Top 5 Monteverde Fountain Pens
monteverde fountain pen

Monteverde is a reputable fountain pen company that is a division of the YAFA pen company. The Monteverde company was established 36 years ago and has become known for its functional, elegant, and high quality pens. Monteverde offers a wide range of fountain pens at varying price points and in many different colors.

No matter what your experience or skill level may be, you have to try a Monteverde fountain pen. If you are wondering which fountain pen you should buy, here is a comprehensive list and review of the top 5 Monteverde fountain pens.

1. Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion Fountain Pen

Monteverde’s popular Invincia collection blends art and technology. It offers the perfect balance of high-tech materials and classic styles. This pen writes with bold, crisp colors and is equipped with a medium nib.

Although it is advertised as having a stealth, or matte, finish ink, the Invincia Color Fusion pen has a somewhat shiny finish to it. You can use both ink converters and ink cartridges with this pen. It has a large cartridge and can hold a lot of ink.

The Invincia Color Fusion pen is aesthetically pleasing with its sleek and classic appearance. The pen maintains exquisite beauty while still being functional. The nib has the perfect amount of flex, so it will not be too stiff and scratchy or too soft and bendy.

Some customers enjoy the balance and functionality of the Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion Pen. But others find its performance to be lacking. This pen can have an awkward, top-heavy feel.

The nib requires more pressure than some may expect to use. This can lead to skipping and scratching. Some of the reviews mention the nib being thin instead of medium, which goes against the advertising.

While many writers love the Color Fusion pen’s sleek appearance, some have found that the paint chips and wears. Given Monteverde’s stellar reputation, this chipping was a shock to those who encountered the issue. YAFA offers a warranty on their pens in case there are issues like this.

If you do enjoy a nib on the thinner side and prefer to write with a heavy hand, you will definitely enjoy using this pen.

Key Features:

  • Aesthetic and classic appearance.
  • Thinner medium nib.
  • Heavy and solid feel. 


  • Standard price point.
  • Heavy and high-quality pen. 
  • Perfect amount of flex in the nib.


  • Prone to skipping and scratching on the page.
  • Top-heavy feel. 
  • Paint may wear off with time. 


2. Monteverde Impressa Fountain Pen, Fine Nib

Monteverde’s Impressa Fountain Pen comes in a gunmetal color with red trim and a fine nib. This pen is compatible with Monteverde standard international G3 cartridges or a piston ink converter. The pen is metal, so it has a quality, durable feel. 

If you are searching for a fine nib Monteverde fountain pen with a durable, sleek appearance, you need to check out the Monteverde Impressa pen. The fine nib produces thin, crisp lines. Both cartridges and converters are provided with your purchase.

The nib is more on the stiff side but still has enough flex to offer a seamless writing experience. An average amount of pressure will typically produce satisfactory lines. 

Some have found the pen to be scratchy and dry while writing. If you prefer a pen that writes wetter, this might not be the pen that you opt for. Additionally, the Impressa pen is prone to occasional leaking and clogging of the ink. 

Despite the occasional mess, many customers still enjoy using the pen along with the different nibs and inks.

Key Features:

  • Gunmetal color with red trim.
  • Fine nib. 
  • Durable and solid feel. 


  • Standard price point.
  • Smooth writing. 
  • Aesthetic appearance. 


  • Prone to leaking and clogging. 
  • Slightly more dry and scratchy than other options. 
  • Paint may wear off with use. 


3. Monteverde One Touch Tool Fountain Pen, Medium Nib

The Monteverde USA One Touch Tool Pen is a unique, multipurpose Monteverde fountain pen. Your purchase comes with three rulers, a level, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, a pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a stylus. This pen has an eye-catching yellow exterior with the rulers lining the outside of the pen. 

This pen has a medium nib and a 6-sided barrel to enhance the writing experience. The stylus allows users to navigate a tablet or phone with more precision than a finger. The One Touch uses standard Monteverde G3 ink cartridges, while the pencil uses 0.9mm leads. 

Like other Monteverde fountain pens, the nib is slightly thinner than what is typical for medium nibs. The pen writes smoothly, although some reviewers find that the pen is awkward to hold.

While the One Touch is unique with all of the gadgets it is equipped with, it does have a few drawbacks. Due to the unique design of the pen, some find that it is very difficult and messy to replace the ink cartridge. 

Another fatal design flaw is that the cap will not fit on the back of the pen. This means that while you are writing with the pen, you must find somewhere safe to store the cap. 

A few customers have found the gadgets on the Monteverde USA One Touch Tool pen to be flawed. The level may not be entirely accurate and the inch measurements are slightly off. 

While this gadget pen is fun to use, it may not be practical if you are going to be in a desperate situation where you need a screwdriver or level. Regardless, this pen makes a fun gift for someone who loves to write and work on casual projects around the house.

Key Features:

  • Multi-gadget tool.
  • 6-sided barrel. 
  • Eye-catching yellow exterior. 


  • Equipped with a multitude of tools. 
  • Writes smoothly.
  • Standard price point. 


  • Messy and difficult to change the ink cartridge.
  • Tools may not be practical or useful.
  • Cap is easy to misplace.


4. Monteverde Invincia Nebula Fountain Pen, Fine Nib

The Invincia Nebula pen has a multicolor plating, shimmering finish, and black accents. The pen comes with standard G3 ink cartridges, which makes refilling more convenient. The Invincia Nebula will arrive in an elegant storage box to ensure that the pen is safe from damage.

This pen is heavy and writes smoothly. Many customers love the fine nib because it produces thin, crisp lines. While the majority of the pen is a durable metal, the grip is plastic.

This pen costs more than the others on our list, so writers who buy this pen should expect top quality. The Invincia Nebula is not prone to skipping, scratching, or paint chipping.

A few customers have mentioned the color of the pen is not exactly as pictured. The exterior of the pen can resemble an oil spill more than a galaxy. Additionally, some buyers find the pen to be too heavy for a daily writer, but satisfactory for occasional use.

Many reviews mention that the pen takes a while to ‘warm up’ before producing decent lines. So if you opt to use this pen, it may be best to start off making test lines on a spare paper before writing your final draft.

Key Features:

  • Unique galaxy design. 
  • Fine nib.
  • Higher price point. 


  • Unique galaxy design.
  • Durable and reliable pen.
  • Write smoothly.


  • The color might be different than what is pictured.
  • Heavy to write with.
  • May take time to “warm up.”


5. Monteverde Ritma Fountain Pen, Medium Nib

The Monteverde USA Ritma Fountain Pen features a classic black, stainless steel appearance. It has an elongated oval shape for easy and comfortable use. 

The cap is magnetic to ensure the pen is sealed, which will extend the lifetime of your pen and prevent it from drying out. This pen is easy to fill with standard ink cartridges.

Unlike the other Monteverde fountain pens on this list, this pen comes with blue ink. The ink cartridge can be replaced with standard black ink or another color. 

This pen has a medium nib and writes with the thickness you would expect for a medium nib. It writes on the wetter side as well. 

While this pen may not have the bells and whistles that other pens on this list have, it is still a reliable, functional pen. The Ritma is metal with no plastic compartments. Many writers believe the shape and feel of this pen are comfortable for everyday use.

The magnetic cap is one of the most appealing qualities of the pen. Caps are oftentimes the first thing to break or be lost. Not having a cap is detrimental to the lifespan of a fountain pen.

Although the Ritma is high-quality, some reviewers say the manufacturing quality is lacking. The ink feed is off-center and the tines may be subject to adjustments sooner than other fountain pens.

Key Features:

  • Classic black, stainless steel appearance.
  • Magnetic cap.
  • Medium nib.


  • Cap is durable.
  • Writes without skipping.
  • Comfortable shape and feel for everyday writing. 


  • Tines may need adjustments sooner or more often than other Monteverde fountain pens. 
  • Is not equipped with many unique features. 
  • May not live up to the Monteverde name for some avid fountain pen users.  


Which Monteverde Fountain Pen Should You Pick?

This list features an overview of the 5 best Monteverde Fountain Pens available on the market. While you can not go wrong with any of these options, it is up to you to decide which fountain pen best suits your needs. Here are some key features to look out for:

Nib Size

Everyone has a preference between a fine, medium, or thick nib. Once you know which nib you prefer, it is easier to seek out fountain pens that have the perfect nib size for you. Also, you can swap out the nib sizes most of the time.


Monteverde pens have a reputation for reliability, but each pen is subject to potential issues. While most users will not encounter any issues, it is best to compare these possible problems before choosing which pen is most suitable for you.

Functionality and Design

Some pens are easier to use than others because the functionality and design preferences differ for each person. Pens have varying levels of weight and durability.

Regardless of whichever fountain pen you choose, Monteverde pens will give you consistent quality. You cannot go wrong with any of the pens we have listed in this review.

Whether you are brand new to fountain pens or you are an avid fountain pen user, you will find a Monteverde pen on this list that you will love.


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