Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen: Review of the Premium Pen
waterman hemisphere fountain pen

Calligraphers, writers and students worldwide laud the aesthetics and smooth writing style of the fountain pen. But with the immense variety available today, choosing just one can get overwhelming. 

In this buyer’s guide, we explore a foolproof fountain pen: the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen. We’ll also review five of the best Waterman Hemispheres available! 

Are Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pens Worth It?

Waterman Hemisphere is one of the seven Waterman collections of luxury pens designed for all different kinds of writers. It is regarded as a top-end line of fountain pens, mainly for its slim structure, pleasing aesthetics, and fine detailing.

Waterman Hemisphere fountain pens are crafted in several different finishes: a classic matte lacquer, a durable palladium, as well as a deluxe silk print.

The Hemisphere fountain pen nibs are solid, fine pointed and deliver sheen and style onto paper with ease. Speaking of style, the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pens are designed in many different colour schemes including metallic patterns.

Safe to say, the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pens are absolutely worth the expense and will last a lifetime.

How Do You Choose a Waterman Fountain Pen?

waterman hemisphere fountain pen

If you’ve decided to give the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen a shot, here are a few factors to keep in mind when in the market to buy one. Keep in mind that the specific build quality and the functions of the pen are completely up to you!

Ink Variety

Besides the luxurious fine pointed nibs, Waterman offers high-quality inks in a variety of tones. The fountain pen inks are shiny, non-corrosive and incredibly light.

If you’d like to go the standard route, black is the best choice of ink. However, if you’d like to stand out and have a unique signature, Waterman has an original Serenity Blue ink on offer as well as a Harmonic Green, Mysterious Blue and Violet Tenderness.

These few tones are best suited for journal writers, calligraphers, as well as handwriting aficionados for their unique sparkle.

Ink Filling Mechanism

Defining traditional in every way, the Waterman fountain pens are outfitted with easy ink refilling options. This feature is eco-friendly, easy on the pocket and allows writers the freedom of experimenting with a variety of ink tones.

A Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen will have an ink cartridge inserted when you first receive it. To fill it up, you’ll need an ink bottle to pipette the colour through the nib. For an easier refill, you can change out the cartridge for a converter and enjoy leak-free and smooth writing. 

Both ink fillers are easy to use and beginner-friendly.


One of the main reasons that a Waterman fountain pen is considered a luxury item is its unique but pleasing design. A slim barrel connects to a shiny grip section that is ergonomic and lightweight. 

The section is outfitted with a classic ink cartridge and a nib that is made of iridium for unmatched strength and a variety of platinum for sheen and durability.

The combination guarantees a lifetime free of corrosion or wear and tear. The Waterman Hemisphere fountain pens are timeless, offer great value for money and ensure confidence in writing.

Besides making a gift, these pens are great for improving your own handwriting as well.

How Do You Take Care of a Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen?

Once you secure your favourite Waterman fountain pen from the Hemisphere collection, it’s time to note down a few considerations that’ll complement the incredible durability of the pen and make it last a lifetime. Here is a brief description of what to prioritize:

Clean It First

After unboxing the fountain pen, remove the ink cartridge and flush out the pen with clean water. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe off the oily residue from the nib and barrel. Place the ink cartridge back in after it’s completely dry, and fill it up to enjoy smooth writing.

Rinse for an Hour

A fountain pen, especially a luxury one like the Waterman Hemisphere, needs to be cleaned before being put away for long periods of disuse. To do this, gently detach the nib and soak it in room temperature water for 30 to 60 minutes only. Overdoing it can weaken the structural integrity of the alloy.

Use Distilled Water

When cleaning the nib of the Waterman fountain pen, make sure to use clean water. Distilled water mixed with a mild soap is the best solution, but if that’s out of the budget, clean, tepid water will work too. Just make sure it isn’t hard water as calcium can congest the ventilation hole of the nib and block ink flow.

Store in a Pen Case

After the Waterman fountain pen is cleaned and dried off, store it in a pen case so it is easy to travel with. Not to mention that any leakage will be contained. Make sure to keep it capped when storing it. This keeps the nib from drying out and preventing consistent ink flow. 

How to Identify a Waterman Hemisphere Pen?

All Waterman pens are engraved with the logo and model number. On the barrel of the Hemisphere fountain pen, you’ll find the model number along with the size of the nib. The Waterman logo will be present on the nib of the fountain pen.

Reviewing Five Waterman Hemisphere Pens

1. Waterman Hemisphere Essential Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fine Point Fountain Pen

The perfect fountain pen for beginners, the Waterman Hemisphere stainless steel and gold trim fountain pen is packed with class, delicacy, and durability. The grip is ergonomic, the finish is long-lasting, and the fine point nib is smooth on fountain pen-friendly paper. 

It is quite forgiving so beginners can enjoy writing without worrying about the nib drying out or the pen burping ink blots on paper. Clean it when you remember to, and store it upright. It’ll work like a charm.


  • Stainless Steel nib
  • Matte Lacquer barrel finish
  • Fine Point Nib
  • Gold and Chrome trim
  • Mysterious Blue ink tone
  • Ink Cartridge added


  • 3-year warranty included
  • A luxurious gift box 


  • Finer nib may scratch copy paper

2. Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe Fountain Pen Medium Nib with Blue Ink Cartridge

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Waterman Hemisphere medium nib and palladium trim fountain pen is Parisian craftsmanship at its finest. The traditional style, the balanced weight of the barrel, plus the durable nib combine to provide a luxurious work of art.

Whether you are writing minutes for all-day meetings, journaling, or crafting calligraphy, this is one fountain pen you can trust to last and enjoy for ages. If you’re planning to gift it to a friend, you’ll be delighted to hear that it comes with a premium Waterman blue gift box.


  • Slim silhouette
  • Luxurious Rose patterned finish
  • Palladium trim
  • Handcrafted nib
  • Medium point nib
  • Mysterious Blue ink tone


  • Easy to use ink cartridge built-in
  • A dark blue gift box included
  • Great aesthetics 


  • Shorter length than the average Hemisphere fountain pens

3. Waterman Hemisphere Cõte d’Azur French Riviera Collection Fine Point Fountain Pen

Inspired by the French Riviera, the Waterman Hemisphere Cõte d’Azur pen is outfitted with a fine point nib that is supported by a palladium trim to ensure strength. The nib cleans easily, does not break when dropped,  and shows off a variety of details in thin and thick strokes.

The stainless steel cap snaps perfectly onto the section and clips to a pocket securely. When stored right side up, the nib doesn’t dry out and glides like water on paper. 

If you’re a pen connoisseur, the Waterman Hemisphere Cõte d’Azur fountain pen is a must-have. It features the best elements of the collection, which are bound to impress anyone.


  • Stainless steel cap and barrel
  • Matte lacquer finish
  • Palladium trim
  • Fine point nib
  • Ink cartridge filler
  • Lightweight


  • The Waterman ink doesn’t bleed through
  • Slim structure, perfect for small hands
  • Handcrafted nib ensures elegance and durability


4. Waterman Hemisphere Fine Nib Fountain Pen Starter Bundle

A perfect gift for novice calligraphers and passionate handwriters, the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen starter kit features a slim but sturdy pen that has a classic fine point nib and a luxurious 23k gold trim with a brass cap to top it off. 

Along with the pen, you receive Waterman’s original Serenity Blue ink bottle and a converter for easy refills. It is a gift packed with class, elegance, and timeless accessories.


  • Streamlined shape
  • Fine point nib
  • Stainless steel nib
  • 23k gold trim
  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Ink cartridge and converter included
  • 1.7 oz Serenity Blue ink bottle


  • Durable brass barrel and cap
  • The cap is lined with plastic to ensure no leakage
  • The converter is easy to refill


  • The nib is high-maintenance and needs to be cleaned out often

5. Waterman Hemisphere Metallic Cognac Medium Point Fountain Pen

A modern addition to the Waterman Hemisphere collection, the Metallic Cognac Medium point nib fountain pen is a must-have for professional signatures and unique ink artistry.

The original ink doesn’t bleed through or feather your writing, it glides on smooth enough on paper to impress any pen aficionado. The red and black colored barrel is unique to the Metallic Cognac fountain pen and it has quickly become a fan favorite.

Whether you’re a beginner typographer or just enjoy day-to-day journaling, the Waterman Hemisphere Metallic Cognac fountain pen is a can’t-go-wrong writing instrument.


  • Soft Red colored barrel
  • Medium point nib
  • Smooth lacquered finish
  • Ink cartridge included
  • Slim, ergonomic body
  • Palladium trim


  • Classic metallic colorway of the fountain pen
  • Comfortable grip
  • Smooth writing experience


  • The medium point nib may not work well with copy paper

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Waterman a luxury pen brand?

Yes, Watermans are luxury pens. They have been staples of the market for over 100 years. Crafted in France, the fountain pens offer pleasing aesthetics, a smooth nib, and a fine point that glides on paper like water. Waterman pens are used all around the world by expert calligraphers and typographers.

Are Waterman pens better than Parker?

It depends on the kind of pen you’re looking for. Waterman pens are longer, wider, and sturdier than a Parker pen. Because the weight is distributed evenly throughout the length, the Waterman pen does not feel heavy. On the contrary, Parker pens are compact in size so they can feel heavier.

Are Waterman pens made in China?

No, Waterman pens are designed in Paris, France. The firm, however, was established in New York City in 1884. They are one of the best manufacturers of fountain pens and have become an iconic brand among the French public – especially calligraphers, students, and businessmen.

Can you change the nib on a Waterman fountain pen?

Yes, the nibs of Waterman fountain pens can be changed. The company offers a nib exchange service for their iconic fountain pens, through which customers can return their original pen nib and get a fine or a medium-point nib. For nibs beyond the mentioned sizes, customers need to contact first for availability.

Can Waterman fountain pen nibs be swapped for another brand’s nib?

No, Waterman fountain pen nibs cannot be replaced by other companies’ pen nibs. This is because, first, the fountain pen nib is engraved with the company’s logo, and second, it is specially manufactured with a nib section and finger grip designed specifically for the fountain pen it was crafted for.

Final Thoughts

Waterman pens are among the best available and, now that you know how to identify, choose, and maintain your own Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen, you can easily select one from the best five above and hit the paper like a born writer!


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