The 5 Best Wooden Fountain Pens: Complete Review and Buying Guide
wooden fountain pen

You can make your workstation impressive and give it an elegant look by adding a good-quality wooden fountain pen. With their unique texture and smooth finish, these beautiful instruments feel great in use.

A wooden fountain pen set can also be the perfect gift. If you’re not sure which one to get, here is a list of great wooden pens.

A quick list of the five best wooden fountain pens:

  • Renawe Wooden Fountain Pen
  • Wordsworth & Black Wood Fountain Pen 
  • Jinhao Rose Wood Fountain Pen 
  • Monaggio Bamboo Fountain Pen 
  • Dryden Designs Luxury Rosewood Fountain Pen

Best Wooden Pen with a Stand

1. Renawe Wooden Fountain Pen

If you are looking out for a fountain pen with a stand, this might be the best option for you.

Renawe Wooden Fountain Pen comes with a foldable wooden stand allowing you to rest your pen horizontally or vertically on it.

This can be a great addition to your desk, adding a little elegant and royal touch to the table. If you are considering this as a gift, it can be a great one for writers.

Each pen is made up of 100% renewable wood making it an environmentally friendly choice. Using a medium-sized German iridium nib adds to its strength and durability.

You have the option of choosing between a converter and ink cartridges. The package of this set includes 4 ink cartridges for its customers.

What We Like
  • Comes with a foldable stand
  • An elegant and royal look
  • Good wood texture which makes it feel good during use
  • Lighter in weight
  • Great option as a gift
What We Don’t Like
  • The wooden part of this pen is sensitive, it would break if mishandled
  • The sensitivity of this pen doesn’t make it a good option for youngsters
  • You cannot buy a pen alone without a stand

The Renawe Wooden Fountain Pen can be a great addition to your table if you are looking for a regal wooden pen with a stand. Being lighter in weight, it provides a smoother writing experience if handled with care.

Best Wooden Pen with an Elegant Case

2. Wordsworth & Black’s Wood Fountain Pen

A pen from a well-renowned brand is always appreciated. Wordsworth & Black has created quite the persona in the market for quality pens. One of the greatest pens of this brand comes with a beautiful bamboo case — a luxury bamboo wooden fountain pen.

It has a beautifully crafted balanced design having a solid German iridium brass nib and luxury bamboo wood. This unique and lightweight design combined with no-spill technology contributes to a wonderful writing experience.

The Wordsworth & Black Wood Fountain Pen can be a great gift option as the rosewood bamboo case adds to the charm.

What We Like
  • Comes with an elegant case
  • Can be a good gift
  • The use of no-spill ink technology makes it a comfortable experience
  • Flexibility of using converter and cartridges, along with 6 cartridges in the box
What We Don’t Like
  • The click-off cap can loosen up with usage as compared to a screw mechanism cap

This pen is a great choice if you prefer a higher quality and a smoother finish. Also, this is a great option to be considered as a gift because of its beautiful bamboo wood box which includes extra components for long-lasting use.

Best Budget-Friendly Wooden Pen

3. Jinhao Rose Wood Fountain Pen 

If you want to keep your wallet happy, this can be a great option for a budget-friendly and high quality wooden fountain pen.

Providing a good user experience and a two-toned balanced design, this is an easy-to-carry pen for your work trips.

The rosewood color enhances the beauty of this pen making it more attractive to use. The protection for its beauty is also provided as this pen comes with a pouch for keeping it safe.

What We Like
  • Use of two different colors in contrast
  • Not too costly
  • Rosewood beauty
What We Don’t Like
  • Stainless steel nib is not as smooth as a brass nib
  • No hard case for protection

As a graceful pen that doesn’t cost a lot and provides a good writing experience, this pen can be your everyday stylish choice.

Best Bamboo Wood Pen

4. Monaggio Bamboo Fountain Pen 

Exquisite craftsmanship on handmade wooden pens can give your writing environment an aesthetic feel.

This fine quality bamboo wood fountain pen can be a great gift, as it comes in a wooden case.

With a high quality nib and converter, the Monaggio bamboo fountain pen provides the experience of effortless and smooth writing with no smudges. It’s a great tool for calligraphy. 

What We Like
  • Finest quality bamboo wood
  • Sleek and elegant finishing
  • Good quality material feels good in the hand
  • Decent box for a pen
What We Don’t Like
  • Ink cartridges are not included

The Monaggio Bamboo Fountain Pen is your best pick if you want pen beautiful pen that comes with a case. 

Best Luxury Rosewood Pen

5. Dryden Designs Luxury Rosewood Fountain Pen

Dryden Designs has introduced a luxurious pen that flaunts an elegant design with the use of rosewood.

Along with its rosewood design, this pen comes in a sophisticated matching rosewood case adding a graceful look to its packing. This also makes it a good choice for a gift.

Its ergo comfort technology, along with its delicate weight, makes the usage more comfortable. You can use this to write for longer durations without straining your wrist or fingers.

What We Like
  • Luxurious design
  • Ergonomic support for longer usage
  • Impressive gift box
  • Multicolor finishing
What We Don’t Like
  • Fragile nib — it’s not for you if you write with too much force

The Dryden Designs Luxury Rosewood is a beautiful fountain pen that is beautifully made with two colors. It also feels great in hand due to its ergonomic technology.

Choice of Wood in Wooden Fountain Pens

If you set out for buying a wooden fountain pen, you’ll find many variations in the type of wood used for creating these pens. 

Not every wood can be used to make a pen. Craftsmen select the one that’s not so soft that it’ll break during pen turning nor so heavy that it makes it difficult to write. You can check out this great video of creating a pen out of wood and get an idea of how it’s done.

Bamboo and Rosewood are the most preferred types of woods when it comes to pens, as they give a beautiful look and smooth finish.

Choosing a Right Nib for Yourself

After you have selected the wood, let us have a look at the machinery that is being used to write — the nib.

Nowadays, you can find many types of nibs in fountain pens. Let’s see how to select one.

First, let us look into the anatomy of a fountain pen nib, it consists of 4 main parts.

Breather Hole

This small vent hole is placed in the middle of the nib, which creates space for air to pass through it and enter back into the pen to replace the ink that is consumed.


The slit is a dividing cut that starts at the breather hole and extends to the nib, enabling the ink to flow towards the tip and transfer to the paper.


Tines are two sides at the end of a nib that are divided by a slit. It helps the flexibility of the nib. The longer tines make for more flexible nibs and the writing would also feel softer. Shorter tines would give a firmer writing feel.


The hard-pointed end part of the nib makes contact with the paper, transferring the ink to it. 

To select the right type of nib you need to ask yourself a few questions like: What is your handwriting style? What is your writing speed? Do you want a soft or firm writing feel?

After you have narrowed down your nib choice you can select one that suits you. 

Pen with a Case or Stand

Most wooden fountain pens come with a wooden case or a stand.

You need to choose the pen that suits your environment. If the nature of your work includes frequent traveling, you wouldn’t want to carry a pen stand with you, would you? Whereas a pen with a case would suit you more as it would keep your pen safe.

On the contrary, if you have a desk job that involves frequent writing or if you’d simply like to make your desk look nicer, you would definitely love one with a stand.

If you’re going to buy a pen as a gift you’d definitely need one with a beautiful case to make it presentable. Taking it a step further, you can also engrave the case or a pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I engrave something on the wooden pen or the case?

One of the biggest advantages of wooden items is that they can be easily carved into.

The same is the case for wooden fountain pens. You can make your pens even more beautiful by engraving something of your choice like your name or your favorite quote.

This also depends on the vendor. Though, even if the vendor is not offering engraving services with the purchase, you can always get it engraved by professionals afterward.

The engraving on the pen needs to be done carefully as the wood is very narrow. A little bit of negligence can lead to cracking the wood.

If you are planning to get a wooden pen as a gift, engraving is a great option. This can add charm to it and make a receiver feel even more special.

What is the difference between an ink converter and a cartridge?

The main difference between an ink converter and an ink cartridge is that an ink converter can be used multiple times whereas an ink cartridge should be disposed of after one-time use.

An ink converter allows you to add fresh ink from bottled ink. That is a small cylindrical device that sucks the ink from the ink pot and stores it for later use. 

On the contrary, an ink cartridge is pre-filled and you can use it only once, it’s not usable after it’s finished.

The ink converter is more flexible and environmentally friendly, allowing you to fill the ink of any color you wish, creating minimum plastic waste with multiple uses.

Best Brands


Renawe is a medium-sized business emerging from North America which operates mainly on Amazon. This business is mainly focused on wooden items like home and kitchen utensils.

Wordsworth & Black

Wordsworth & Black is a mid-sized British business that deals in stationery. This company is well known for its sleek and elegant designed items.


Lanxivi is a Chinese company that mostly operates through e-commerce with their items being sold all over the world. They deal in some greatly designed colorful pens and pen accessories. 


Monaggio is a US-based family-owned business that deals in the production of fountain pens. They import the wood from China and nibs from Germany, then the product is assembled in the US.

Dryden Designs

Dryden Designs is the online fountain pen retailer founded by calligraphy artist Michael Dryden. This brand offers a wide range of high-quality fountain pens for its customers.

The Takeaway

To wrap everything up, this detailed guide of the 5 best wooden fountain pens will make it easier to choose the one that suits your needs.

Ask yourself what kind of a pen you really want, taking your work environment into consideration. Also consider: What kind of nib suits you? Are you comfortable with an ink cartridge or a converter? These questions will help you narrow down your options.

One major benefit of a wooden pen is engraving. You can easily engrave something of your choice.

Our top pick out of all these great pens is the Renawe Wooden Fountain Pen as it comes with a beautiful wooden stand that can also act as a case when folded back. It also uses a German iridium nib with gold accenting which makes it a great writing tool.


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