The 5 Best Brass Fountain Pens in 2022
best brass fountain pen

Brass is an excellent metal used to make ornaments, musical instruments, and now, fountain pens. Fountain pens made from this material appear solid and weighty, and they provide a comfortable grip when writing. Brass fountain pens are uniquely compact in length in comparison to other pens, which makes them portable for everyday use. The good thing about brass is that the metal ages well, so the pens keep their beauty for longer. In this article, we’ll go through our top five brass fountain pen as well as the factors to take into consideration before making your purchase. 

Best Brass Fountain Pens

1. Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen Brass F

If you’re looking for an everyday pen, then this sports fountain pen by Kaweco is the perfect choice for you. Kaweco is a German-based company that specializes in pen-making. This pen is made out of brass and comes in a classy gold color. It has a screw-on cap that opens up to a compact pen underneath.

The cap comes in an octagonal design. When the cap is closed, the pen measures about 105mm in length, which is a good size to fit in a front pocket or bag. With the cap, the pen measures around 130mm, which is about the average length of most fountain pens.

There are conveniently-located threads on the grip section of the pen that allow you to maintain a firmer grip. 

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen is made out of a brushed surface, which at first may be too smooth for some users. However, using the oils in your hands, the pen creates a patina over time. A patina is similar to muscle memory, and you’ll feel the natural place that your hand should rest while writing.

The pen comes with a sturdy, fine nib that helps to create precise lines — perfect for business and note writing. You will have to purchase a converter for this fountain pen separately.

  • German-made sports design that’s compact and portable
  • Has threads on its grip section for a good grip
  • Has a screw-on cap to prevent leaks
  • Heavy and solid in your hand to make up for its size
  • Leaves a unique metallic smell when you write.

2. Brass Fountain Pen EF Bent Nib 0.7mm, Travel Pocket Fude Pen

This brass pen from Lanxivi is made from raw brass, meaning that it is neither electroplated nor lacquered. The pen weighs about 44g capped and 29mm uncapped and measures 120mm when capped and 143mm posted. These dimensions make it pocket-friendly and a good choice for everyday use.

The widest part of the pen measures 12mm in diameter, and the narrowest is 9.5mm, which is a good width for maintaining a solid grip on the pen. The cap has a plastic lining inside it that helps to avoid the unfortunate squeaking sound of metal on metal. 

This pen comes with a 0.7mm bent nib that allows ink to flow smoothly onto the paper, and in turn, produces smooth writing. It’s stainless steel, which also ensures durability.

The pen comes with a converter, but you’ll have to purchase ink cartridges separately. It’s compatible with a 2.6mm Jinhao cartridge. Raw brass oxidizes, and because this pen is made of this material, the color may change with time.

  • Compact fountain pen for portability
  • Made from raw brass
  • Weighs enough for a solid feel
  • Comes with a 0.7mm fine nib to help you write smoothly
  • Comes with a converter to hold ink as you write
  • Have to purchase the ink cartridge separately

3. Traveler’s Company Brass Fountain Pen

Traveler’s Company deals in stationery, selling everything from pens to notebooks to pencils. This fountain pen is made of solid brass, which comes in a shiny gold color that ages and fades with time to give it a more antique look. When capped, the pen looks similar to a bullet and when uncapped, it resembles a bullet casing.

The nib is a width F and made of stainless steel, a durable material that will increase your pen’s shelf-life. The fountain pen measures 139mm in length when capped but will become longer when posted.

The pen is relatively short without the cap, but its weight more than makes up for it. It has a very solid feel despite its size, so you can still use it capless. The cap is more of a snap-on, which makes the grip section very smooth. The pen is also a little narrow, which may be unsuitable for people with bigger hands.

This writing tool does come with some cartridges, but you’ll have to purchase the ink separately. 

  • Stainless steel fine nib
  • Solid oxidizing brass 
  • Compact pen for portability
  • Comes with ink cartridges
  • Purchase ink separately
  • A little narrow for big-handed people

4. Kaweco Special Fountain Pen Brass F

Kaweco is well known for its high-quality fountain pens. This particular pen is relatively narrow, has an octagonal shape, and is made from raw brass. Because this metal isn’t electroplated or coated, the pen will eventually lose its gold shine and end up with a subdued shade of gold.

It measures 140 mm with the cap on, and the cap itself comes with threads that help to screw it on and off. The pen has a plastic o-ring that acts as a stopper so that the cap doesn’t accidentally unscrew.

The brass polishes off easily, so you may notice the patina on the grip section even after using the pen only a few times. Even with the patina, the grip section is a little too narrow and short and may be uncomfortable for big-handed people. It measures about 8.2mm in diameter and 15mm in length. The entire pen measures 140mm, which is around average. 

The pen’s end has grooves that securely hold the cap in place as you write or draw. However, using the grooves might make the cap unyielding when you need to cover the nib, so lubricate it frequently. This pen comes with an F nib, which lets the ink flow smoothly onto the page. Confused about what different nib sizes mean? Scroll down to our section on the meaning behind fountain pen nib sizes below. 

  • Classy octagonal-shaped pen
  • Has a plastic seal at the end of the grip section to keep the cap secure
  • Creates a patina when you use it frequently
  • Can be uncomfortable for big-handed people
  • Comes with one brass cartridge

5. Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Brass (Eco)

Kaweco’s supra brass fountain pen is an elegant pen designed with a removable section at the center. The pen is 125mm with the cap on, but when the centerpiece is removed, the pen measures about 95mm in length. The pen is made of shiny raw brass, which will fade after long-term use.

It comes with a converter, but you can also store a short ink cartridge in it. Of course, you can also securely attach the cap at the end of the pen, which will add about 40mm to the pen’s length.

Kaweco has been on the market since 1883, and this high-quality pen shows off their generations of experience. 

The pen uses a no.6 nib which fits perfectly and makes for smooth, comfortable writing as a result of a smoother ink flow. With constant use, you’ll start noticing your finger marks on your grip section, which signifies that the pen is getting more comfortable as you write.

  • Has a removable centerpiece to shorten the pen
  • Comes with a no.6 nib for smooth ink flow
  • Kaweco pens come in eco-friendly packages
  • Narrow fountain pens can be uncomfortable

What To Consider Before Buying a Brass Pen

There are several things to look out for when buying a brass pen. These include:

Type of Brass

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy, and pen manufacturers prefer it mainly because of its flexibility. The material is also renowned for its bacteria-killing property. When making fountain pens, manufacturers either use raw or treated brass. Treated brass retains its shine, but the raw version is prone to scratches and will eventually lose its shine.

Some people prefer the raw brass version because they feel that the look of aged brass makes the pen feel more authentic and antique. 

Nib Size

You may notice that some of these pens have a letter representing the nib size. EF, for instance, stands for extra fine, and this is around 0.3mm- 0.5mm in width. F stands for fine, about 0.7mm, and M is medium (about 0.9mm).

There’s also B for broad (about 1.0mm), and A, loosely translated from German, stands for beginner. The smaller your handwriting, the smaller your nib size should be. 

Are These Pens Refillable?

Having a refillable pen is a great way to help the environment. Refillable pens use either a converter or another type of filling mechanism to allow you to replace ink once the reserve gets depleted. Brass fountain pens are refillable and most use a converter as their refilling mechanism. 


Just because a fountain pen is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s higher quality. There are plenty of affordable options that work just as well as higher-end versions, and these options are often better for daily use. 

How Can I Care for My Fountain Pen?

A fountain pen has several components that need cleaning. The exterior body, the cartridge or piston, and the nib should all be cleaned regularly. 

Cleaning the exterior of your fountain pen depends on which material the pen is made of. With most materials, you should wipe with a wet paper towel — this will also work for a brass fountain pen.

Caring for your pen also involves using only one ink type at a time. We don’t recommend mixing inks or interchanging them without cleaning the pen.

Cleaning the Interior

  • If your pen has a converter, you will need to disassemble the removable parts of the pen.
  • Insert the converter (if applicable) into a cold glass of water.
  • Wait until all the ink draws out of the converter
  • Get rid of the inked water, rinse the glass, and refill it.
  • Reattach the nib to the converter, then place the pen in the glass of water. Allow ink to flow into the water, then flush it out. Repeat the process until the water runs clear, then leave the pen to dry for about a day.

You can now reassemble the fountain pen and fill it with ink. This works the same way for piston-filled fountain pens, but the filler isn’t removable.

How To Disassemble a Fountain Pen

  • Remove the pen’s cap.
  • Unscrew the nib section from the barrel. The screw will probably be located somewhere in the grip section.
  • Remove the cartridge. Piston fillers aren’t removable.

When’s the Ideal Time To Clean Your Fountain Pen?

You should clean your fountain pen each time you change the ink type or color. Additionally, ink particles can sometimes cause clogging, which can damage the nib of your pen. To be safe, clean your fountain pen at least once every two to three weeks.

Final Thoughts

Fountain pens are more eco-friendly, more aesthetically appealing, and write far better than plastic pens. You can use a single fountain pen for years and simply refill the ink and replace the nib once in a while. 

Brass fountain pens in particular look great and will last longer than the average pen. We hope our guide to the best brass fountain pens has given you a deeper insight into what to look for in a brass fountain pen.


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