Scriveiner Fountain Pen: An In-Depth Review 
scriveiner fountain pen

Scriveiner fountain pens are famous for their high-quality feel and luxurious look. If you are a writer on the hunt for a reliable, well-loved fountain pen with impeccable quality, the Scriveiner pen may be the perfect fit. 

The makers of Scriveiner fountain pens maintain their focus on creating a practical, lasting product that will enrich customers’ lives. If you are curious about the Scriveiner fountain pen and find yourself wondering if it is a good fit for you, then keep on reading. 

What do users think about Scriveiner fountain pens?

New and regular customers love the Scriveiner fountain pen due to its promise of luxury and high quality, along with its reasonable price. Fountain pens can be very expensive, but the price of the Scriveiner fountain pen is quite modest. 

When you consider the quality and reliability that Schriveiner provides, you will understand the great value of the price.

Many expensive fountain pen users first try Scrivener pens because they are less expensive to replace if they are lost or damaged. But avid fountain pen users know that Scrivener pens can surprise you with their amazing quality. These fountain pens deliver practicality and reliability.

Many note that the Scrivener fountain pen is the perfect weight for long-term use and comfortable writing. It is heavy enough to have a durable feel, while not being so heavy that users get tired of holding it or writing with it after a while. Users note that the pen is a “real work of art and penmanship.”

One reviewer mentioned that Scrivener fountain pens renewed his love of writing with fountain pens. After his other pens became worn over time, he became discouraged and missed the smooth writing he previously experienced. After finding the Scrivener fountain pens, this user gained a newfound love for writing again.

Customers state that the medium nib is a little thicker than the typical medium nib, but for the most part the nib is satisfactory. The ink flows immediately and does not cause any scratching or blotting. The ink dries quickly, leaving behind crisp, smooth lines. 

Users recommend using the ink that comes with the Scrivener fountain pens. One noted that they tried using cheap ink cartridges with the pen, and it leaked out of the pen like runny water. They also found some brands of dipping ink to be too thin. 

If you use the included ink or another high-quality brand recommended by Scrivener, you will most likely not encounter any issues. 

Many first-time fountain pen users are happy with their Scrivener pens. These fountain pens have a reasonable price while still offering a quality product. This appeals to beginners who do not want to invest a large amount of money into their new craft but still need something functional.

Other affordable fountain pens may deter beginners from using fountain pens because they’re usually made with cheaper quality materials and can have performance issues. But this is not the case with Scrivener pens.

What do people dislike about Scrivener fountain pens?

black fountain pens

While most purchasers of Scrivener fountain pens are more than satisfied, every product will have its critics. Some critics noted that their Scrivener fountain pen did not meet the luxurious aesthetic appeal shown in the brand’s photos. If you are used to using top-shelf fountain pens, this one may seem cheap in comparison.

Some find that the Scrivener fountain pens require an excessive amount of pressure to maintain a consistent writing flow. Others did find that the pen was prone to skipping or scratching. 

While quick-drying ink can be a positive feature when writing, some customers found that the ink dries too quickly. A few reviews claimed that after setting down the pen for a minute or two, the nib dried up and the pen had to be cleaned before working properly again.

To avoid this issue, it is best to cap your pen and store it with the cap facing down whenever it is not in use. This includes even a short break.

Some did find that the packaging was damaged upon arrival. This may not be Scrivener’s fault, as shipping companies can be unpredictable. Oftentimes packages are mishandled during the transportation. 

There have been a handful of disappointed Scrivener customers who ordered a pen to be used as a gift but received a damaged package. This made the fountain pen no longer suitable to give as a present.

Additionally, some users find that the pen is too messy and leaks ink. These issues are likely the result of a manufacturing error or faulty product. However, every once in a while, a bad pen can make its way out of the factory.

If you encounter any issues, you can contact Scrivener because they do offer a warranty program and accept returns. 

Overall, Scrivener offers a functional fountain pen that most users will be happy with. On the off chance that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Scrivener can help you resolve any issues. As an overview, here are the key features, pros, and cons of Scrivener fountain pens.

Key Features:

  • Classic, luxury design with 24k gold finish. 
  • Comes equipped with cartridges and converters.
  • High-quality materials are manufactured in Germany and England. 
  • Designed by a small company. 


  • Luxury appearance with a durable 24k gold finish.
  • Reliable, writes smoothly and consistently.
  • Cartridges are easy to replace and change out.
  • Customizable appearance.


  • May not meet the expectations of those used to top-of-the-line fountain pens.
  • Occasional faulty pens might be prone to scratching or skipping.
  • Might be prone to leaking ink or drying out too quickly.
  • Packaging could be damaged during transit. 


What customizations do the Scrivener fountain pens offer?

The Scrivener fountain pen is available in a variety of colors and finishes. These include black lacquer with 24k gold finish, blue, green, red, and silver chrome with 24k gold finish. Two of these options are coated with real 24k gold on the finishes. The nibs are also gilded in 24k gold. 

The Scrivener fountain pen’s nib can be customized to best suit your preferences. You can select a broad nib, extra-fine nib, fine nib, or medium nib, depending on what you prefer to use. 

Customers love that they can fully customize their Scrivener fountain pen, from the color to the nib size. However, Scrivener fountain pens do not offer personalizations such as engravings. 

Where do Scrivener fountain pens originate from?

The Scrivener fountain pens are created with premium quality materials from a boutique-based brand in the UK. There is not a huge corporation backing the brand, but instead a group of people who want to create amazing products that enhance people’s lives. They wanted to create a product that not only offers practicality but also brings luxury into your daily life. 

Scrivener fountain pens are designed in London and share the influence of classic British design. Scrivener pens juggle a timeless design, reliable quality, and beautiful aesthetics.

What supplies or accessories do Scrivener fountain pens come with?

Scrivener fountain pens come with a Schmidt ink converter and two ink cartridges, one black and one blue. The Schmidt ink system is manufactured in Germany and offers the highest levels of reliability and quality in an ink system. 

Scrivener fountain pens come shipped in a luxury presentation box. This will ensure that the pen does not get damaged during shipment. The box can also be a safe place to store your Scrivener fountain pen when it is not in use. 

How do I refill Scrivener fountain pens?

Scrivener fountain pens come with a comprehensive guide on how to refill the pens. In summary, there are two ways to refill Scrivener fountain pens:

You can refill your Scrivener fountain pen using the installed converter. This involves removing the pen barrel and rotating the top section of the converter to depress the plunger. 

Then, you hold the pen with the nib facing down and submerge the nib into a bottle of ink. You will rotate the top section of the converter to raise the plunger and fill the pen with ink. 

After completing this process, you will remove the pen from the ink and clean off any excess ink with tissue paper. Reattach the pen barrel upon completion.

The second way to refill your Scrivener fountain pen is to unscrew the converter and use the cartridges that are in the envelope under the pen tray. The pen comes with international size cartridges, so it is easy to find replacements in a variety of colors and brands. 

What kind of refill cartridge do I need for this pen?

Scrivener fountain pens accept international standard size cartridges, both long and short versions. Most ink brands will be compatible with these pens. 

It is recommended to buy ink from a high-quality retailer to ensure the highest level of functionality. Scrivener recommends only purchasing ink from the following brands:

  • Montblanc
  • Schneider
  • Waterman

Scrivener does not recommend purchasing ink from several other brands. This is because these brands may advertise their cartridges as being international size, but they do not fit. They may also offer lower-quality ink that is prone to drying out or clogging nibs.

  • Dryden
  • Monaggio
  • Jinhao

It is also worth noting that Parker Quink cartridges will not fit Scrivener pens because they have a different format. 

Is the ink converter reusable?

The ink converter that Scrivener fountain pens come with is reusable. This allows users to refill their fountain pens from a bottle of ink, instead of from the cartridges. 

This is beneficial because it allows users to try a variety of different brands and ink colors, instead of being limited to the cartridges.

Reusing an ink converter also promotes sustainability and is better for the environment. You can use the same materials over and over instead of constantly buying new ones. 

Do Scrivener fountain pens need to be cleaned?

No matter how high quality a fountain pen is, eventually, you will want to clean your fountain pen. Cleaning a fountain pen allows it to continue functioning to the best of its ability. If you ever encounter any blockages in your pen or it stops writing as smoothly, it probably needs to be cleaned. 

What are the exact sizes of the available nibs?

Scrivener offers the following sizes of nibs to go along with their fountain pens:

  • Extra-fine nib writing line: approx 0.4mm
  • Fine nib writing line: approx 0.5mm
  • Medium nib writing line: approx 0.6mm
  • Broad nib writing line: approx 0.7mm


Whether you’re a beginner in fountain pen writing or an experienced user, the Scrivener brand will have a fountain pen for you. Scrivener produces reasonably-priced pens that do not sacrifice quality, reliability, or luxury.

The Scriveiner fountain pen allows you to select the color and nib size of your preference. This ensures that the pen will be exactly what you are looking for. Despite the occasional flaw, Scriveiner fountain pens prove to be consistently amazing in quality.


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