5 Best Zebra Fountain Pens: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Once you start writing with fountain pens, there is no going back to regular ones. The premium feeling and the writing experience that they offer are simply unmatched. If you write regularly with fountain pens, switching may get expensive.

If you want to continue writing with fountain pens but also don’t want to spend much, you should go for Zebra fountain pens. They offer inexpensive disposable fountain pens in a variety of vibrant colors.

Disposable pens also save you from the messy process of refilling the ink. In this buying guide, we will review some highly rated Zebra pen models, so you can choose which pen serves your needs the best.

Before moving on to the reviews, let’s first have a look at the nitty-gritty of a fountain pen.

How Can You Choose the Best Zebra Fountain Pen?

Choosing a new fountain pen for yourself can be a very tedious task, so it is important to know what you are looking for. Some of the most important aspects of a fountain pen are discussed below.

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Nib Thickness

Nib thickness refers to the thickness of the line that a pen writes. Zebra offers its pens with a medium or fine nib.

Medium nibs write approximately with 0.6 mm width. Some of their pens also have a 0.7 mm nib. If you apply more pressure, these pens can produce lines of up to 1 mm width.

Fine nibs (F) write thinner than medium nibs, with a width of approximately 0.4 mm. You will find these nibs useful if you write very small.

Writers with thicker handwriting prefer broad nibs (B), which write with approximately 0.8 mm width.

In general, you will find finer nibs to be a little scratchier than medium or broad ones. This is because the sharp tips limit the ink flow and rub on the paper. 

Click on the link to get a Visual comparison of different nib widths.

The Shape of the Nibs

The two most common shapes of fountain pen nibs are square or round. Both have the same length of tines, whereas the tip is either round or flat. Oblique-shaped pens have unequal tine lengths.

Round-shaped nibs are perfect for day-to-day writing, whereas square-shaped nibs can be used for drawing or calligraphy.

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Nib Flexibility

Nowadays most pens have very sturdy nibs that may limit your writing experience. Some Zebra pens have flexible nibs that bend when you apply pressure. The pressure separates the tines, allowing more ink to flow and producing wider lines.

Price Of The Pen  

The cost of fountain pens varies based on the material used and the brand. Zebra offers fountain pens at unimaginably low prices while still giving a phenomenal writing experience.

The nib of the pen may break or bend if the pen falls or too much pressure is applied. It can be very expensive to replace the pen nib with inexpensive fountain pens.

If you are a beginner, it’s best to buy affordable pens, as this will help you get used to writing with a fountain pen in the first place. 

Some brands don’t even sell nib replacements, and you would need an expert to replace your pen nib. This may cost you a lot more than buying a disposable fountain pen.

Check out this video to learn how to fill ink in disposable Zebra pens.

Now that we understand what features to consider before buying a new fountain pen, let’s look at some of the best-rated Zebra fountain pens.

Best Zebra Fountain Pen

1. Zebra Fuente – Disposable Fountain Pen

First on our list is the Zebra Fuente disposable fountain pen. They come with a very sleek and attractive design that makes them a cool choice for school and college students. They are also perfect for office use.

The rear portion of the nib has intricate grooves that allow smooth and consistent ink flow even when you write very fast. Its flexible steel nib writes with 0.6 mm width but you can go up to 1 mm thickness. The pen ink is water-based and dries very fast while also delivering adequate flow. 

This pack of 7 pens includes Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, and Green ink pens. 

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  • Besides being inexpensive, they are not scratchy and write very smoothly
  • They have a long barrel as an ink chamber so they last very long
  • Their groove design helps you write smoothly even if you write very fast
  • They are very lightweight so you can write for a long time without tiring your fingers
  • You get a wide range of bright color options
  • Fine writing can also be used for drawing
  • You can’t write very thickly which limits variation in your writing
  • Leaving the pen without a cap can dry up the ink and the pen will stop writing

2. Zebra Fountain Pen Model No: 48307

Next in line, we have the Zebra fountain pen model no: 48307. These pens come in a set of 7 with assorted ink colors. The width of the stainless steel nib is 0.6mm and it writes fine to medium.

The stainless steel nib provides a smooth ink flow for a comfortable writing experience. With the fine nib, you can both draw and write.

The colors that come with the pack are Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Turquoise, and Pink. These pens are AP certified for non-toxicity and are also ACMI approved and kid-friendly.

Kids will love these colorful pens and they will also help improve their handwriting. As these pens cannot be refilled and are disposable, you are free of the mess of ink refilling. 

  • Convenient for both left and right-hand writers
  • You can write from it on regular paper
  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Comfortable and smooth writing
  • Lasts way longer than a usual ink cartridge
  • Good for beginners
  • Some users have reported Ink explosions
  • Sometimes the pen swell and then the cap won’t fit on the back

3. Zebra V-301 Fountain Pen

Zebra V-301 is an inexpensive stainless steel fountain pen that can be used for years. The weight distribution is also very even, which makes it comfortable to write.

The barrel of the pen is made of stainless steel with plastic at the end of the cap and the pen. It has a semi hooded steel nib with a plastic grip.

The pen comes with black ink but you can use proprietary cartridges of many colors. It is reusable and you get an extra ink cartridge. You won’t find an ink converter for this pen, but you can refill the cartridge with a syringe.

The pen has a fine stainless steel nib which writes with 0.7mm width. The nib has a wick that passes the ink in the nib. The ink flow is very smooth and provides a smooth and comfortable writing experience.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Evenly distributed lighter weight
  • The pen ink may dry up if not used for a while, but the pen will start writing after a little shaking and tapping
  • The nib may clog up, so clean it when you change the cartridge
  • In some cases, the cap may not mount properly on the back
  • You can’t use an ink converter with the pen

4. Zebra Disposable Pen Model 48312

Zebra model 4812 is a disposable fountain pen that comes in a pack of 2. You get two black ink pens with a beautiful plastic body. The barrel of the pen is also black so it can be distinguished easily.

It delivers precise ink flow with its stainless steel 0.6mm fine nib. As the pen writes fine, it can be used for writing as well as drawing and sketching. It is a perfect pen for note-making or journal writing as it is compatible with most papers.

This pen is particularly good for users who are new to fountain pens as you don’t need to apply any pressure. Once the ink starts running, you can just drag the pen across the paper for hours. You can also give it to your kids to start writing.

If you want to buy the assorted set, this is a good option to try out first. With a strong cap click, you can easily put it in your shirt or coat pockets vertically without worrying about leakage.

  • Bright and vibrant color
  • Beautiful body 
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Strong cap clip 
  • Only black color
  • The ink dries fast but not instantly which can cause smearing issues. This can be an issue, particularly for left-hand writers

5. Zebra Fountain Pen Assorted Color Set Model 48304

Lastly, we have the Zebra fountain pen assorted color set model 48304. They come in four colors namely Black, Blue, purple, and Fuschia pink. The body color of the pens is consistent with their ink colors.

These pens have a light body and a very even weight distribution that gives you a good writing feel. Stainless steel 0.6mm nib writes fine and is ideal for writing or drawing. These are all disposable pens so you don’t need to worry about cartridge replacement or ink refilling.

These pens are AP approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) for non-toxicity. This makes it a perfect gift for your kids. They will love the vibrant colors of the pen and it will also help them get good handwriting.

Overall, these pens have a comfortable grip and offer a smooth writing experience.

  • Beautiful and vibrant colors
  • Barrel color matches with the ink
  • Suitability with various types of paper
  • Some users find different ink flow in the pens of the set
  • The ink doesn’t dry fast enough, causing smearing. This makes it unsuitable for left-hand writers.


Zebra Fuente and Zebra model 48307 both have very fast drying inks. These are perfect for you if you are a left-hand writer and come in 7 beautiful and vibrant colors.

Both these pens are AP approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) for non-toxicity. You can give them to your kids without any worries.

The Zebra V-301 stainless steel pen is not disposable. It uses ink cartridges and comes with black ink. You can also use other color inks with the pen.

Zebra V-301 is a perfect choice if you want a cheaper pen that lasts long. 

The Zebra pen model 48312 is another disposable pen that comes in black ink only. If you are buying a fountain pen for the first time, this is a great option. If you are looking for more colors you should opt for the Zebra pen model 48304 assorted set of 4 pens.

With these pens, you won’t need to worry about changing ink cartridges anymore. They are also very convenient to carry while traveling and are must-haves if you collect stationeries.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect Zebra Fountain pen for your needs!


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