Best Fountain Pens For Women – For A More Feminine Touch
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If you like to write a lot in your free time, you’ll know how dull it can get to have a boring pen. However, worry not, because we’ve come up with a solution just for you! We’ve made a list of the best fountain pens for women, all of which are high-quality and durable. 

There are tons of pens available in the market, and quite frankly, it can get overwhelming for a person who just entered this field. You don’t have to worry about any of that because we’ve done the boring work for you. With that said, here are the five best fountain pens for women.

1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen

This is an extremely stylish fountain pen that looks and feels amazing. There’s a wide range of colors available, so you can pick whichever matches your own personal style best. But no matter the color, this pen glides across the page smoothly with its elegant gold nib. 

On top of that, the design is modern and sleek. Whether you like to collect pens or want to get one for writing, this will feel extremely comfortable in your hands thanks to its light weight and overall shape. Plus, you receive a PDF with the pen to show you how to care for it properly.

However, while everything about the pen is great, there is one flaw that you might overlook when looking at pictures of it. The pen is surprisingly smaller than it seems in advertisements, so you’ll have to keep that in mind before purchasing it. If you are looking for a small pen, then this will not be a problem for you.


  • It’s a stylish fountain pen.
  • It features a sleek and comfortable design.
  • The pen delivers quality writing.


  •  The size is a bit smaller than advertised. 


If the small size doesn’t bother you, then this pen is perfect due to its design, color options, and how easy it is to write with it. If you want to practice your handwriting, this pen will help you out.  

2. Asvine Purple Forest Fountain Pen

Thanks to its unique and streamlined stainless steel fine nib, you will notice your workflow improving. The nib delivers some of the best and most smooth writing qualities that we’ve ever seen. In addition, the tip is extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon.

Secondly, the overall design of this pen is great. On top of that, the grip of this pen is quite good, and your hand will not slip off of it even if you are sweaty. The lightweight nature also helps with writing fluidity and overall experience. Your hands will not get tired even after prolonged use.

Unfortunately, the item does not come with prefilled disposable cartridges. This means that you have to get them separately. However, that’s not a major issue. The pen doesn’t come with instructions either, so if you’re a beginner when it comes to fountain pens, you might have a harder time removing parts or refilling the ink.


  • Extremely smooth writing experience
  • Durable tip
  • Good design


  • Difficult to refill the ink.


This dependable and durable fountain pen will come in handy whenever you need it and offers a high-quality writing experience.

3. LACHIEVA Sea Shell Abalone Fountain Pen

First of all, let’s talk about the design. This pen has a unique design that is perfect if you want to give it to someone. Whoever receives this pen will certainly be impressed, and thank you for it. It also comes in a nice gift box.

The best part is that despite the premium look, this pen is very affordable, and the sleek and comfortable design allows you to hold it comfortably without tiring your hand. The disposable ink cartridges it comes with creates a smooth and hassle-free writing experience. 

The major downside of this product is that you cannot change its nib. If you have a better nib sitting around, you won’t be able to use it with this pen. While that wouldn’t be a problem in itself, the default nib can be somewhat annoying to deal with at times. If you press too hard, it could easily get damaged. 


  • Affordable
  • Features a unique and interesting pattern on its frame
  • Comes in a gift box


  • You can’t change the nib.


People that are looking for a perfect pen to gift to someone will love this item. The best part is that it is not only for show. It delivers good quality, and it is also durable, so it won’t break quickly.  

4. ZenZoi Pink Fountain Pen Set

This pen looks extremely cute, but it also has tons of good design features. The key to the design is an elegant and comfortable shape that ensures that your wrist doesn’t tire from all that writing. On top of that, the German Schmidt nib allows you to make perfect calligraphy and more.

Due to its lightweight nature, you will have a great writing experience without any tension. Since this is a set, you also get two pen ink refills (Blue & Black) and one ink converter alongside the pen itself. Plus, there are tons of cute colors available as well.

Unfortunately, the quality of the writing is not what one would expect, especially when paying a premium price. The quality isn’t bad, but it will surely leave you wanting more.


  • Available in a variety of cute colors.
  • Its lightweight nature allows for a great experience.
  • The design allows your wrists to remain tireless.


  • The quality does not justify its price.


You’ll love this pen due to its color variety and the comfortable design and shape that keeps your hands tireless if you can overlook the slight writing quality flaw.

5. MAJOHN S1 Acrylic Celluloid Fountain Pen 

This is one of the most stylish designs we have ever seen in a fountain pen. On top of that, there is a wide variety of designs that you can choose from, which is always nice. It is eye-catching, but it is also easy to hold as well.  

Because of its premium and unique appearance, this pen makes for an excellent gift for your friends or family. Plus, the pen frame is quite durable, which is surprising given its delicate look.

However, the nib can leave streaks and wet ink on the paper. While it doesn’t happen every time, once can be enough to ruin the paper you’re working with.


  • It’s easy to hold.
  • The design is extremely eye-catching.
  • A decent amount of color variation is available. 


  • It can leave smudges or wet ink on the paper.


This pen is extremely eye-catching and will be a perfect gift for anyone. Plus, the color variation is always nice to see with unique designs like this.  

Buying Guide 

Finding the perfect fountain or ballpoint pen can feel impossible if you do not know what you’re looking for. However, we’ve made it easier for you to choose the best pens by looking at some of the crucial things. With that said, let’s get started!

Quality of the fountain pen

This is the first thing that you should look for in any pen, the quality. The best way to judge the quality of a fountain or rollerball pen is to check the reviews and ask people around you that have used that brand. After that, make sure that you try out the product yourself to make sure that you are satisfied.

The higher the quality of the pen, the more expensive it will be. However, you can find a good deal and an amazing budget-friendly product if you look hard enough.  


The durability of any product is of utmost significance. If your pen is not durable, it will break, and you will have to get a new one since you have no other choice. However, a durable fountain pen will last a long time and save you a lot of money. We suggest that you try to find a fountain pen that is made of metal.

While it might not sound like much, a durable frame can save you a lot of trouble and the hassle of getting new pens. A good brand will offer you good customer service and potentially replace or exchange your fountain pen for a new one if the original gets damaged. 

Tips for How to Make the Most Out of the Product

Once you have purchased the pen, you will want to take extra care of it to ensure it lasts a long time. One of the best things you can do is regularly check the pen whenever you get the chance. This will ensure that nothing is wrong with the fountain pen. 

You should also regularly clean the pen with a clean, soft cloth and water to ensure that no debris gets stuck in it. This will keep your pen clean, and it will allow you to use it properly as well. Having a lot of dust or leftover ink in the cartage can be dangerous and can damage the product. 

Finally, try to keep your pens safe and try not to drop them on hard surfaces. Doing so can result in the item getting broken or damaged. This can eventually lead to leaks, and the tip might even get damaged if it falls on that. That is why taking proper care is so important. 

The more you care for your product, the better shape it will be in and the longer it will last. 


Is a fountain pen good for daily use?

Yes, you can use a fountain pen daily without any problems. However, make sure that you get a pen that is lightweight and feels good in your hands.

Do fountain pens improve handwriting?

Technically yes, fountain pens will improve your handwriting. However, keep in mind that they will slow down your writing as well since they demand more control and accuracy. That isn’t a bad thing; however, more control means that you can improve your handwriting.

Is a fountain pen easy to use?

Yes, it is absolutely easy to use. There are tons of brands that make fountain pens specifically for beginners so that they can get a grip on them. With enough practice, you’ll be a professional in no time.  

Best Fountain Pens for Women Brands 


Dryden is an excellent brand that delivers hand-made fountain pens with pristine quality. Their pens are durable, look good, and provide a smooth writing experience. 


Asvine has some stylish pens that look unique and cool in your hands. They are handy for gifting to other people since they give off a great look.


Those are the five best fountain pens for women. If you are looking to upgrade your current pen or just want to get a new one, these products will help you decide. Some of these pens are easy to use, while some have great writing quality. Finding the right balance is up to you. 

Depending on your preference, you will find some interesting choices in this list. Products such as the Dryden Designs Fountain Pen are our top pick due to their classic design and quality fountain pen construction.

Plus, this pen is ideal for your pen collection, thanks to it being a stylish fountain pen. So, the next time you’re looking for fountain pens for women, we suggest looking into these products. 


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