Is the Meisterstück Gold-Coated LeGrand Fountain Pen the pen for you?

The Meisterstück LeGrand is a recognizable design icon in the world of fountain pens! 

It has deep black premium resin and luxe accents that are gold-coated, a white star insignia atop, and a handcrafted gold nib. With a carefully designed piston-filling system, it is widely considered the ideal travel companion. 

But is it the right pen for you? Read on for our honest review.

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Background info on the Meisterstück Gold-Coated LeGrand Fountain Pen 

The renowned Meisterstück LeGrand fountain pen by Montblanc was created in Hamburg in 1924 and is a great representation of the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship and commitment to perfection.

This exquisite writing instrument is finished with a handcrafted 18 ct gold nib and features precious black resin with luxe gold-toned accents. The famous white star Montblanc insignia tops the design. 

You can make a statement in the boardroom and write with confidence when using the Meisterstück LeGrand. It is also available in ballpoint and rollerball forms.

Montblanc pens have long been a symbol of status

Much like purchasing a Rolex, a lot of people love the Montblanc pen range because of the prestigious white star logo. This brand of pen is very much seen as a bit of a status symbol. 

If you want to let others know that you mean serious business, a Montblanc pen would be the go-to option. 

Of course, this sort of thing always comes down to personal preference. Are you the type of person who likes fancy cars and designer brands? Or, are you the sort of person who couldn’t care less about those things? 

The Meisterstück Gold-Coated LeGrand Fountain Pen is not just about image; it provides a comfortable writing experience

This fountain pen’s exquisite hand-crafted Au585 14K gold nib and rhodium-coated inlay allow it to write smoothly across the page. After Montblanc’s master craftspeople rigorously test every nib, they will then distinctively stamp them, assuring you of the highest levels of quality! 

When you receive your pen, it’ll probably come with a medium nib. Nevertheless, if you visit the Montblanc website, you may see that a nib exchange is offered within six weeks of the original purchase. Eight possibilities are available: 

  1. BB
  2. OM
  3. OB
  4. EF
  5. F
  6. M
  7. B
  8. OBB

If your handwriting isn’t notably small or large, a medium nib is a good one to have. It is simple and enjoyable to use. Yet, it won’t improve the appeal or expressiveness of your handwriting. 

Indeed, the pen provides a smooth, consistent writing experience with a nice flow, but the writing itself may not be distinguishable from some of the more affordable models on the market. 

Nonetheless, there is a slight tooth to the Montblanc nib – not quite a roughness, but a certain feedback – so that you can feel the paper. It is not an exceptionally smooth pen. But its tooth allows it to function on very glossy material.

Also, the Montblanc nib is rather stiff despite the fact that gold nibs are typically thought of as being softer than steel nibs. 

By exerting pressure during your down strokes, you can generate some line width fluctuation. It is unquestionably not a flexible nib. Even though I’m sure I could push it much harder, I usually write without exerting too much pressure and appreciate the effortlessness this nib provides.

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What’s the pen’s nib made of? 

This pen features a size 5 bi-color nib that is plated with rhodium and made of 14k gold. The feed is made of plastic. 

DIY nib and feed removal are not advised, in my opinion. This is because, according to Montblanc, each nib involves around 30 different manual operations.

Filling your fountain pen

This type of Montblanc Meisterstück pen accepts standard international cartridges or a cartridge converter, unlike the larger 146 and 149 models. 

It comes with a sleek Montblanc converter with a brass-looking metal collar and an ink reservoir made of smokey grey plastic. There is a rotating knob made of black plastic, but it is not knurled to help with your grip. 

It says “Use Montblanc Ink Only” along the side. This is because Montblanc precisely creates their ink to guarantee that the flow keeps pace with your thoughts, as claimed in the brand’s promotional materials.

Luxury is the name of the game with the Meisterstück Gold-Coated LeGrand Fountain Pen

So there you have it: everything you need to know about the Meisterstück Gold-Coated LeGrand Fountain Pen. 

There is no denying that this is the pen for those who take great pride in their writing and want to have somewhat of a status symbol! With the luxury gold touches and the rigorous testing this pen has gone through, you know you won’t be disappointed if you purchase this writing tool. 


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