Best Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen – A Comprehensive Guide
platinum plaisir fountain pen

Those familiar with fountain pens know just how sophisticated yet practical these pens can be. In contrast to regular pens, fountain pens benefit from an ingenious design that allows for a more pleasurable approach to writing.

Although some prefer to use fountain pens for calligraphy or other writing-related arts, the use of fountain pens far exceeds personal preference by virtue of their design, ingenuity, and ease of use. So whether your intention is art, calligraphy, writing or doodling, fountain pens provide a fun and luxurious writing experience.

In this article, we dive deeper into the world of fountain pens in an attempt to find out more about a specific model in particular – the Platinum Plaisir. These pens are seen as top performers on account of their ease of use, construction, and general aesthetics.

That said, not all Plaisir pens are built to the same standards, nor are they intended to meet the same requirements. 

Let’s find out what makes Plaisir fountain pens so special and what features to look for when buying one.

Top 3 Best Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens

1. Platinum Fountain Pen, Plaisir Fine Nib

The first thing you notice about the Plaisir Fine Nib is its light weight, followed by its exquisite design and general aesthetics.

You want a fountain pen to be lightweight for greater handling and control, but you don’t want it to be too light. In that regard, the the Platinum Plaisir Fine Nib offers a perfect balance between weight and form.

A quick glance at its exquisite design tells us that this is a fine pen – one that could very well be used as adornment together with the right package. Here, the nice finish and pleasing color allow it to blend with any traditional case and accessories.

The stainless build is also something that needs mentioning. Even though it feels a little rough when first used, the pen grows on you over time. Its build also bolsters its durability, which isn’t something you can always expect from fountain pens.

As a writing instrument, the Fine Nib checks all the boxes on account of its cap and seal mechanism that guarantees a perfect seal for the ink at all times. The flow of ink is also remarkable, which is something you’ll find with most Platinum Plaisir pens.

The pen is also rather affordable, all things considered. It’s almost as cheap as a decent ballpoint pen, while still boasting much-improved maneuverability and handling.


  • It is a very lightweight pen, much lighter than other fountain pens in its class.
  • A very comfortable fountain pen on account of its accommodating design.
  • It has a nice finish with a pleasant color palette.
  • The stainless build makes it durable and easy to maintain.
  • It has a slip sealing mechanism cap to keep out dry ink.


  • Slight drag when used for the first time.
  • The silver band around the cap tends to stand out.

2. Platinum Plaisir Violet Fine Point Fountain Pen

A decent fountain pen should use a fine nib and section, which is precisely what we can notice about the Violet Fine Point fountain pen.

Designed to meet the expectations of anyone who’s looking for an entry-level fountain pen, this may not be the type of exquisite pen that pen enthusiasts go crazy for. However, it is a good pen for writing fast in a controlled and reliable fashion.

On account of its fine nib, it’s great for median wetness writing, which makes it more or less perfect for printer paper or any smooth paper for that matter. Then again, this is a well-known pattern when it comes to Platinum Plaisir pens.

We should also point out its starter ink cartridge. This cartridge comes included with the pen and can be replaced at any time with any standard ink cartridge of the user’s choosing. 

Furthermore, the Platinum Plaisir Violet fountain pen benefits greatly from its stainless steel fine nib, which bolsters its overall durability and drag. This is quite common for fountain pens with stainless steel nibs, but not to this extent.

If anything, the fine nib is similar in size and build to that of much more expensive fountain pens, with the benefit that it costs a fraction of what a high-end fountain pen would.


  • Comes with a starter ink cartridge that can be replaced with standard cartridges.
  • The stainless steel nib improves its durability over time.
  • Features an interesting design that helps with the grip.
  • Its ingenious construction ensures that it won’t waste ink when used consistently.
  • Surprisingly affordable given its quality.


  • Has a bit of drag when used for the first time.
  • Not as sturdy as classic models of a similar price.

3. Platinum Plaisir 10th Anniversary Fountain Pen

This limited-edition fountain pen uses a combination of a carefully expressed gradation and a semi-glossy texture to create an aesthetically pleasing design.

Additionally, this pen is surprisingly sturdy and reliable on account of the high-quality materials used in its making. For instance, the body of the pen is reinforced at both ends to provide much sturdier feedback when handled.

At the same time, the pen tip is made from a friction-resistant alloy to ensure that it will write on virtually any type of paper. With the right ink, you can use this pen both in a casual or a professional setting with few limitations.

We should also point out that it features a slip seal mechanism that prevents ink from drying over time. The cartridge ink exchange allows you to preserve the pen’s writing capabilities for as long as you see fit.

It is important for a fountain pen to glide smoothly over most paper surfaces, which is precisely where this particular pen excels. If anything, this exquisite piece glides almost as smoothly as a ballpoint pen.

Although its greatest selling points are its seal mechanism and its refined nib, the pen thoroughly impresses through its design and vibrant colors.


  • The pen is very pleasant to look at.
  • Features a slip seal mechanism that preserves ink over time.
  • Can glide smoothly over almost any type of surface.
  • Enjoys the same durability as expensive luxury class fountain pens at a fraction of the price.
  • Allows for cartridge ink exchange.


  • The brightly colored casing draws attention to the pen.
  • Although cheaper than high-end pens, it still commands a hefty price tag.

Why are Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens so Popular?

Affordability is perhaps the biggest selling point of Platinum Plaisir fountain pens. When you combine that with the natural materials used in their construction, you begin to understand why these pens are so popular.

Many Platinum Plaisir fountain pens are made with high-quality stainless steel. This not only boosts their sturdiness and reliability but also makes them easier to maintain.

A Mix of Function and Form

While some people might expect affordable pens to be somewhat lacking compared to high-end models, this reasoning doesn’t apply to Platinum Plaisir pens. If anything, their affordability adds to their other positive qualities.

For instance, many of these pens feature a textured shaft for added maneuverability. Along with improved handling, this allows the user to gently guide the pen across the paper without creating any accidental drag.

Plaisir fountain pens also come in a wide range of colors and patterns, which greatly adds to their appeal. Interestingly enough, the higher-end models tend to come in darker, more somber colors and themes.

Size Matters

When choosing a fountain pen of any quality, pick one that fits well in your hand. Your pen should be comfortable to use over extended periods, so it shouldn’t be too heavy or bulky if you can help it.

It is common to opt for standard-size pens to avoid any peculiarities that the pens might have. This isn’t really an issue with Plaisir fountain pens because they are fairly comfortable irrespective of size.

It’s also important to note that choosing a fountain pen that’s too lightweight may also be a problem for anyone who wishes to use the pen in a professional manner.

The Importance of the Nib

A fountain pen’s performance is directly connected to the quality of its nib. While 14kt gold nib and 18kt gold nib models are popular among calligraphy enthusiasts, your average user tends to settle for a stainless nib that gets the job done.

Steel nibs are the most common and also the most durable. While gold nibs do have a certain appeal, the majority of fountain pens use steel nibs out of sheer convenience. Steel nibs also make the fountain pens more affordable overall.

The size and shape of the nib also matter quite a lot. In this regard, know that a round-shaped nib is recommended for people who use a fountain pen casually, whereas square-shaped nibs are best employed by professionals.

Writing Sounds

You have to admit that there’s something quite relaxing about the sound of a fountain pen traveling across a piece of paper. While low-end models make a scratchy, almost irritating sound, quality fountain pens have a certain glide of their own.

Some people are naturally drawn to the sound of a pen gliding across paper, which is perhaps why manufacturers put so much work into coming up with pleasant-sounding pens. Bear in mind that this is more of a bonus if anything, so you shouldn’t judge fountain pens on their sound alone.

Ink Type and Cartridges

There are some who believe that the quality of one’s writing is directly correlated to the type of ink they use. In that regard, there are ample choices to pick from. For writing purposes, people tend to opt for dye inks, pigment inks, cotton resin, or iron-gall inks, whereas for drawing, they tend to go for waterproof versions.

If you’re in the market for a Platinum Plaisir fountain pen, you should know that they tend to come with standard ink cartridges that can be changed at any given time with minimal effort. This should be seen as the bare minimum for any decent fountain pen, and even for cheap fountain pens of a certain variety.

When it comes to cartridges, most of them meet specific international standards, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding and changing the cartridge if need be.

Parts and Accessories

Although not common, some Platinum Plaisir pens do indeed feature changeable parts. This is usually reserved for features like the grips because some people prefer to change the grip area depending on what they’re using the pen for.

In other words, some fountain pens allow you to swap out the nib/grip assembly for another nib (either similar or of a different size). These parts are commonly built for specific models and you can’t usually change pieces between pens of different configurations.

Along with interchangeable pen parts, calligraphy enthusiasts also invest in pen carrying cases, converters, inkwells, pen care supplies, pen display cases, and a wide variety of paper-based notebooks and journals.

All Things Considered

If you ever had the pleasure of using a Platinum Plaisir fountain pen, you know just how practical, accessible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing these can be. 

When we look at what is available on the market, we see that it isn’t just the quality build that makes these pens so popular but also their ease of use, their interchangeable parts, their quality nibs, and their impressive durability.

In that regard, Platinum has done a brilliant job making well-made yet affordable fountain pens – a consistency that can be observed in both their common and high-end pens.


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