The 2 Best Aurora Black Inks: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide
aurora black ink

Aurora Black Ink is an excellent product made available to you by the reliable brand – Aurora. Aurora Black is one of the most popular inks from Aurora.

It has a high-quality ink that deposits even and smooth black text. The ink is waterproof and smudge-proof, making it ideal for continuous writing and printing. The result is sharp and clean.

Aurora Black Ink Review

Finding the best ink for your needs can be a tricky task. That’s why we have decided to create a review of the two best inks for your writing needs. Read on to learn the pros and cons of both of them so that you can decide which one most suits your writing needs.

1. Aurora Bottled Ink Refill – Black (125N)

The Aurora Bottled Ink Refill is an excellent choice if you’re looking for high-quality ink that won’t break the bank. It’s best for everyday use with parker vector pens and works well on most types of copier paper. The black type dark is also known for its high resistance to smudging, water and fading over time.

The bottled ink brand is excellent for people who want to write or draw with their Aurora Asia fountain pens.  It’s made to be smooth and easy to use at a regular price.

The dark black ink has a flow rate of 1 mm/second, which means it will flow smoothly from your pen without skipping or stuttering. This ink is also water-based, which means it has no water resistance and will wash out easily if you spill some on your hand or clothing.

  • This is a great ink with built-in filling mechanism for both beginners and experienced artists.
  • The ink is easy to refill, and it comes in a variety of amazing colors.
  • You can use it with different types of pens, like glass dip pens, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • This ink has a good flow and dries fast so that you don’t waste time waiting for it to dry before you can write again.
  • It also has good coverage, which means that your writing will look smooth and professional on Tomoe river paper. 
  • The glass bottle comes with a dropper, which makes refilling your pen easier.
  • This black ink dries quickly and doesn’t smear.
  • The ink is a rich black with Nano pigments and doesn’t fade.
  • The bottle is well-designed, with a small opening that makes it easy to get the right amount of ink out.
  • The bottle is opaque, so you can’t see how much ink is left until you open it up!
  • shippiFree shipping
  • This ink may not be suitable for all pens since some may already come with specific ink cartridges.

2. Aurora 125-BN Bottle Ink, Blue Black, 1.5 fl oz (45 ml)

This ink is a great option for those looking for a bolder shade of blue to add a little more pop to their writing. It comes in a 45ml glass bottle that can be refilled with any Aurora ink bottle. This means you can use this bottle repeatedly without having to purchase another one!

This ink is ideal for people who want their documents to look as professional as possible with Parker Frontier accessories at a reasonable price. The ink produces high-quality text and images that are both easy on the eyes and pleasing to look at.

The 45ml bottle ink is waterproof and fade-resistant so that it will last longer than other types of ink. It does require some extra care when it comes to cleaning off your pen or pencil. The color may bleed into certain papers if you don’t clean it up right away after writing with it. Overall, the Aurora Black Ink is an excellent choice for anyone looking for sheen colors in their writing in quality pens!

  • It has a blue color that makes it easy to read while printing out documents or documents with blue text on them.
  • The fountain pen ink has an excellent print quality which means that your prints will be clear, crisp and without smudging or smearing which usually happens when using low-quality inks
  • It has a good shelf life. This product has an expiration date of one year from the time of purchase.
  • It comes with a lower price tag and has received many positive reviews from users who have been using it for years.
  • The ink is also very easy to use and does not cause any problem when you are printing documents or photos.
Things We Like:
  • Good value for money 
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Responsive customer service experience thanks to the reviews
  • Easy to refill with the right tools
Things We Don’t Like:
  • A little bit messy to use

Education – What to Know More About Aurora Inks

There are many black inks at your disposal in the market. Here’s what makes each type of ink unique.

What’s the difference between the first and second aurora ink?

The first Aurora Black Ink is a bottled ink refill with glitter particles, which means it comes in a bottle and can be used with a variety of pens. The second Aurora Blue-Black Ink is a cartridge you can only use with the Aurora pen.

The first Aurora Black is a quality control ink made for use in fountain pens, brush pens, rollerball pens, and more. A 2ml sample shows it’s water-resistant once it dries and has archival properties, so your writing will last for a long time.

The second Aurora Blue-Black Ink is explicitly made for the Aurora pen. This means that it can be used on all types of paper without bleeding through or feathering. Its sample vial also has archival properties, so your writing will last as long as possible.

What are common differentiators between the first and second aurora inks?

Aurora Black Bottled Ink and Aurora Blue Black Ink are popular quality control inks used by artists and people who love drawing and painting. They provide a stunning color palette, but which one is the best?

First: They come in different bottle sizes. The Aurora Blue Black Ink comes in a 3 oz bottle, while the Aurora Black Bottled Ink comes in a 4 oz bottle. If you’re looking for more ink at a lower cost, you should go with the Aurora Blue Black Ink. If you need more detail and volume when drawing or painting, you should go with the Aurora Black Bottled Ink instead.

Second: They differ in their ink density levels, meaning they will spread differently on paper when using them. And how much pressure needs to be applied when using them. They have different viscosity levels due to their density levels and different finely-ground solid particles.

3 Things to Look for (Common Complaints or Features the Aurora Inks Have)

Before you purchase an Aurora black ink refill or bottle, it’s essential to know what to look for in these products. Some common complaints include:

  • The ink doesn’t come out correctly on some papers like copier papers or when it’s used with a certain type of fountain pen
  • The ink leaks out too fast or too slow
  • The  Aurora bottled nips don’t fit into your mechanical pencil correctly

Tips for how to use or make the most out of the aurora inks

Look no further if you’re looking for the best Aurora Black ink. We’ve done the research for you and narrowed it down to two choices. Now that you have your choice of bottles, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when using aurora inks:

  • Use them in your fountain pen like the Aurora Europa fountain pen – limited edition or another device that can use ink cartridges or refills! Just make sure you read the instructions on how to insert them into your pen.
  • If you want to ensure that your ink lasts as long as possible, store it in a cool place. Ensure it’s where there isn’t much light exposure. You don’t want it to get old before its time!
  • Shake before you use it. You’ll want to shake your bottle of aurora ink before each use. If you don’t, it will appear blotchy or uneven on your page.
  • Use a drop of water to mix with your replacement nib unit. If you want your nibs to last longer between refills, then mix them with a drop.
  • If you need help with any part of this process or have questions, post in the chat box for your query to be sorted. 

Prerequisites for using the product

When you’re looking to buy Aurora Black Ink, it can be confusing to determine which one is best for your needs. Many factors make up an exemplary ink cartridge, but we’ve narrowed it down to two: color and price.

  1. Color: Aurora has plenty of different ink colors available, including blue and black. The color options range from standard colors like black or blue to more exotic colors like brown sheen, green or purple. You can also find specialty inks such as metallic or shimmery shades that look great on cards or scrapbooking pages.
  2. Price: No matter what kind of budget you have, you should get an Aurora bottled Black Ink cartridge that fits into your budget without breaking the bank! Go for a regular price to cater for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Aurora Black Ink?

Aurora Black Ink is a type of ink that can be used with Aurora pens. Aurora pens are available in a variety of colors, and each color has its own unique characteristics. The Aurora Black Ink is made for use with the Aurora Black pen, which has a fine tip and is ideal for writing small letters and numbers.

How can I use Aurora Black Ink?

Aurora Black Ink can be used to fill up your pen with ink when it runs out. You can also use it as a refill when you have run out of ink while using your pen. To use, remove the cap from your pen, unscrew the black plastic tip and place the cartridge into your pen. Then screw on the black plastic tip and wait 20 seconds before using it again!

How Do I Choose The Best Aurora Ink For My Needs?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best Aurora bottled Ink for your needs. One of them is your budget and how much you are willing to spend on the ink. Together with the type of quality of the ink you want and the calligraphy pen you will use, you’ll be able to get the best Aurora ink at amazon or other online stores.

Best Brands

The two best inks on the market today are Aurora Bottled Ink Refill – Black (125N) and Aurora 125-BN Bottle Ink, Blue Black, 1.5 fl oz (45 ml). Renowned artist Lisa Parker Hyatt recommends their use for novice artists from the Aurora Pen Company. 

1.  Aurora Bottled Ink Refill – Black (125N)

Aurora Pen’s Bottled Ink Refill is a top-rated ink with a customer on demand that has been around since 1982. It’s manufactured by Aurora Pen company, one of the largest ink manufacturers in the world, so you know that it’s going to be high quality. The ink itself is black and comes in an easy-to-use bottle that allows for quick refilling. All you need is to take off your old cartridge and replace it with this one! Best of all, there’s no question of particle size; it’s smooth and affordable!

The only downside is that this ink doesn’t come with a converter or replacement nibs. You’ll need to purchase nibs in stock separately (though they’re pretty cheap). This is an excellent option if you have an extra converter lying around.

2. Aurora 125-BN Bottle Ink, Blue Black, 1.5 fl oz (45 ml)

Aurora 125-BN Bottle Ink, Blue Black is another great ink with finely-ground solid particles that have been around for a good time. It offers high quality at an affordable price, which is something that is hard to find when it comes to printer or single fountain pen ink!  It has many positive reviews from customers who love how much it lasts and how easy it is to use in recommended posts.

Wrap Up

If you need an excellent fine-tipped fountain pen ink, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Aurora Black Ink. It’s smooth and scratch-free, and the ink with glitter particles is vivid and bold. Its consistent ink flow makes it stand above the rest, so if there’s only one thing you keep from reading this article, it should be that.

Aurora Black ink will save you time and money and is easy to use and install. The fountain pen ink will support your printing needs for a long time. There are many online retailers who sell this product. Go through their websites and select one of them to make an online purchase. You can buy the black with confidence. Check out the best offer at the aurora website to get going with your writing art.


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