Best Fountain Pen Holder: Reviews and Buying Guide
best fountain pen holder

If you own a beautiful fountain pen, you probably want an equally beautiful pen holder. Pen cases are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Your pen holder should be specifically suited to your pen and amplify its beauty. 

Fountain pens are elegant writing tools that bring uniqueness to your writing and identity. The case or the stand on which you keep your pen is also equally important. It ties together the aesthetic of your pen, and you should choose it wisely.

Throughout this buying guide, we will explain to you the different types of fountain pen holders and how to choose from them. We will also review some of our favorite top-rated pen holders.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Fountain Pen Stand

Fountain pens are way different from other pens in various aspects. These pens are normally thicker than standard ballpoint or rollerball pens. They also have thinner ink, meaning they will leak if kept upside down.

Watch this video to learn how to store your fountain pen.

Fountain pens are mostly very durable and have the potential to be passed on through generations. This makes it pertinent that you take extra care to properly maintain your pen. Thus, there are various factors that you should consider while buying a fountain pen holder. Here they are below:

  • You should look for a pen holder that lets you keep your fountain pen in a horizontal position. This prevents the nib of the pen from drying out of the ink and the ink from leaking. Watch this video to learn how to refill fountain pens.
  • The number of pens that you want the pen stand to hold is also very crucial. If you want a stand to keep on your desk, you may want it to hold one or two pens. If you want a holder to keep all your pens, you should go for high-capacity pen holders.
  • The weight and structure of pen stands are also very important. If the pen stand is lighter than your pen, it may topple if you place a heavier pen on it.
  • You should also factor in the purpose of the holder. If you want to keep the stand on your office desks or study tables, you should go for something that suits the environment.

If you want holders to display your pens in shops or showrooms, they should provide an all-round view that highlights your pen. If you collect pens and you need holders to keep your pens safe, you should consider getting a specialized pen holder.

  • You should also be mindful of how your pen looks while buying its holder. If your pen is metallic, go for a metallic holder and similarly for wooden ones. Refer to this article to know more about fountain pens.

Now that we understand the different factors to keep in mind before purchasing a fountain pen holder, let’s go over the different types of pen holders.

Different Types of Fountain Pen Holders

Usually, there are four different types of fountain pen holders. These are as follows:


Fold-over pen holders are usually cases made of leather with a flap that locks up. You should be mindful of the size of your pen when you buy a fold-over case. The inside of the case should also be soft so that it doesn’t scratch your pen. 

Zipped Pen Cases

These are also called pen pouches because they can hold multiple pens. Some cases can even hold 40-50 pens. These are particularly useful for pen collectors.

Display Holders

These holders not only keep your pens safe but allow you to show them off. The price of such holders depends on their quality, and they can be quite expensive.

Pen Slips

Pen slips are basic pouches in which you slip your pen. These are relatively inexpensive and helpful to keep your pens on your desk or drawer. Look for a pouch with a soft inner lining to prevent any scratches on your pen.

Besides the pen itself, it’s also important to keep your pen nibs safe.

Different Types of Nib Holders

People with multiple fountain pens or calligraphers also need nib holders to store their pen nibs safely. The two main types of nib holders are straight and oblique.

Straight holders have a rubber ring to hold the nibs whereas the oblique ones have an extra appendage with the rubber ring. These are mostly made of wood or plastic and vary in shape and size across different brands.

It’s very important that the nib holder is compatible with your pen nib. Read this article to learn more about nib holder compatibility.

Now, let’s get into our top picks for fountain pen holders!

Best Fountain Pen Holder

1. Amoysanli Knight Pen Holder

The first pen holder in our review guide is from Amoysanli. The stand is made of resin and portrays a knight in his armor bent on his knees offering you the pen. This adds another level of class and elegance to your fountain pen. 

If you have a cool vintage or antique fountain pen, and you want a pen holder that does justice to its uniqueness, your search ends here. You also get a cool ballpoint pen free with the stand.

Primarily, it’s a pen holder, but you can use it for holding other things such as a letter opener or your glasses. Its unique and executive look makes it a perfect gift for professionals and friends.

You can buy the pen holder in three cool colors: blue, bronze, and silver. 

The holder is around 6 inches tall and weighs about 1.7 lbs. It is a heavy pen stand and doesn’t fail to show its presence.

Things we like:
  • Executive design
  • Comes with a pen
  • Heavier base (both the base and statue are solid)
Things we don’t like:
  • Holds one pen only
  • You would need to glue the statue on the base
  • Thicker pens won’t fit in the hands properly but can rest on them easily

2. Earlyred Glass Dip Pen Holder Set

Next up, we have a beautiful crystal dip pen holder from Earlyred. It comes as a set with a dip pen and glass holder and is fully handcrafted. The exquisite 7-inch dip pen is made of high borosilicate glass.

The pen holds a good amount of ink and writes very smoothly. Writing with such a stunning dipping pen is an amazing experience in itself.

The inkwell or the pen holder is about 2 inches wide and 5 inches tall. You can fill it with ink to use with your pen or cleaning liquid to rinse it. It has a beautiful and unique design.

The pen is blue whereas the holder is clear and transparent. However, you can adjust the color of the holder by putting cleaning liquid in it. 

It’s the perfect signature pen for weddings or events or to keep on your desk as decoration. It would also make an amazing gift for pen enthusiasts or calligraphers.

Things we like:

  • Beautiful color and design
  • Handcrafted item
  • A perfect gift for pen collectors and pen enthusiasts
  • Can also be used as a decoration item

Things we don’t like:

  • It’s made of very thin glass
  • Being handmade, each item can be a little different
  • Doesn’t come with ink or cleaner liquid

3. Longwin Crystal Fountain Pen Holder

The Longwin crystal fountain pen and pencil holder are made of highly refractive K9 crystal. It has very high clarity and is lead-free.

K9 crystals are very durable and, due to their excellent quality, they are used in the manufacturing of high-end crafts. They are cut and polished in a precise manner and feel very smooth to the touch.

This pen holder has a specific slot to keep your pen, but it is also possible to lay the pen horizontally over it. It also functions well as a paperweight or a decorative piece for your study or office. 

It comes packed in a blue gift box, which makes it an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

The hole in the stand has a flat bottom and can easily accommodate standard or larger pens. You can also place your regular-use pens horizontally on its groove to prevent the ink from drying out.

Things we like:
  • Beautiful crystal build
  • Pen can be kept horizontally or vertically
  • Sparkles in the light
Things we don’t like:
  • Holds only one pen

4. Maitys Acrylic Electronic Pen Holder

Next up, we have the acrylic pen holder from Maitys. This holder is both elegant and economical and comes in two simple color options: black and clear.  

This holder can be used for display as well, as it gives an all-around view of the pen. It’s the perfect stand for displaying your pen at home, in an office, or in a showroom. 

You get a set of two pen holders in the pack. The stand is comparatively lighter in weight but is heavier in its base, allowing it to support slightly heavier pens. The acrylic material has a smooth feel to the touch.

If you buy the transparent one, you are able to see a full 360 view of your pen while it’s in a vertical position. This makes it one of the best display pen stands. 

The height of the stand is about 3.6 inches, and its weight is 50 grams.

Things we like:
  • Can be used as a display pen stand
  • Can keep your pen vertically for display
Things we don’t like:
  • Can hold a pointed pen bottom but not a rounded one
  • Gets and shows fingerprints very easily

5. Treasure Gurus Antique Style Fountain Pen Holder

Last but not least, we have the antique-style fountain pen holder from Treasure gurus. It is made of brass and is inexpensive considering its stunning aesthetic. If you are into ornate metallic designs, your search for the perfect pen holder ends here.

The stand has a beautiful shape with intricate designs carved on its golden body, giving it an expensive royal look. The antique-style fountain pen stands 2 ½ inches high. You can keep any pen in the holder, but a beautiful vintage or antique pen would look absolutely stunning.

Keeping it at your office desk amplifies not only the beauty of the pen but also the desk and the entire room. It would also make a perfect gift for a pen enthusiast or a professional.

The dimensions of the pen holder are 4.25 x 3.5 x 2.37 inches, and it weighs around 6.4 ounces. The weight and structure of the pen holder are well balanced, so it would not topple even with the heaviest pen.

Things that we like: 
  • Its beautiful design
  • The metallic look
  • Goes well with different types of pens
Things we don’t like: 
  • Can hold only one pen


In summary, the Amoysanli pen stand is a bit pricey but is well worth it for its price. It has an executive feel that we believe is best suited for professionals. 

The Earlyred pen and stand set is a very beautiful calligraphy set. You can give it to a friend or loved one as a gift but bear in mind that it’s very fragile. The stand comes with its own pen and is therefore not fit to use with most other pens. If you are looking for a pen stand for a pen you already own, this is not the stand for you.

The Longwin K9 crystal pen holder is aesthetically pleasing. We love that it gives you the freedom to position your pen the way you want. It comes in a beautiful box and would make a perfect gift.

The Maitys acrylic stand is relatively inexpensive and is best for displaying pens. However, it only allows you to position a pen vertically. The ink in a fountain pen dries out from the nibs if kept vertically, so you should not use this stand with your daily use fountain pen.

The TG antique-style pen stand also looks exquisite and is an overall great pen holder. It’s perfect to buy for yourself or to give as a gift. 

We hope you now have a clearer sense of what to look for in a fountain pen holder. Any of our top options would make a wonderful addition to your home or office. Good luck shopping! 


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