Things To Look For in a Children’s Fountain Pen
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Writing with a fountain pen is a skill that is learned, and it requires a lot of practice. You can see the expertise and skill when experts write with a fountain pen and produce exquisite calligraphy.

The art of writing with a fountain pen doesn’t have to end with fountain pen enthusiasts, and we can pass on this tradition to our kids. It is even better to start teaching them how to write with a fountain pen in childhood so that they can perfect the skill early. 

It can be difficult to get your kids to be interested in fountain pens. Our list of key things to look out for in a children’s fountain pen ensures that you will find a pen that attracts your child’s attention and encourages them to write. 

Children’s Fountain Pen 

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There are many different fountain pens designs available. Children-friendly fountain pens are meant to be easy for little kids to use while encouraging an interest in fountain pens and calligraphy. 

Now, we’ll go over some of the factors that you should consider when getting a fountain pen for kids. There’s a completely different set of guidelines to follow in comparison to a fountain pen for adults. 

Experience With the Fountain Pen 

You must know how experienced the child is with the fountain pen because it will go a long way in determining if they can use the pen correctly. If you’re getting one for a beginner, the factors you will have to consider are different than if the child already has experience with a fountain pen. 

When writing with a fountain pen, you want the child to be comfortable and able to draw their strokes comfortably. 


Kids are more inclined to visual stimuli and they become easily attracted to things that please the eye. This is why it is important to pay attention to the design of the pen. If you’re getting a pen for your use, you might not pay too much attention to the looks. However, looks are very important for kids. 

We advise that you go for a pen with a colorful or childish design. The design is one sure way to get kids interested in fountain pens.


The hand size of kids and the hand size of adults are not the same. While it might be easy for you to handle the regular fountain pen barrel size, it can be a challenge for little kids to wrap their small hands around the barrel of the pen. 

You need to consider the handling of the pen if you want to get one for your kid. Ensure that you know how large their hands are and the barrel size they can easily handle. Trying to teach kids how to write with a fountain pen they can’t even hold would be super stressful and frustrating, and the learning process would be extremely slow. 

Ease of Use 

Apart from their ability to handle the pen, it is key that the pen is child-friendly. Using a fountain pen is not easy, and if you’re not careful, you can end up spilling ink all over your work surface. 

You need to ensure the pen is children-friendly and will not spill as easily as a regular fountain pen. 

Ink Type 

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The type of ink that is inside the pen also matters. We recommend that you go for a pen with cheap ink that’s easy to wash out of clothes. For a child learning how to write with a fountain pen, expensive ink is simply a waste of money for a drawing made up of scribbles. Plus, most of the ink will be wasted when learning the proper way to hold the pen. 

The ink should also be easy to wash because there is always a high probability of ink spilling. You want to be able to remove ink stains with ease.

The Nib Type 

When getting a children’s fountain pen, the nib is another important factor you need to consider. The nib will determine how the text appears. It is better to get a nib that is small for your kids — it makes writing easier, and the amount of ink that comes out is more controlled. 

A small nib reduces the amount of ink that comes out of the pen, and it reduces the chances of your kid flooding the work surface with ink.


The price of the pen is another factor to consider, and we recommend going for a budget-friendly brand. Kids don’t yet know how to properly handle a fountain pen and a lot of the time they end up damaging it.

It would be a waste to get a proper expensive fountain pen for a kid that will probably ruin it after a couple of months or weeks. You can get a lot of good fountain pens at cheap prices, and they will work perfectly for your kids. 


Writing with a fountain pen is one of the best forms of writing, and it’s a wonderful thing to share with your kids. Make sure the design of the pen is appealing to a kid, and you can easily get them interested in the art of using a fountain pen. 

There are some factors you need to consider when getting children’s fountain pens, and we’ve carefully reviewed all of them. Some of these things you should keep in mind include the child’s experience with the fountain pen, the pen design, the child’s hand size, how easy the pen is to use, the ink and nib types, and the price. By keeping those points in mind, you will save money and get the best out of the pen. 


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