Your Guide to Picking the Ultimate Cross Fountain Pen
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Anyone who has worn through a couple of fountain pens will tell you the pen you choose has a direct effect on your writing experience. The Cross fountain pen company offers beautiful sets that will provide a reliable writing experience.

You may be wondering which executive-style fountain pen to buy from Cross. If you are looking for a top-notch writing instrument that will take your writing to the next level, then you shouldn’t make this decision hastily.

To help make your decision-making process easier, we have meticulously combed through the Cross fountain pen options to find the best of the best. We measured each of the pen’s distinct design features, reliability, and affordability.

After an extensive examination process, we’ve created a list of the top five (5) best Cross pens worth adding to your fountain pen collection.

1. Cross Calais Fountain Pen with Full-Bodied Polished Chrome Finish

Whether you scribble in your journal or practice calligraphy, this Cross Calais pen is the writing companion you’ll be thankful to have.

The items in the Cross Calais collection are not always easy to get your hands on, as these luxury pens are in constant demand and sell out quickly. When you look at the design details and lifetime mechanical guarantee that the pens come with, it isn’t hard to see why these are selling like hotcakes.

The Cross Calais pen is formal enough to rival any business-quality ballpoint pen, yet stylish enough to be used by royalty. This contemporary fountain pen is known for its aesthetically pleasing design.

With a stainless steel nib (medium), these Cross pens are just as impressive under the hood. From the first use out of the packaging, the flow of ink is steady and consistent, ensuring that you won’t have any hard starts or stops.

These fountain pens provide a smooth writing experience, regardless of the texture or quality of the paper you’re pairing them with.

This pen is for the daily user who wants a touch of elegance while they write.


  • It has an attractive, polished, chrome finish.
  • The size of the pen makes it perfect for those who like a full grip while they write.
  • It is an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.
  • It makes the perfect gift because it’s packaged in a sleek box.


  • The stainless steel nib may be thicker than what most writers are used to.
  • The pen may start to malfunction if it isn’t used quite frequently.


2. Cross Bailey Fountain Pen with Chrome Appointments

The Cross Bailey fountain pen exudes a high level of class. These pens are made with lightweight resin and polished chrome appointments.

You can choose between green, blue, black, coral, gray, teal, or white, but any color will be sure to impress with the Bailey’s extra-fine stainless steel nib. The lightweight feel will have your hand gliding over the page as you write.

The Cross Bailey pen is one of the only fountain pens that use specially formulated ink. This not only adds a touch of class to your collection, but it also makes for creating amazing journal entries with the perfect flow of ink.

If you use ballpoint pens for the simple refill process, you’ll love the Cross Bailey pen because it’s even easier and neater to refill. You will receive two black cartridges and have the option of requesting a Cross cartridge converter as well.

Another major selling point of the Cross Bailey pens is the affordability factor. If you don’t want to pay top dollar for the feeling of class and exclusivity, then you will love what the Bailey pen has to offer.

From style to efficiency, you get the full package at an amazing price with the Cross Bailey fountain pen.


  • It is available in 6 different color options.
  • It uses specially formulated ink.
  • It is very easy to refill.
  • The light-colored resin finish gives a slim and attractive look.
  • The elegant design makes the pen a great school graduation gift.
  • The pen gives exceptional value for the price.


  • The black cartridges may start to leak after a while.
  • It may not be the best choice for writers who prefer larger, weightier pens.


3. Cross Century II Fountain Pen with Fine Nib (18KT Gold Finish and Build)

The Cross Century II is the best Cross fountain pen on the market. They are available in 19 distinctive designs, each flaunting 23k gold appointments.

With a beautiful, slim profile, these pens are designed for people who write for long stretches of time. The Cross Century II comes with two black cartridges so you can start writing immediately.

We love that the pen comes with a subtle incised line pattern. This feature creates a more comfortable grip for both right-handed and left-handed writers.

This glamorous writing instrument makes for a thoughtful gift and comes with a bright gift box. Your loved one will swoon over a dotted leather journal paired with the gorgeous Cross Century II.

The Cross Century II fountain pen is expensive in taste and price. We only recommend this pen to enthusiasts who are not bothered by a high price point.


  • It has a high construction quality.
  • The 23K gold appointments and 18KT gold finish make it an elegant pen.
  • It comes with a bright gift box, which is perfect for a graduation, birthday, or anniversary.
  • It has a simple click-off cap design that outshines any cap-over-barrel design.
  • It has an ergonomic grip.
  • It prevents any hard starts or sudden stops.


  • It carries a big price tag.
  • Because of this fountain pen’s popularity and exclusivity, buying refills might be challenging.


4. Cross Bailey Lacquer Fountain Pen in Matte Gray with Polished Black PVD Appointments

Find elegance in simplicity with this amazing Cross Bailey Lacquer fountain pen. The design is sure to appeal to writers who don’t need their fountain pens to shout but still want to use something of undeniable quality.

The Cross Bailey Lacquer is an excellent segue into the world of fountain pens. It provides a quality writing experience but requires minimal maintenance. 

The design is so appealing and functional, that it will make you want to ditch your old ballpoint pen. If you’d like to test the waters of fountain pens, this is a great beginner’s pen to start your fountain pen journey.


  • It delivers consistent ink flow.
  • It comes with a premium Cross gift box.
  • You will receive the Cross lifetime mechanical guarantee.
  • It has a subdued, yet classy design.
  • It has a scuff-resistant finish.
  • It is the best choice for fountain pen beginners.


  • It is a little pricey.
  • It is only available in one color.


5. Cross Bailey Light Extra Fine pen with Polished Burgundy Resin and Gold Tone

If you want an affordable yet classy, mid-size fountain pen, we have the perfect instrument for you. The Cross Bailey Light is available in green resin with gold tone, amber resin with gold tone, white resin with gold tone, black resin with gold tone, and burgundy resin with gold tone.

Each of these variations is lightweight and comfortable in your hand, so you will not feel anything dragging you down while you write.

Just like the other A.T. Cross pens, the Bailey Light comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty. This shows the brand’s trust in the product and assures you that if anything goes wrong, you won’t be dealing with it out-of-pocket.

This pen comes in a beautiful box, making it a no-brainer gift for a loved one.

The Cross Bailey Light’s style and mechanics prove to be a great investment whether you’re an infrequent or daily pen user.


  •  It is budget-friendly.
  • The design’s careful attention to detail is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.
  • It comes ready to gift in a durable box.
  • It has a broader profile, which is fitting for writers who prefer larger pens.


  • The plastic body is not as durable as other pen choices.
  • The ink channel gets clogged a little too easily.


The Origins of the Cross Fountain Pen

While Cross products are popular all over the world today, the company started from very humble beginnings.

A.T. Cross started in Providence, Rhode Island when founder Richard Cross began making the first fine-writing instruments in America.

Since the company’s inception in 1846, they have produced several masterpieces including the Cross Townsend Fountain Pen (medalist finish), the Cross ATX, and the Cross Peerless collection.

When you use a Cross fountain pen, you are tapping into the vast heritage of the greatest innovation in writing instruments.

Why Cross Fountain Pens Are Still the Top Choice Today

1. They Are Focused on Writing Comfortably

While there are quite a few pen brands still in operation today, many have faded out of public view. One reason that Cross pens remain so popular and loved is that they’ve managed to transform the writing experience.

By producing fountain pens that operate a delicate, yet efficient mechanism, they’ve become second to none in the pen industry.

2. They Are Exquisitely Designed

Whether you’re shopping for a simple and humble pen or a flashy one that turns heads and inspires envy, there is a Cross pen for you. Because of the large audience they cater to, Cross’ presence is almost impossible to ignore in the fountain pen industry.

3. Their Products Are Offered in a Broad Price Range

You can buy fountain pens from this brand across a wide price spectrum. Some of their pens go for under $50, while others can cost up to a thousand dollars or more.

While some A.T. Cross prices are on the more affordable side, the company is dedicated to using only the best materials in the manufacturing process, so you’ll be getting higher quality than you’d find in similarly-priced pens.


1. What is the Best Way to Use My Cross Fountain Pen?

We recommend you get a converter and use this to load the ink. Doing so will ensure that you don’t get any web-like strings between your writing strokes.

2. How Do I Find the Right Converter for my Cross Pen?

Check out and research the converters on the Cross platform before making a purchase.

3. Do Cross Pens Last?

When properly used, Cross pens will easily stand the test of time. These pens are built with care and excellent craftsmanship. They should remain long-lasting, provided they are not involved in bangs or falls.


Is a Cross fountain pen the best writing instrument for you? There is absolutely a  Cross pen for you.

Will you enjoy your experience if you buy one? Definitely, and they have a lifetime mechanical warranty to prove it.

This brand has managed to stay relevant for so long because they’ve developed a keen understanding of what fountain pen users want. A.T. Cross has created an option for every design need, price range, and function.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line fountain pen to help you fall in love with your writing, these stellar instruments will not disappoint. Check out some other great pens here.


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