Cleaning Montblanc Fountain Pen Steps and Tips
cleaning mont blanc fountain pen

Montblanc is one of the most renowned manufacturers of luxurious fountain pens. These professionals have been distributing these quality pens across the globe since 1934, and their pens are known for their stylish design, durability, and smooth writing experience. 

A Montblanc pen can last a lifetime if these pens are properly maintained. Cleaning Montblanc fountain pen accessories is one of these maintenance tasks that you regularly need to take care of. In this guide, we share some step-by-step instructions to properly clean and restore this luxurious pen. 

How Often Should You Clean a Montblanc Fountain Pen?

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It is recommended to routinely clean your fountain pen at least once every three months. But you can also clean your pen when you notice the following:

  • Ink becomes sporadic 
  • Ink stops flowing smoothly from the nib
  • Ink color changes when you write
  • Every time you switch to different ink color
  • Every time you refill your fountain pen piston or converter 

Montblanc also recommends deep cleaning your fountain pen once a year, in which case the pen will need to be fully disassembled. For this extensive cleaning session, it’s probably best to contact Montblanc directly

The disassembly and cleaning steps for different fountain pen model types may vary, and it is always best to get the right deep cleaning instructions for your specific pen model. 

Products You Will Need

It is essential to avoid chemical cleaning products when restoring and maintaining this quality fountain pen. Here is a quick look at what you will need for cleaning fountain pens by Montblanc.  

  • Lukewarm water
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Montblanc nib cleaner 

Cleaning Montblanc Fountain Pen With a Converter

It’s easy to give your fountain pen a routine cleaning every three months. Here is a quick look at a few straightforward steps to get this messy task over and done with quickly.

  • First, grab your converter fountain pen and turn the cone or the top of the pen in a counterclockwise direction to remove the top. 
  • Next, you can remove excess ink from the pen by twisting the ink reservoir counterclockwise. Allow the ink to drip into a container.
  • Now grab a glass and fill it with 3 inches of lukewarm water. Place the pen in the water so the tip is submerged, but avoid dunking your entire pen. Twist the ink reservoir in a clockwise motion to absorb a little water.
  • You will now need to twist the reservoir counterclockwise to release the water. You should notice the water turn black and murky.
  • Repeat the previous two steps several times until the water starts to flow smoothly from the pen.
  • Remove the pen and hold it just above the water. Turn the pen reservoir counterclockwise to clear all water from the pen. If the water is too dirty to see if the pen is clear, it is best to refill the glass with some clean water and rinse it again. 
  • You can now remove the pen from the cup and dry the entire pen using a lint-free cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the pen exterior and dry off the pen tip or nib. 
  • You can now replace the cone and top on the ink reservoir and twist the top clockwise to secure the top into the pen. Remember to never submerge the cap underwater or use water to clean this part of the pen. If the cap is dirty, simply wipe it clean using the lint-free cloth. 

How to Use Montblanc Nib Cleaner 

Montblanc nib cleaners are made from black fabric that is highly absorbent. These nib cleaners are specially designed to minimize ink spillage and keep your nib clean after routine washing or refilling. Here is a quick look at the steps for using nib cleaner.

  • Open the nib cleaner by pressing the outside edges so the fabric will create an opening.
  • Insert the pen nib in the top with the nib facing upward.
  • Gently apply pressure on the top and bottom of the nib so you can absorb excess ink.
  • Gently press down on the thread and turn the nib cleaning device to clean the front part of the nib.
  • Remove the nib cleaner and store it in the front compartment of the nib cleaner box. 
  • You can reuse a nib cleaner five times. After using it a fifth time, the cleaner should be discarded, and a new cleaner should be used. 

How to Refill a Montblanc Pen with Piston Converter

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The piston converter in these pens acts as a reusable ink cartridge, and it is also used to extract ink from the ink bottle when you are refilling the pen.

After washing and drying your antique fountain pen, you should unscrew the pen barrel and turn the end converter counterclockwise as far as it is willing to go. 

You can now push the nib of the pen into the ink bottle. Turn the converter clockwise to draw ink into the cartridge. When it’s full, you can lift the pen and squeeze a couple of ink drops from the pen by turning the converter counterclockwise again. This will keep the pen from dripping over your desk.

Now lift the pen back up and replace the pen end by turning it clockwise to tighten it up again. You can then clean the nib using the Montblanc nib cleaner. 

How to Store a Montblanc Pen After Cleaning It

It’s best to store your writing instrument properly after giving it a thorough clean. The best way to store these pens is in a Montblanc pouch. These pouches will protect it from scratches, dust, and humidity and will keep it in pristine condition for longer.

If you are storing your pen for a long period of time, the ink should first be removed from the converter, and the pen should be cleaned. 

Final Thoughts

Properly cleaning Montblanc fountain pen accessories is critical for keeping your pens in good condition. We hope that this guide helped ease those pen cleaning maintenance tasks. 

If you need more advice on Montblanc pens or are looking for other great tips for using a fountain pen, you should look at some of the other guides we have on Fountain Pen Guide


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