The Best Fountain Pen for Drawing and More
best fountain pen for drawing

Most people are familiar with fountain pens because of writing and calligraphy, but they can also be used for artwork. The good thing about using fountain pens to create drawings is the wide range of ink colors available that allow you to create elaborate, multicolored pieces. Fountain pens also have different nibs that help to create lines of various depths and add life to your drawings.

Investing in a good fountain pen is an excellent idea, especially if you choose a good quality, refillable option. But which are the best fountain pen for drawing? Let’s find out.

Best Fountain Pen for Drawing

1. rOtring Fountain Pen, ArtPen, Sketch, Extra-Fine Nib for Lettering Drawing and Writing

This fountain pen works best for artists, especially beginners looking to get into lettering, drawing, and writing. rOtring is owned by Sanford, and this pen combines the functionality of a fountain pen while mimicking a quill pen’s design.

rOtring pens are made from acrylic, and this particular pen uses black acrylic. The black color combined with the overall design makes it aesthetically appealing. Aside from its looks, the pen comes with a smooth and durable stainless steel nib, which creates steady artwork and handwriting.

You can easily refill this pen with ink because it comes with two filled cartridges, and you can also purchase converters separately for future refills.

rOtring pen nibs are interchangeable and multifunctional; the pen is compatible with art pens, calligraphy nibs, sketching, and lettering pens. The pens are made for comfort — they have an ergonomic body, so you won’t hurt your fingers even when writing for a long time.

Instead of a screw-on cap, you only need to press the cap for it to close. You can refill the rOtring pen with either ink cartridges or bottles.

  • Comes with two prefilled cartridges
  • Versatile, interchangeable nibs
  • Stylish matte acrylic pen
  • Ergonomic body for comfortable use
  • 2-year warranty
  • Durable stainless steel nibs
  • Have to purchase a converter separately
  • Dimensions are too long
  • End of the pen is slim, making it hard to place the cap on top while writing

2. Jinhao Nature Rose Wood Fountain Pen Bent Nib

Jinhao pens are a fantastic choice for people just getting into calligraphy. The brand is well known for its beautiful and durable pens.

If you want to get into fude calligraphy, this fountain pen is the best choice. The pen comes with a two-tone iridium bent nib. Iridium is a key factor in resisting corrosion and helps to make the pen durable. Bent nibs are suitable for Chinese characters, smooth broad penmanship, and calligraphy. You can change your writing style between fine and broad depending on the angle at which you’re holding the pen.

The pen’s frame is made with an aesthetically pleasing rosewood mixed with metal accents, making this pen a beautiful gift for a fude enthusiast. When you purchase this pen, its package includes a pen pouch to store it securely and a converter to fill and refill the pen with ink. You will have to buy the pen’s ink separately — Jinhao also manufactures it.

The pen comes with a push cap and measures 136mm in length and 13mm in diameter. The length is ideal for writing, and the diameter makes it easy to grip. It weighs 40g, which is a bit heavy but suitable for fuding.

  • Durable two-tone bent nib for fuding
  • Beautiful looking rosewood frame
  • Comes with a converter to use on ink bottles
  • Able to change your writing style with the pen
  • Suitable for amateur sketches and artists
  • A bit heavy on the hand

3. Duke Sapphire Fude Pen Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Lanxivi’s Duke Sapphire fountain pen combines beauty and functionality. The pen consists of a two-tone iridium bent nib perfect for fude calligraphy. Fude calligraphy pens are an excellent choice for beginners because of the wide range of writing sizes you can get simply by changing the writing angle. It may take a little time for you to master using fude pens, but you’ll appreciate the pen more once you do.

The pen is 11mm in diameter, has a 138mm capped length, and weighs 35g. This means it feels solid in your hand as you write and will give you a good grip. It comes with a converter but does not come with ink.

The Duke Sapphire fountain pen takes the cake when it comes to aesthetics. The pen is pure black with golden accents designed in artistic shapes. Its cap is snap-on and has an artificial sapphire at its top. The overall artistry of the pen definitely makes it one of our favorites. 

  • Heavy enough to feel solid on your hand
  • Beautiful golden design
  • Writing size variations from 0.5mm -1.2mm
  • Durable two-tone iridium nib
  • Comes with a converter
  • Have to buy ink separately

4. Stainless Steel Fountain Pen Bent Nib

This stylish pen comes in a stainless steel frame, and its nib is curved, two-tone, and also stainless steel. Fude pens are great because they’re multifunctional, and you can use them for different writing styles by varying your writing degree.

Stainless steel can be pretty slippery, so Lanxivi included some grooves on the barrel to help you grip the pen better. The pen measures 138mm in length and has a 12mm diameter. In addition to its 30g weight, these dimensions make for a solid pen that is easy to manipulate, especially when you’re changing angles.

In addition to the pen, you will receive a converter and a metal gift box where the pen can fit perfectly. The cap is also a snap-on that fits on both the nib and the end of the pen when you’re writing.

This pen is an excellent choice for everything from business signatures to drawings to daily notes. The converter, which holds your ink while you’re writing, is made of glass, and the ink is not included. 

  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Grooves on the barrel ensure a good grip
  • Comes with a converter 
  • Comes packaged in a gift box
  • Varying writing sizes
  • Suitable for sketches, drawings, and business writings
  • Only uses bottled ink for refills

5. Yongsheng 3009 Fountain Pen Brush Piston Filling, Arts Pocket Refillable Brush Pen

The Yongsheng 3009 fountain pen is made by the company Asvine. This pen is unique because instead of the typical converter, it uses piston filling. Piston filling is preferable because of its ability to hold more ink than other fillers.

The pen’s nylon barrel is transparent with silver accents. With the transparent body, your pen color will change with the ink color you choose, especially at the barrel. The color is also a good design choice because you can monitor how much ink you’re using and refill the pen before it runs out. 

The nylon material is quite soft and pliable, which allows you to easily control your pen’s movement. You can vary your pen’s angle to get thin or broad lines.

The pen’s piston filling mechanism won’t make a mess and is easy to grasp since you’re just screwing the knob to suction the ink. With this pen, you won’t need a converter or cartridges. The pen’s nib comes in a brush style, perfect for creating drawings. To prevent leaking, screw the knob securely once you’re done refilling the pen.

This package comes with three brush pens so that you can use different ink colors, but you’ll have to buy the ink separately. The pen is 138m in length, 14mm in diameter, and weighs about 25g,  which can be a little light but is perfect for drawing and sketches.

  • Convenient piston filling to refill your pen
  • Package comes with three pens
  • Transparent pen to monitor ink usage
  • Comes with a brush-style nib for drawing
  • Nylon frame can be a little shaky

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Fountain Pen for Drawing

Ink Types for Drawing

There are many types of ink to take into consideration when picking the perfect one for your fountain pen. Many inks today are labeled as waterproof or water-resistant, making them useful for protecting your drawings from water damage. These inks also come in cyan, magenta, and yellow, and you can mix them to make numerous colors for your drawings.

If you’re looking to make ink washes, then water-soluble inks are your best bet. Water-soluble inks are also perfect for amateur artists because you can easily wash them off and start over or correct mistakes. Water-soluble inks come in a wide range of colors, mainly because they’re the most common.


A pen’s design, other than its aesthetic appearance, will also determine how comfortable you are while using it. A drawing can take hours to complete, so you’ll need to look into several aspects of your pen, including its material, dimensions, and shape.

In essence, pens shouldn’t be too broad in diameter or too smooth, both of which can prevent you from getting a good grip. They should also have an easy refilling mechanism. Two common filling mechanisms include using a converter and using piston filling. 

The material also matters, especially if you’re looking for something long-term.

Maintaining Your Fountain Pen

Even though they’re made for durability, the insides of your fountain pen are a bit fragile. Cover your pen cap when you aren’t using your fountain pen to protect the nib from spoiling. These pens can leak, so store them with the nib pointed up.

Fountain pens can clog the nib, which mainly occurs when you’re using pigmented inks with bigger particles. To prevent this, clean your pen monthly with clean cold water to remove any excess particles.

Furthermore, these pens usually have a decorative exterior. If you want to keep your pen looking new, keep it away from surfaces that may scratch the pen’s surface. You can also invest in a small pouch for your pen to keep it safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you use a fountain pen to draw?

Artists have many options when it comes to drawing. There are sharpies, charcoal, illustration markers, crayons, etc, but fountain pens are unique in that they give you the precision you need while offering expressive lines for a detailed finish.

These pens are easy to control, and most have ergonomic designs that allow you to be comfortable even when you’re varying the angles. 

Fountain pens come with a broad range of attributes — they have varying weights, lengths, and diameters to support artists of all forms. When you choose an ergonomic pen your size, you have a lesser likelihood of fatigue or hand cramps. 

Fountain pens are refillable, which is fantastic for the environment, and all you need to do is refill the ink when it’s depleted. These pens are made for durability — you can replace the nibs, and the barrels are mostly made from materials such as stainless steel, resin, and wood for longevity.

2. Which is the best nib for drawing?

There are many nib options for you to choose from depending on the drawing you’re looking to create. When choosing a nib, pay attention to its size, sturdiness, and shape.

Fountain pen nibs come in either round, italic, or flex nibs. If you’re into calligraphy, then the italic nib will work best for you. If you want broader smooth lines, go for a round nib. There are also specialty nibs such as fude nibs and zoom nibs that are more versatile and change the form of the line when you change the writing angle. 

Nib sizes also matter because extra fine, medium, and broad nibs will determine how broad your lines will be. Broad nibs are more elaborate, with stronger outlines.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right fountain pen is essential, whether you’re doing rough sketches or elaborate drawings for sale. A fountain pen is something you’ll use for a long time, so make sure to pick one that is specifically suited to your drawing style and complements your art. We have provided five of the best fountain pens for drawing and their specs for you to choose from. Good luck shopping!


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