5 of the Best Piston Filler Fountain Pens
piston filler fountain pen

There are many types of fountain pens, and one of the ways they can differ is in how their ink is refilled. Some pens use ink cartridges, but piston converters mostly use bottled ink. 

If you’re looking for pens you can easily refill without making an inky mess, piston filler fountain pen are your best bet. So, what are the best piston filler fountain pens? Let’s find out.

Best Piston Filler Fountain Pen

1. Majohn T1 Piston Fountain Pen Fine Nib

Lanxivi’s Mahjohn T1 piston fountain pen is a more affordable pen that looks exquisite mainly because of the materials used to make it. The pen comes in an alternated brass and transparent resin for style. The brass color looks great, and the transparent middle portion shows ink levels and is contoured to make it easy to grip the pen.

When it comes to writing, this pen uses a piston-like contraption to allow your pen to hold more ink than regular fountain pens. The pen ink is also very easy to refill. We recommend using an ink bottle, unscrewing the pen’s cap, dipping the pen inside it, and then screwing it back on.

If you’re looking to present smooth, consistent penmanship, Majohn’s piston fountain pen is the best choice for you. It comes in three types of nibs all between 0.38mm and 1.2mm.

  • Exquisitely designed fountain pen
  • Durable because of its design
  • Easy to refill
  • Has more ink capacity than other pens
  • Piston may break during refill

2. Piston Fountain Pen Yongsheng 3008A Gold Plated Fine Nib

If you’re looking for a mix of class and functionality, then Asvine’s 3008A pen is perfect for you. The pen’s entire body is transparent with golden marking, so you can easily see the ink levels deplete as you write. This classy look is topped by a fine, gold-plated steel nib that practically glides on paper.

This is an improved version of the original 3008A fountain pen, and Asvine has taken care of the leaky loose nibs so that your pen remains durable even after multiple uses.

The good thing about piston pens is their ink capacity; 3008A carries more than three times a regular pen’s capacity, so you’re not constantly refilling ink. You will, however, need to buy ink separately as the pen is shipped empty for security reasons.

You will find refilling this pen easy, especially when using an ink bottle. All you have to do is remove the pen’s knob located at the end of the barrel, refill your ink, and then screw it back on securely to prevent leakages.

  • An improved version that’s leak-free
  • Fine nib for smooth writing
  • Bigger ink capacity than regular fountain pens
  • Classy. transparent design with golden trimmings
  • Easy to refill
  • Ink sold separately
  • Can only use bottled ink to refill it

3. Penbbs 494 Piston Fountain Pen

Lanxivi’s Penbbs 494 piston fountain pens come in durable, transparent acrylic material that looks good and doesn’t respond to pressure. The pen’s beauty is also accentuated with silver trim, and because of its transparent nature, you can see the ink move around as you write. The pen has a screw cap and is 142mm in length with it on.

The Penbbs 494 has a fine nib, which is essential when writing. The fine nib is round and will give you uniform lines whichever way you write or hold your pen. This fountain pen is lightweight at 0.81 ounces, allowing you to control your pen’s direction and orientation easily.

Lanxivi offers a 100% quality guarantee to their customers. They have an excellent customer support team willing to help you solve any of your purchasing problems.

  • Solid feel and glides smoothly on paper
  • Fine nib, which gives you uniform lines when you write
  • Lightweight and classy
  • Durable transparent acrylic
  • Piston filling mechanism
  • Has grooves for good grip when writing
  • Can only refill it using bottled ink
  • Releases lots of ink which may cause blurring

4. czxwyst 698 Piston Fountain Pen (Transparent with Silver Clip)

The 698 Piston Fountain Pen is transparent with a stylish-looking silver clip. The pen is built with a clear resin and a piston converter to draw the ink when filling it.

To refill the pen, remove the tail part, locate the screw (the piston lock), and loosen it to let the ink in. The pen’s package comes with silicone oil to lubricate the piston so that the pen can work efficiently. You will have to buy the pen’s ink separately.

The pen has a stainless steel nib with a fine, round tip that helps you write smoothly. The stainless steel nib is durable, but you can also get its replacement to avoid any damage.

The pen is 142mm in length and 14mm in diameter. Its length makes it comfortable to use, and its width is thin enough so that your hands don’t hurt as you write. The pen has ridges around where you should be holding it while writing to prevent the pen from sliding.

  • Replaceable stainless steel nibs
  • Piston converter to easily refill the pen
  • Thin pen with fine ridges for an easy grip
  • The pen comes with silicone lubricating oil for the piston
  • Stylish looking pen
  • Removable pen parts for easy cleaning
  • Nib is too delicate and can be a little stiff

5. Lanxivi Yongsheng 3008 Piston Fountain Pen EF Extra Fine Nib

Your pen running out of ink could be an inconvenience, especially if you were in the middle of time-sensitive work. Lanxivi’s 3008 piston fountain pen is transparent except for its silver trimmings, making it possible to gauge your ink usage and refill your pen before you run out. The transparent resin build also makes the pen look and feel elegant, making it an excellent gift for fountain pen enthusiasts.

This piston pen comes with an extra-fine nib that allows for smooth writing and ink flow. The nib is made of iridium, a corrosion-resistant material which is an excellent choice considering how corrosive some of these inks can be.

Lanxivi’s 3008 piston pen weighs 24g, which is light enough to help you write correctly. It also measures about 14mm in diameter, which allows you to hold the pen securely as you write. Its length when capped is 138mm, perfect for gripping and enough to hold a bigger ink capacity. To prevent ink from staining your clothes and surfaces, the pen comes with a screwable cap.

It’s easy to fill and refill this pen; locate the knob at the end, then remove it and refill it. Remember to put the knob back on to prevent flow back.

  • Corrosion-resistant iridium nib
  • Lightweight and thin, easy on the hand
  • Extra fine nib for a smooth handwriting
  • Piston converter for mess-free refills
  • Choose one of four colors
  • The cap can be lose

How Does a Fountain Pen Converter Work?

A fountain pen converter is an ink bank inside your pen. These contraptions replace the usual ink cartridges we know. Unlike ink cartridges, these converters allow a fountain pen to carry more ink in its reserve. Pouring ink inside a small bottle around 14mm in diameter can be a bit messy, which is why converters have pistons to siphon the ink right from the bottle.

Types of Converters

There are two types of pen converters:

Piston Converter

This type of converter consists of a piston mechanism you can pull to create a suction that draws ink into the pen. Some of these pens need pulling and pushing to allow the ink in, and others have a screw that pulls the piston up as ink fills into the pen.

Squeeze Converters

A squeeze converter comes with a rubber plastic that draws ink into the pen with a squeeze and release motion.

Advantages of Using a Piston Filler

There are many benefits to using a piston converter. Firstly, you’ll spill less ink, saving you from being wasteful. Secondly, less spilled ink means you won’t need to obsessively clean surfaces after every refill. Plus, bottled ink is readily available. 

How To Use a Piston Filler

Using a converter is easy as long as you follow the instructions. To refill ink:

  • Place a small tissue lining on a surface and then place an open ink bottle on it.
  • Remove the pen’s cap and expose the nib.
  • Find the knob towards the end of the pen and loosen it; it may either be removable or screwed.
  • Dip your nib into the ink bottle and ensure that at least half an inch of it is in the ink. 
  • Pull the piston and watch space free up in your pen to allow ink to enter.
  • Wait until the pen is full, remove the pen from the bottle, wipe the nib, and then close/ screw on the cap.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Piston Filler Fountain Pen

You may be confused by how many choices you have when it comes to buying piston-filler pens, especially if you’re just an amateur. The buying process can be long and tedious, but we have compiled several important things to take into consideration before getting your fountain pen. These include:

Pen Specifications

This includes the length and diameter of a pen and the materials used to make it. The material will tell you the pen’s quality, and the diameter will give you an idea of how well you can grip the pen. The length of a pen determines how comfortable you will be gripping the pen and how much ink the pen can relatively carry.


A pen’s features will tell you how thoughtful the manufacturer was when designing it. For instance, a pen needs something to help you grip it while writing. Some brands add grooves or ridges to that area to ensure you have a good grip of the pen. The next important feature would be how removable the pen is, especially if you need to rinse the piston.


Does the pen’s price match its specifications? Is the material durable enough to hold the ink? How’s the nib? All these things should determine the price point.

Upgraded Versions

Always check whether there’s an upgraded version of the pen you’re buying. Sometimes manufacturers recall their pens to fix specific design errors after getting bad reviews. Always check customer reviews before buying and whether the company fixed the design flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can you clean a piston filler fountain pen?

Every fountain pen needs a regular rinse to prevent clogging. To clean a piston filler pen:

  • Uncap your pen.
  • Push the pen’s piston to remove all remaining ink from the pen.
  • When empty, fill your pen to the brim with clean, cold water.
  • Release the now inky water and draw in some more clean water, then dispel it until you’re convinced that your pen is clean.
  • Remove any residual water by shaking the pen, then use a dry towel to clean the nib.
  • Return all the pen’s components to their original positions and tighten them.
  • Refill the pen with new ink.

2. Can you use an ink cartridge on a piston filler pen?

It’s possible to use an ink cartridge to fill your piston filler but not directly. A piston filler works best with bottled ink. A piston and a converter are pretty similar, although a converter is removable whereas a piston filler is permanently fixed in place. You will have to transfer ink from a cartridge to a bottle to fill a piston filler fountain pen.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to refill fountain pens. One popular and efficient method is using a piston filler. We have compiled a list of the five best piston filler fountain pen to choose from to give you a more effortless shopping experience. Your choice will largely depend on what you need to use the pen for. Good luck shopping!


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