.

Dryden is well-known for its quick-drying inks, and these cartridges aren’t an exception. The ink dries in a matter of seconds, preventing issues such as smudging when your hand brushes across the paper as you write, draw, or sketch.

The cartridges come in disposable plastic refill containers. These containers can be closed back up once opened, which is ideal if you’re not going to use all the ink in the container or you’re looking to store your pen for a long time. The cartridges are compatible with many fountain pens because they’re made using international standard sizes.

Dryden design inks are non-toxic and therefore suitable for daily use by students, artists, and working professionals. This ink is also great for calligraphy.

  • Affordable value pack with 24 black ink cartridges
  • Short dry time
  • Compatible with any fountain pen model
  • Non-toxic, natural dyes
  • Reclosable cartridges
  • Non-eco friendly packaging

3. Dryden Designs Ink Bottle for Fountain Pen – Luxury Edition

Dryden’s luxury ink comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a wide-fitted cap. The bottle itself is compact, and it comes with a silicone stopper that firmly seals it shut.

The compact bottle is easy to carry in your school or work bag, and its leak-free mechanisms ensure that you can carry it anywhere without worrying about a spill. 

The ink is a vivid black and dries quickly, which is great for everyday use. We especially love quick-drying formulas because they promote neat, legible handwriting. Purchasing this ink gives you access to Dryden Designs’ VIP customer support team, who are always ready to help you with any inquiries you may have.

  • Wide cap for easy refills
  • Contains a childproof silicone stopper that prevents spills
  • Compact, portable packaging
  • Solid, vibrant black color
  • Access to Dryden Design’s customer support team
  • Short dry time
  • Ink isn’t compatible with most fountain pens

4. Vivid Black Ink Cartridges for Fountain Pens

Monaggio’s cartridges come in an international standard size, which means that they’re compatible with all standard fountain pens. The ink set comes in a pack of 20 plastic cartridges.

The pack comes with a detailed set of instructions to help you install the cartridges correctly each time. This vivid black ink is suitable for calligraphy, drawing, and regular writing.

Each cartridge measures about 1.5″, and they can fit in your pencil pouch, book bag, and other containers. The compact size makes it suitable for daily use. The ink is quick-drying and doesn’t feather.

The US-based company also offers a satisfaction guarantee. They grant you access to their excellent customer support team for easy communication and fast returns.

  • Vivid black ink for detailed lines
  • Compact cartridges for easy portability
  • Compatible with most fountain pens
  • Perfect gift idea for school-goers, professionals, and businesses
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Ink isn’t waterproof

5. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Short Standard International Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges, Pack of 12

Thornton’s set comes with 12 ink cartridges for refilling your fountain pen. The good thing about these cartridges is that they can fit in most generic fountain pens.

These cartridges contain non-corrosive ink with a neutral pH that produces a smooth flow while still offering solid black lines. Non-corrosive inks are suitable for your pen because corrosive inks eat away at your pen’s interior. The neutral version keeps your pen durable for longer.

The 12 cartridges come in a reclosable pouch to maintain the integrity of the ink. Each cartridge is 38.46mm long and 7.06mm wide. Cartridges are used in place of ink bottles and fountain pen converters. You won’t get any ink spills because the cartridge fits neatly inside the pen.

  • Compatible with lots of fountain pens
  • A set of 12 cartridges will refill your pen for a long time
  • Non-corrosive ink with neutral pH to keep your pen new for longer
  • No-spill refill
  • Vibrant black coloring
  • Ink depletes fast
  • Plastic containers can be leaky

What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Black Fountain Pen Ink

Degree of Blackness

Did you know that black has a wide variety of shades? Black ink can be very dark or very faint, and there are plenty of shades in between. You should know the kind of black you’re looking for so that you can get the ink that matches your needs.

Color Undertones

Black inks come in three temperatures: neutral, warm, and cool. The undertones depend on the raw materials and the manufacturer’s mechanism for making the ink.

Water Resistance

It’s important to understand how water-resistant your ink is. Waterproof inks have varying degrees of water resistance — some of these inks completely repel water, while some can only resist moisture to a certain degree. There are also super waterproof inks that are considered “bulletproof.” Aside from repelling water, these inks also repel alcohol-based liquids, solvents, and other fluids.

Drying Time

Is the ink you’re looking to buy prone to smearing? Smearing is caused mainly by slow-drying inks, especially for left-handed people. If it’s important to you that your ink doesn’t smear, make sure to buy quick-drying ink.

Type of Paper

The type of paper you choose will determine the quality of your penmanship. For instance, paper fibers can make your paper feather and bleed when you use fountain pens. The best paper is made out of wood, pulp, or cotton. If you’re looking for durability, cotton paper is the best choice. 

The next thing you should take into account is your paper’s thickness and weight. This will determine how much ink will bleed through the paper as you write. Paper quality increases with thickness. 

Types of Fountain Pens

Now that you know the types of best black fountain pen ink, it’s also important to understand the different types of fountain pens. Each pen comes with an ink filling system, and knowing how to use your pen’s system is key to using the ink you purchased. 

Eyedropper Fountain Pens

Eyedropper fountain pens date back to more than a century ago when people would purchase a hollowed-out pen with a regular medicinal eyedropper. The good thing about this type of fountain pen is that the filling mechanism is quite simple.

Because the cartridge is hollowed out, the pen can hold more ink than regular fountain pens. The eyedropper option uses a translucent cartridge to gauge your ink usage.

The bad thing about eyedropper fountain pens is that they can leak with the slightest change in weather or altitude and create a huge mess.

Converter Fountain Pens

A converter fountain pen consists of a piston that connects to a cartridge fountain pen. Converters can either be threaded or have a cartridge-like build. It’s easy to refill your pen! Simply insert your pen’s nib into the bottle of ink, and ensure it’s covered in ink.

Manipulate the nib until you can draw the ink into the pen until the pen is full. Once full, remove the ink and then wipe off the excess ink from the nib. The good thing about using a converter fountain pen is that you can refill your pen with any fountain pen ink.

Cartridge Fountain Pens

If you’re looking for convenience, then the cartridge pen would be your best bet. Cartridge pens come with a pre filled ink container that fills directly into the pen. Cartridges are mostly made from plastic, and once the ink inside is depleted, you just remove the cartridge and replace it with a new one. This is the cleanest refill method possible.

Crescent Fountain Pens

A crescent pen consists of a crescent button on the pen’s exterior connected to a spring-loaded drawbar. You need to press the crescent button to deflate the air from the pen’s bladder. This will create a suction that will draw ink inside the fountain pen.

These pens come with a locking ring located just underneath the crescent to prevent you from accidentally pressing the crescent button. You have to rotate the ring to a specific flat area for deflation to happen.

There’s a few reasons why this mechanism isn’t so popular, the first being that it takes longer to fill the pen. Secondly, pens that use this mechanism have smaller ink capacities. Crescent fountain pens are mostly compatible with generic fountain pens.

Piston Fountain Pens

Piston pens use a plunger-like motion to suction ink from an ink bottle. To fill these pens, twist the pen so that the piston is near the nib. Ensure that your nib is submerged in ink and then initiate the suction. This will draw ink into the fountain pen. When full, wipe the nib with a soft towel. Pistons hold more than three times the capacity of a regular fountain pen.

Final Thoughts

Even with the best inks, several other factors determine the quality of your writing, including the fountain pen you’re using, the quality of paper you choose, and the size of your handwriting.

Black ink looks classy, but only if you ensure that you choose an ink that doesn’t smudge or feather. The best black fountain ink should have enough pigment for vivid handwriting and be thick enough to stick to the paper. Runny inks have a habit of causing smudges.


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