Best Colorverse Inks – A Comprehensive Review
colorverse ink

When you think of stationery items, the most important thing that comes to your mind should be a pen. Fountain pens are one of the best choices for a fun and successful writing experience. 

The smoothest writing pens are must-haves for students and office workers. Ink is also a vital factor, as it affects the performance of your fountain pens. So, which fountain pen ink should you buy for your regular needs? 

The most common brand of fountain pen ink is Colorverse. 

This bestselling ink maker is a Korean-based company that manufactures premium quality ink. The special ink formula has won a superior reputation for the company. We have picked the best-rated Colorverse inks on the market for this review. This guide should help you make the right choice.

Best Colorverse Ink – Buying Guide

1. Colorverse Ink – Glistening Series – No. 22, Fountain Pen Ink


  • Bottle capacity – 30ml
  • Ink type – Dye-based ink
  • Number of colors – 6

Colorverse Glistening ink series, available in a 30ml bottle, presents you with 6 different color choices. The oval-shaped bottle, with a wide mouth and a flat front, ensures that you can easily fill your pen with quality ink. So, there is no complaint about the packing quality.

In terms of performance, Colorverse ink has shown superiority. Dip your pen into the Colorverse Glistening ink one time, and you will be able to write across your paper.

The drying time is about 13 to 15 seconds, and it is standard for medium or high saturation glistening ink. Moreover, we have found no bleeding issue with this fountain ink.

The overall performance is impressive, and this ink is the perfect choice for note-taking, journaling, and other projects. You must consider that nib sizes and paper type can make a difference in the result.


  • Clear and legible lines
  • Vivid color
  • High quality


  • Not waterproof
  • Light color smearing

2. Colorverse Ink – The MINI Collection (3-pack)


  • Bottle capacity – 5ml
  • Ink type – Dye-based
  • Number of colors – 3 colors in every set

Colorverse has released The Mini Collection for fountain pen lovers. The volume of each mini bottle is 5 ml, and so, it has included 3 bottles in every pack. Each pack contains 3 different color combinations. 

The mini ink bottles are a perfect choice for those who need to write often with varying ink colors.

Each pack of bottles also includes a pipette, which is used for drawing the fountain pen ink out of the vials. You may use it to fill anything, which accommodates the tip. Although the plastic pipette is good for filing purposes, some users have used a syringe.

The Mini Collection inks are quite stunning, and you can use them for almost any type of fountain pens. The smooth writing potential has drawn the attention of several fountain pen users.


  • A perfect size for sampling
  • Smooth flow
  • Bright colors


  • This ink is slightly on the costlier side

3. Colorverse Ink – Season 6 – Joy in the Ordinary 


  • Bottle capacity – 30ml
  • Ink type – Dye-based ink
  • Number of colors – 6 colors

The Joy in the Ordinary series from Colorverse is available in varying colors and themes – Brunch Date, Coffee Break, Delicious Sleep, Rainy Day, Under the Shade, and Walk the Dog. With delightful, theme-based graphics, the bottles look amazing. 

Interestingly, the color of the ink matches the theme shown on the bottle. For instance, the warm brown ink can remind you of a cup of hot coffee. This creative combination of color and theme is one of the attractions of Colorverse ink bottles. But, this is just all about general aesthetics. 

We have checked the quality of ink, which determines performance. Colorverse ink has maintained a balance between dry and wet. Once the ink has transferred on to the paper’s surface, it feels semi-dry.

The cute-looking oval-shaped bottles are extremely portable. You can carry a bottle with you to fill your fountain pen anytime. 

The best feature is that the Joy in the Ordinary series includes some unconventional colors. Those who prefer something different from blue, red, and black inks can choose these colors. 

For instance, the brown shade is not close to black, and your writings on the paper will look attractive. Almost any bottle in this series presents you with soft and muted ink colors.

According to some users, the ink performs well on both high and low-quality papers.


  • Water-based ink
  • Faster drying
  • Gorgeous ink
  • Cost-effective ink


  • No issues found

4. Colorverse Ink – United States Special Series


  • Bottle capacity – 15ml bottle
  • Ink type – Dye-based ink
  • Number of colors – 20 colors

Colorverse has named each bottle in this series with a unique identifying feature from every US State. For instance, in the Cape May bottle, Colorverse likes to remind you of The Jersey Cape, which is a famous destination for its boardwalks and beaches. 

Similarly, Dakota Thunder and Rhode Island are other United States themes for the ink bottle. You may choose the ink bottle as a gift for your friend who resides in one of the specific states.

Colorverse has used premium quality, pure colorants to formulate the ink. That is why you will see clear and crisp colors. Made from plant-origin materials, the ink is safe to use. 

The alcohol-free ink does not contain any chemical odorants. So, while writing on your paper with your fountain pen, you will not find an unpleasant odor. The pH value is neutral, so the ink will not deteriorate in your fountain pen.


  • Rich and beautiful color
  • No smearing issue
  • Not overly wet
  • Good packaging


  • Clogging problem according to some users

5. Colorverse Project Ink Vol. 2 – Constellation


  • Bottle capacity – 65ml
  • Ink type – Dye-based ink
  • Number of colors – 8

Just like the US Special Series, this line is named after famous constellations. The round bottle size is slightly larger than other ink bottles. 

One of the constellation inks is Boo, which represents the brightest star in Bootes. Although it seems to be a pale, dusty pink color, it looks dark when you apply the ink to paper.

Similarly, Colorverse Uma got its name from the most shining star in the Ursa Major. It is a fascinating grey fountain pen ink, which seems to be a pale burgundy at first glance. 

You can also choose the Orion constellation pack to get the reddish-orange ink and a beautiful gold sheen.


  • Radiant colors
  • Impressive packaging
  • Reasonable pricing


  • No issues found

Guide to Buying the Colorverse Ink for Your Fountain Pens

It is always  fun to write something on paper with your fountain pen. The ink is available in a range of qualities, colors, and price rates. This pen ink will need special care to prevent any issues. 

Before providing you with a guide for choosing the ink, you have to know the difference between ink bottles and cartridges.

Bottled Ink vs Cartridges – Which Option is Better for You?

While some consumers prefer ink cartridges, others like to use bottled ink. It is easy to make your decision based on your pen design. Several fountain pens do not work with ink cartridges, and thus, you need to choose bottled ink to continue writing.

Both bottled ink and cartridges have advantages and disadvantages.

Cartridges are user-friendly, as you just pop one in the pen and write with it until the ink runs out. Cartridges can be the better choice for those who need to use the pen while traveling. But, one of the biggest downfalls of cartridges is that they are not available in several colors. 

On the other hand, bottled Colorverse ink is found in a range of unique colors. The best feature is that even though your pen needs a standard cartridge, you may refill that cartridge with your bottled ink. 

That is why an ink bottle is a versatile choice for fountain pen users.

Another notable feature is that popular fountain pen brands rely on proprietary cartridges, which will limit you to a few colors.

Bottled inks are best for beginners and intermediate users who prefer writing their notes using different colors. 

Colorverse has also introduced several different colors of ink. Although bottled ink is slightly costlier than cartridges, it usually has a better use case. One of the downfalls is that you have to learn how to fill your pen with ink, without making a mess.

Which Type of Fountain Pen Ink Should You Buy?

The flow of the ink starts from the reservoir of your fountain pen and passes through the nib to reach the paper. The size of your fountain pen nib affects how your ink appears on the paper. 

This is the way the ink works inside of your pen. Fountain pen inks come in different types and each has its own varying characteristics.

Dye-based Inks

There are water-soluble chemical components in the dye-based inks, which are used for most fountain pens. For those who are looking for a cheaper option, dye ink is the right choice. 

It is easy to care for a fountain pen that uses water-soluble dye inks. These inks do not get easily blocked in your fountain pen. Colorants used for the pen dissolve in water, and thus, they do not leave any sediment. 

Another advantageous feature is that you can flush your fountain pen with water.

Because of the solubility of dye inks, they are not waterproof. While writing down notes on a piece of paper, you must avoid water contact to prevent smudging issues.

This low-maintenance dye ink is available in a range of colors, and it looks vibrant while being used for writing purposes.

Pigment-based Inks

The fade-proof and waterproof pigment inks have become popular among fountain pen users. This ink contains fine solid colorant particles that can be combined with water. These colorants are not water-soluble and remain suspended in liquids.

That is why you need to clean your fountain pen regularly. When left untreated, solid particles block the feed of your pen. They also cause a barrier to the smooth flow of the nib.

The water-insoluble nature has some pros, as it makes the ink more permanent. When solid particles touch your paper, they create a bond to the fibers. There is no risk of fading in contact with sunlight. You will not find these advantages with chemical dye inks. Pigment inks are slightly costlier than dye inks.

Iron-gall Inks

The reaction of iron ions and tannic acid results in the formulation of iron-gall inks. The acid used for manufacturing ink is taken out of oak trees’ galls. When you write something on paper using iron-gall ink, it darkes. 

You will find a deeper purple-black tone because of the iron oxidation. In wetter spots, the ink looks darker while it dries. Due to this special trait, the ink can cause a shading effect.

Permanence is another big reason for choosing this ink. After oxidation, iron-gall inks turn out to be water-insoluble – insolubility ensures permanence to the ink.

This quality is preferable, especially when you need to issue certificates. Identify your needs before choosing the right type of fountain ink.

One thing to note is that iron-gall inks contain acid, and they are corrosive. You need to choose them for a fountain pen that you use regularly.

The ink left in the metallic pen can result in corrosion. 

Bulletproof Ink

The dye-based formula of the bulletproof ink provides you with the benefits of both dye-based and pigment-based inks. This ink has a strong bond with the cellulose fibers in paper, resulting in a waterproof ink. This dye-based formula does not need maintenance.

There is no need to clean the pen and remove the solid particles inside it. You can choose the bulletproof ink to get a long-lasting solution and sharp color. When the pen ink leaves marks on undesirable places, it is not easy to remove the stain.

Shimmer and Sheen Inks

Shimmer and sheen are usually confused together, but they have a clear difference.

Nowadays, consumers prefer fountain pen inks with a high amount of sheen. In fact, sheen refers to a property of your pen ink. It becomes visible when the paper has not absorbed the ink completely. 

While the ink takes time to dry naturally on the surface, the sheen becomes prominent. The sheen gives the ink an iridescent effect. For instance, a red ink may have a purple sheen, while the purple one presents you with a golden sheen.

Like sheen, shimmer is one of the ink’s properties. This chemical property is associated with dyes used for the ink. The use of shimmer makes the ink look glittered. For those who prefer sparkling ink, shimmer ink is the ideal choice. 

You need the right paper and pen to find the desired output from shimmer ink. While writing on your holiday and greeting cards, this ink is the most suitable option.

Fluorescent Inks

This unique pen ink becomes visible under UV rays. Colorverse has no collection of this ink.

Scented Inks

Colorverse’s line of scented inks is one of the most unique in the market right now. Currently, they offer lavender, rose, jasmine and other flowers. The strong fragrance lasts 1 to 2 days.

Shading Inks

These inks appear darker and lighter at varying points in every stroke. You need an ink-resistant paper for using these inks.

Important Things to Consider

Ink Colors

You can compare different colors of fountain pen ink, in order to pick the right one. The color is all about your preferences. Colorverse offers packs of multiple colored inks. We suggest buying mini swatches to test out which ones you like.


It is not easy to find a fountain pen ink that  is 100% waterproof. You may find the ink bottle labeled as waterproof, but improper use of this ink can still cause smearing problems.

It is quite safe to use moderately water-resistant ink to ensure legibility of your paper notes, if it becomes in contact with water.

Saturation Level

Saturation indicates the amount of colorant used for the ink. Vibrant and dark inks are highly saturated. On the contrary, more transparent and paler inks indicate a low saturation level. You can easily identify saturation by checking the ink visually in your writing samples. 

One issue with highly saturated ink is that it takes a longer time to dry. The dye residue can get accumulated in the pen’s nib over time. You can solve the performance problem by cleaning the pen’s interior with water. 

To get a no-fuss solution, you can choose an ink with low to medium-level saturation.

Wetness or Flow of Your Ink

This indicates how smoothly the ink flows through your pen. Wetter ink will have a faster flow. When you are using a wetter ink, you will naturally go through the ink faster. 

For a smoother feeling, you can opt for wet inks. However, dry inks ensure less feathering, and you cannot use them for your average-quality paper.

Match the Paper Quality to the Ink

Choosing fountain pen-friendly papers is important, to ensure better performance of the ink. Due to the ink feed and nib, you will have more ink on your paper. 

Regular papers are flimsy and thin. While using a fountain pen, there may be bleeding issues.
Thick waterproof inks will dry slowly, so you must not use them while writing in notebooks. When you close the notebook, the ink will make a mess.


How long will my fountain pen ink last?

In an unopened ink bottle, the fountain pen can last 10 to 60 years. This can vary with the ink type and the way you have stored it. 

After opening the ink bottle, the life expectancy of the ink starts to deteriorate significantly. That is why you should try to use the ink shortly after you purchase it.

You may use an airtight container to preserve your ink and save it from impurities. The mold growth inside the bottle can make the ink useless. While refiling the pen, you need to make sure that your hands and the pen are clean.

How long does the ink last on a paper?

This is directly related to the ink quality and color. In the case of a low-quality fountain pen ink, contact with water can affect it. The best ink has an unlimited shelf life, and there is no risk of fading. Environmental factors and water will not damage it easily.

Is there any rule about the type of ink to be chosen for the fountain pen?

Although we have not found any rigid rule, it is safe to use traditionally-formulated ink for a new fountain pen. Choose ink that will not damage your pen. You do not need to compromise over color choices.

What is the difference between dry and wet inks?

The most important thing is that the drier inks flow less while the wetter ones flow quickly. Beginners can use moderately wet inks for their regular use. These inks are also safe for any type of fountain pen. 

Although drier inks look good, they are not a perfect choice for novices. While writing on paper with drier ink, you will find it slightly scratchy. Some fountain pen users do not prefer this sensation.

Should I shake the ink bottles?

Fountain pen lovers have some disagreement regarding the need for shaking bottles. Some consumers argue that this shaking causes sediment to enter your pen, leading to the fountain pen nib getting clogged. 

In some cases, it is important to shake the ink bottle. For instance, shaking is essential when using shimmering inks to disperse the glittering particles evenly. While shaking the bottle, you should make sure that the mouth is properly closed.

How do I decide on the right ink for my fountain pain?

The nib size and ink flow are the most important factors for this purpose. You must also focus on your writing style to make the right decision. The way you use the pen affects the bleed through and feathering. 

Heavy-handed writing increases the ink flow of your pen. It may also result in indentations on the paper. To avoid these issues, you have to slow down your speed. Let the paper have more time to soak up the ink.

How can I differentiate fountain pen ink from other ordinary inks?

There are two major ingredients in fountain pen inks – colorants and water. They will also have preservatives and some other ingredients. Inks with other stuff (like shellac) are not intended for a fountain pen. They can damage your pen.

Can I blend one ink with another for a single fountain pen?

This may be a risky step for your pen. The ink has a complicated chemical composition. While there are compatible inks, they can react to produce sediments and gasses. Your pen will most likely get damaged over time.


Colorverse ink packages are available in lovely colors. Picking the right fountain pen ink can be overwhelming. You can now go through our comprehensive review to purchase the best quality ink from Colorverse. 

Available at mid-ranged prices, these ink packs have gained the attention of fountain pen users. Ink bottles are available in varying sizes to ensure that they serve your purpose and needs.

You can buy inks in packs to try out multiple colors. Quality ink will make a difference in the legibility of your writing.

We hope this article helped you dive a little deeper into the world of fountain pens. Happy shopping!


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