Why Fountain Pens are the Ultimate Corporate Gift

No matter what sort of business you run, it makes sense to reward employees for their efforts throughout the year. You want to make ensure they feel appreciated and they know that you’re thankful for their efforts. This is why a corporate gift is so important.

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However, selecting a gift is not always easy. It can be hard to find something that’s within your budget yet will also be useful. You want to try and look for something that your employees probably wouldn’t buy themselves, so it has a luxury element to it. At the same time, you need to consider brand exposure and what sort of items work well for your business image. 

Ultimately, there’s one corporate gift that ticks all of the boxes: a fountain pen. Read on to discover the different benefits associated with gifting your employees a fountain pen.

Did you know that writing is good for your team’s health?

Without a doubt, writing is beneficial to our health. Giving someone a pen enables them to express their sentiments through writing. If a worker is experiencing stress, they should write it all down in a notebook and get some relaxation.

After a difficult day at work, you may find that your employees find solace in writing in a journal or doing some calligraphy in their notebooks. 

A fountain pen offers smudge-free writing and eases tension. Writing on a regular basis can certainly help your mental health, which is incredibly important.

Enable your employees to unleash their creativity 

Giving someone a fountain pen as a present encourages creativity. 

You feel a sense of pride when the pen’s nib releases the smooth ink, and you create beautiful calligraphy. 

Plus, you never know; if one of your employees has a skill for calligraphy writing, they can start doing so for your branded materials. 

When experimenting with fountain pens, the individual must focus on document presentation and create something that appeals to their clients. 

Plus, fountain pens work well for making sketches and expressing your creativity on paper.

All of these bode well in terms of getting your workforce to tap into their creative side

Everyone still needs a pen

People are continuously exposed to innovations today. And, the majority adopt new technologies on a regular basis. 

Nonetheless, everyone utilizes pens as their standard piece of stationery while writing anything. 

The application of a pen will never become obsolete because it serves the same purpose. 

Because everyone will use a pen, presenting one as a gift is a great idea.

Nobody will discard it or find themselves never needing a pen. People will utilize a pen, whether or not it is personalized. 

Every time someone uses the pen they were given by your company, they will think about your gesture. The same goes if you gift pens to special clients too. 

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Customized pens can be used strategically to promote your business 

Gifting an affordable yet branded fountain pen is an ideal method for promoting a brand.

A business might purchase fountain pens in bulk to provide them to everyone inside and outside of the company.

When someone looks at a personalized pen, they will learn about your business. 

Some may even argue that it’s better to provide a pen as a present rather than a business card. 

The recipient will be happy that he or she received a gift, and you can also use that person to spread the word about your company.

It’s long been considered a corporate tradition 

Many businesses have a custom of presenting pens as gifts to their employees and customers. The pen is regarded as a classic present and is highly popular in many businesses. 

There are so many fountain pens for sale. They can differ considerably in price and style, meaning they can be perfect for both high-end brands and startups with limited budgets.

These kinds of corporate gifts promote solid relationships among personnel, clients, and customers. 

You’ll be able to find a design that’s perfect for your business 

As touched upon in the previous section, you can choose any design from the wide range of options if you want to offer a pen as a corporate gift to someone. 

Pens are produced by many manufacturers in opulent designs. You may think about giving one of them as a gift to your customers or team.

Discounts are available if you buy pens in a large quantity. This is the most effective method in terms of saving money when buying corporate fountain pens. 

Also, you can even employ a designer to produce unique pens specifically for your business.

As they’re lightweight, they’re easy to carry around

Giving an employee a small, exquisite pen instead of a larger present makes a lot of sense. 

Size doesn’t matter when purchasing a corporate gift. Say you spend money on a premium fountain pen that has an upscale appearance. No one will ever forget a gift like this!

The ease and portability of carrying a pen wherever you go is one of its best features. 

You can carry a large number of pens with you to distribute to your personnel. 

Also, they will always carry the present with them. 

This makes it a lot easier to sell your brand and attract people’s attention because your branded pens won’t get left behind.

Increase your brand exposure 

Giving a personalized fountain pen as a gift is a terrific marketing tactic. Today, many brands favor this approach. It’s a great way of making the recipient feel special while getting the word out about your business.  

Giving someone a high-end pen with your company’s personalized branding on it makes an excellent first impression.

Employees, clients, and consumers will never forget what you gave them. Although pricey, a good fountain pen seems like the ideal present. 

You can’t go wrong with a fountain pen when purchasing a corporate gift

As you can see, there are many reasons why a fountain pen makes the perfect employee gift. Not only is this the type of gift that’s perfect in terms of brand exposure, but it’s useful and will make your employees feel appreciated. What more could you want?


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