5 Awesome Leather Fountain Pen Cases You Simply Must Have
leather fountain pen case

Maybe your fountain pen cost a pretty penny or maybe it was a precious gift. No matter the situation, you’ve got plenty of reasons to keep these writing tools safe. If you want to give these writing instruments the best level of protection, then you should consider getting a leather fountain pen case.

Some people consider getting a collection of leather accessories for this single writing instrument overkill. We disagree. Our reason is simple.

If you want to trust your fountain pen to always serve you well whenever you need it, the least you can do is ensure you keep it in pristine condition.

Whether it’s a textured leather or a hand-made leather pen case, getting this handy travel accessory ensures that your writing instruments remain in mint condition despite the jolts and shakes that come with carrying it around.

To help make your buying decision a bit easier, here’s a list of some of the best leather fountain pen cases you can get today.

Best Leather Fountain Pen Case

1. Lanxivi 48 Slots Faux Leather Pen Pouch Bag

The great thing about investing in such a handy, yet fashionable travel accessory, is that it helps you carry your pens around with ease.

These high-quality black leather pen pouches are a typical example of what we mean.

In the old days, you’d have to think long and carefully about which pocket pens to take with you on a trip. That’s because you could only carry a few. Specially designed for people who have a deep love and appreciation for fountain pens, the 48 slots of this faux leather pen pouch lets you bring plenty of them along with you.

Not only does it let you carry up to 48 different pocket pens, but its beautiful black leather design also helps you transport the pens with style and grace.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the fountain pens getting cracks or scratches either. Thanks to the durable, velvety holes designed for the pens, these writing instruments are cushioned in softness from all angles.

The tough exterior of this luxurious leather pen pouch also makes it more resistant to bangs and bruises long-term. So if you’re looking for a great fountain pen case that’ll serve you long and well, you have a strong contender here

Why It’s Great
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Offers a large storage capacity
  • Faux leather is designed to be tough and durable
  • Beautiful leather design and is easy to carry around
  • Perfect fountain pen collector organizer
What to Consider
  • Not a genuine leather pen case
  • Strong faux leather smell upon arrival

2. Lanxivi 3 Separate Slot Organizer Leather Fountain Pen Case

With an exterior made from real leather and an interior made from faux premium leather, this fountain pen case is a real work of art.

This black and coffee-colored leather pen case fits just three pens, so you’ll have to pick your three favorite on-the-go fountain pens. That said, leather three-pen cases do have their unique appeal.

What it lacks in storage capacity, this leather fountain pen case makes up for in design. Not only does it help you move your pen in style but its compact size and design also make it portable.

We like the fact that even though it’s made of super-durable material, these perfect leather pen covers are very lightweight. This makes it perfect for people looking for fountain pen travel cases that don’t take up any extra space and are easy to carry.

Also noteworthy is the fact that it has sufficiently deep and padded pen sleeves. Because of this, you’ll be able to conveniently fit pens with 148mm and 16mm length and diameter into them.

For those who like things simple and sweet, this is a leather design meant for you.

Why It’s Great
  • Lightweight and takes up little space, making it a practical travel accessory
  • Offers you good quality without paying a premium price
  • Beautiful and well-textured leather design
  • Offers your precious fountain pens ample protection
What to Consider
  • Other products within its price range offer the same level of quality with more leather pen sleeves and storage capacity
  • Comes with a strong chemical smell
  • Could be more durable

3. Aonepro 48 Fountain Pen Roller Pen Case Holder

If you’re especially partial to large-capacity, high-grade PU genuine leather pen case holders, then this is another product that’s right up your alley.

This high-quality black leather pencil pouch will give your prized pens the warm and comfortable home they deserve. More than that, this fountain pen case guarantees your writing instrument collection the right level or protection.

It has a two-layer design that offers you 48 leather pen sleeves in all. The leather pouch pen case helps you fit 24 fountain pens on either side while using its well-stitched, inner tensile rubber material to keep each single writing instrument safe and secure.

The premium-quality leather pen case further complements this with a soft, well-padded screen between both cases that keeps the pens from grazing each other in any way.

These are arguably the perfect pen cases for students and artists as they’ll help you organize your writing instruments with ease.

The best part of it all is that you can use these to carry other writing tools like gel pens, ballpoints, and colored pens as well.

When you add this to the fact that its luxurious leather construction was designed with portability in mind, you have even more reasons to give the Aonepro a shot.

Why It’s Great
  • Large capacity
  • Comfortably priced
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Comes with a firm, soft-sided screen that raises the level of protection it offers its contents
What to Consider
  • May leave band marks on freshly detailed pens
  • May need to be aired out before use

4. Ancicraft Pencil Case Leather Pouch Fountain Pen Holder with Zipper

The Ancicraft Pencil Case Leather Pouch Fountain Pen Holder with Zipper is a 100% genuine premium leather pen case. It comes in 4 different colored leather pen case holder options.

Its exquisite luxurious leather construction makes it a perfect fit for both men and women.

When you want to carry your pens in style without sacrificing their safety and beauty, there can only be one choice – the Ancicraft genuine leather pen pouch.

First off, you should know that this genuine leather pen pouch doesn’t have the lowest price tag on our list. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

However, you only have to take one look at the fine-quality black leather pen pouch and you’ll understand that it’s well worth the price.

More than being a supreme work of art, this high-grade black leather pouch is astoundingly functional as well.

To compensate for its rather small size, it doesn’t come with straps inside. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to increase its storage capacity considerably. It keeps your pens secure, features a smooth zipper, and is strong and well-made.

Since it comes with a gift box, you can easily present this beautifully made pouch to your loved ones, too.

Why It’s Great
  • Available in four rich colors
  • Genuine leather pen pouch
  • Gives you good storage capabilities
  • Tastefully designed
  • Doesn’t come with the synthetic smell common to many faux leather pencil pouch holders
What to Consider
  • May be too large for standard fountain pens
  • Case interior could be better made

5. Aston Leather Single Slot Case

While 10-pen Aston leather cases like the Aston Leather 10-pen Folio are arguably more popular, this particular leather pen pouch will always have a special place in our collection of leather accessories.

Not only is it the most affordable case on our list, but it’s also regarded as one of the most comfortable and convenient leather fountain pen cases to carry.

As it doesn’t feature unnecessary contraptions like a leather zip and has just one leather sleeve (so to speak) all you have to do is slip it in your pocket and you’re good to go.

Made of 100% genuine leather put together by the most functional stitches, this pen pouch is durable and will last you a long time.

While some will argue that its storage capacity leaves a lot to be desired, we believe it only adds to the overall charm and appeal of this pen carrier.

Why It’s Great
  • Highly affordable
  • Simple to carry
  • Genuine leather pen case
  • Simple and appealing design
What to Consider
  • Small storage capacity may not appeal to some fountain pen owners
  • Isn’t available in bright colors

Other Great Leather Pen Pouch Holders

How to Pick the Perfect Leather Fountain Pen Case for You

There are different luxurious leather pens cases out there today with more coming with increasing frequency. This collection of leather accessories has different properties, capabilities, and features.

To pick the best ones for you, you must keep a few things in mind. This includes:

The Storage Capacity You Want

Most fountain pen owners get leather pen cases for two reasons – style and storage. While you may be able to afford to compromise with the former, the same can’t be said for the latter.

As such, make sure that you consider the number of pens you plan to store or carry when you purchase leather pen holders.

If you’ll only be carrying a few pens, then leather three-pen cases like the Lanxivi 3 Separate Slot Organizer Leather Case might be ideal. On the other hand, if you want to have as many pens as possible at hand, the Lanxivi 48 Slots Faux Leather Pen Pouch Bag might be the right pick for you.

The Make and Material of the Leather Pen Holder

What the pen case is made of is also very important. This is more so the case if you intend to use it frequently and move around a lot with it.

If you want something durable and that’ll give your fountain pens the maximum level of protection, you should get carriers made of real leather. Cases with water-proof exteriors may come in handy as well.

The Design of the Pen Case

Another factor you shouldn’t overlook is how the fountain pen holder is built. You typically have 4 options here. These range from wrap to notebook, then wallet and flap design.

Each of these designs accommodates various storage capabilities and will keep your pen secure to varying degrees. Your best bet here is to get the design most suited to your comfort level and style.

The Price Tag

Last but not least, you need to consider the capacity, features, and material of the pen holder in relation to the price tag. As you likely suspect, the lower the price tag, the lesser the features and qualities available to you.

However, consulting our guide may be able to help you find the perfect balance between cost and functionality.


1. What’s the Best Pen Case Design?

There isn’t one.

This is because how well each type of pen case performs is dependent less on the actual design and more on the expertise of the manufacturer. As a result, you can go with any pen case design, provided you’re confident it’s well made.

2. Is a Real Leather Pen Case Better Than a Faux Leather One?

Yes, it is.

This is because genuine leather is naturally stronger and more durable than its synthetic counterpart.

3. Does Getting a Pen Case Help My Fountain Pen at All?

Yes, it does.

The right pen cases don’t just help you keep your fountain pens in one place but also keep them organized and provide ample protection for them as well. These cases become even more important if you move your pens around a lot as they reduce the risk of scrapes and scratches.

Bottom Line

Picking up a great leather fountain pen case might seem like a lot of trouble but the level of protection and longevity it offers your precious writing instruments makes it well worth the effort!

However, you can do even more to preserve your precious writing materials. See how to get started here.


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