The Top Calligraphy Pen (Wooden) in 2022: The Immersive Buying Guide
calligraphy pen wooden

Unlike regular writing, calligraphy is considered to be a form of art. You can express yourself by creating elegant and beautiful fonts and letters through wooden calligraphy pens.

However, to create art, you must have the best and proper tools to get perfect results. 

If you’re a beginner, you can practice making letters and shapes with a pencil or standard ballpoint pens. 

But as you get more serious about calligraphy, you’ll want to get a wooden calligraphy pen to start a project. 

A good and efficient calligraphy pen will help you write smoothly on paper and improve your overall writing experience. 

So, when buying a calligraphy pen, you must keep certain things in mind. You must consider aspects such as the size of the brush tip, dip or fountain pens, ink selection, etc. 

You’ll find multiple types of calligraphy pens for different purposes. In our immersive guide, “Calligraphy Pen Wooden,” we list the best pens to help you create beautiful letters. 

Different Types of Calligraphy Pens

Before we list the best calligraphy pen (wooden), you must learn about the two types of calligraphy pens.

The first one is the Dip Pen

As the name suggests, dip calligraphy pens are dipped into ink whenever they dry. Once they get dry, you will not be able to continue writing.

And the second type of calligraphy pen is Fountain. These pens include an ink cartridge that allows you to write continuously without the tip getting dry. 

Fountain pens are great for beginners as they will create minimal mess, and there will be no extra ink flow. 

You’ll have a great writing experience since you won’t have to stop every time the pen gets dry. 

However, dip pens have two different styles:

  • Oblique Calligraphy Pens.
  • Straight Calligraphy Pens.

If you’re right-handed, you’ll find the oblique pen difficult. Such types of dip pens require you to exert force on both sides of the nib. 

All these styles are compatible with calligraphy. But what matters is your calligraphy style and personal preference. 

Best Wooden Calligraphy Pen

1. Hethronen Calligraphy Fountain Writing Beginners

The perfect calligraphy pen for beginners, this particular mention is easy to use. It’s a perfect tool for learning the art of making beautiful letters. 

These dip pens provide a smooth writing experience, and there are no messy ink spillages.

The best part about this product is that you get 11 replaceable calligraphy pen nibs along with the pen. The calligraphy nibs are high in quality and hold the ink well. 

If you’re used to nib pens, you’ll be able to use this pen without any worries. 

Specs & Features We Like
  • The pack comes with 11 replaceable calligraphy dip pen nibs and 1 black calligraphy ink.
  • Dip pens are of high quality, superior, and durable. 
  • A classic style pen with a classic grip helps with longer writing time. No hand fatigue.
  • Wooden pen.
  • Product dimension: 8.5 x 3.7 x 1.5 in. 
Should You Buy This Product?

Dip pens aren’t generally everyone’s cup of tea. At the same time, if you are a beginner willing to learn everything about calligraphy, we suggest you go for it. 

The Calligraphy pen by Hethronen has an elegant appearance, and the ink dispenses smoothly from the tip. You can use it to write in different styles. 

Overall, it’s a great value-for-the-money product. In total, you’ll be spending about $12 – $13.

Our Verdict

If you’re uncomfortable with dip pens, you should avoid this product. 

On the other hand, the best part about this product is that you get 11 extra nibs. The nibs hold the ink well so you can write beautifully. 

The box is an excellent additional deal, making the pen a perfect gift package. 

2. Jinhao Fountain Calligraphy Drawing Handwriting

The following mention is among the best budget calligraphy pens. This pen offers you features that are found in expensive calligraphy pens. 

The light and dark shells have been assembled to give it an elegant pattern. The build and appearance of the pen are beautiful.

It is not a dip pen and requires a cartridge or converter. The converter is easy to fill, and even a beginner can refill the pen without needing help. 

Whether writing or drawing, the pen will produce fine and bold lines on the same stroke. So you won’t need to swap out different pens. 

Specs & Features We Like
  • Cartridge-based calligraphy pen. 
  • Standard calligraphy fountain pen ink cartridges can be used in this pen. 
  • It has a curved nib for drawing, calligraphy, and normal writing. 
  • Writing in various angles can provide thin or thick lines.
  • Less fluid ink flow.
Should You Buy This Product?

The bend nib helps to create fine and bold lines, depending on the angle. 

You’ll have to practice a lot to get used to this pen. It provides an excellent writing experience, and the grip is also comfortable.

If you’re someone who likes to do calligraphy and drawing, the Calligraphy Drawing Pen by Jinhao makes an ideal option. At $12 – $17, it’s an exceptional and affordable pen.

Our Verdict

Overall, it’s an amazing pen on a budget.

If you don’t want a calligraphy dip ink pen, this cartridge pen is for you. 

3. Monaggio Calligraphy Pen Wooden

An eco-friendly fountain pen, this creation by Monaggio uses durable materials. Plus, it has a premium design that gives a touch of luxury. 

Users worldwide love this pen for its elegant look and classic feel. 

It’s a refillable fountain pen, so you don’t have to worry about dipping it. This wooden pen allows for a flawless writing experience. 

This cartridge pen has a German nib that provides smooth writing and no leakage. The pen’s ink flow is excellent and excessive ink won’t come out. 

Specs & Features We Like
  • Durability and great design.
  • A standard international ink cartridge can be used to fill ink into pen. 
  • German nib prevents any clog and leak.
  • Nonstop writing.
  • Comes with a bamboo storage case to provide protection.
Should You Buy This Product?

If you’re looking for a good wooden cartridge pen, go for the Monaggio calligraphy pen. Because of its great look, it also makes for an ideal luxury gift pen. 

The high-quality German nib helps prevent ink leaks or clogs.

If you’re interested in getting this pen, head to Amazon. It costs about $19 – $20.

Note: Make sure to check out the seller’s shipping policies.

Our Verdict

It’s a great product. The feel is exceptional not too heavy, not too light. 

The wooden body is fabulous, and the writing flow is smooth. You can use this pen by Monaggio daily.

4. GC Handcrafted Calligraphy Pens Writing Cartridges

This is yet another dip pen on our list that’ll help you practice beautiful handwriting and calligraphy. 

Before discussing the pen, you must check out the box and packaging. The box is incredible. So much so it might even inspire you to do calligraphy. 

It has different-sized nibs, ink, and a wood tray for the ink bottle. The pen is made up of wood and is well balanced.

It’s of excellent quality and delivers good ink flow and a smooth writing experience.

Specs & Features We Like
  • The product includes 4 types of nibs and 1 bottle of ink.
  • Made of superior quality and is durable. 
  • The pen has been handcrafted with stainless steel and rosewood, adding a luxury touch. 
  • Provides stability and superior control.
  • Calligraphy pen holder.

Plus, if you’re interested in learning how to replace the nib in a fountain pen, check this out.

Should You Buy This Product?

Honestly, the wooden dip pen by GC Writing Quill is a great buy. At the same time, it might not be for everyone. 

If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend you go for another calligraphy pen. That’s because fitting the nib can be a bit hard. 

The pen’s holder is slightly smaller than the average size. But if you use a calligraphy pen regularly, you will know how to fit and adjust it. 

On the other hand, a beginner will probably end up breaking the nib. 

All in all, it still is a great pen. It’s made of attractive, high-quality wood and provides a great calligraphy writing experience at a reasonable price.

For $34 – $36, you can buy the calligraphy dip pen set on Amazon. 

Our Verdict

Go for this product if you are not a beginner, as it might need some experienced adjusting. 

It’s a superb pen that offers great features. But the working mechanism of fitting the nib can be a bit complicated for beginners. 

Also, as it is a dip pen, it will require the nib to hold the ink properly. 

This product blots off a little ink at the first touch. So we recommend you blot the first touch on a rough paper after dipping the ink.

5. OPENDGO Calligraphy Handcrafted Antique Writing

This particular calligraphy pen has an exquisite design, is elegant, and makes for an efficient pen for writers and artists. 

You can also give it as a gift because it’s among the most beautifully crafted calligraphy pens. The simplicity of the pen and the sophisticated-looking box make for a complete package.

The above-mentioned pack comes with multiple nibs. 

It does a great job holding the ink. If used correctly, you won’t face any problem with ink spillage.

Specs & Features We Like
  • It’s a calligraphy dip pen that comes with 11 various types of calligraphy nibs and 1 ink bottle.
  • The pen has been handcrafted and made with stainless steel and rosewood. 
  • It has an easy ink flow and delivers a great writing experience.
  • The grip is comfortable and suitable for longer writing time.
  • The nibs are flexible.
  • Multiple line widths.
Should You Buy This Product?

If you want to experiment and practice calligraphy, go ahead and get this amazing calligraphy pen wooden by OPENDGO. 

It’s an inexpensive calligraphy pen that you can get for $14 – $17.

The pen package also comes with 11 different nibs, so you get your money’s worth. 

The overall appearance of this pen is simple and clean. 

Our Verdict

This product is for those who want to practice and experiment with different calligraphy styles. 

If you don’t hold the pen correctly, it might result in the ink getting everywhere. So, use this pen cautiously.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wooden Calligraphy Pen

Type of Pen: Dip or Fountain Pens

The first thing you must consider is whether you want a dip pen or a fountain pen. 

If you aren’t comfortable dipping the pen every time it gets dry, we recommend you buy a fountain pen. 

The latter has cartridges and converters inside. You’ll have a much better writing experience.


It’s essential to buy a calligraphy pen that has a versatile nib. 

If you like calligraphy/drawing, a calligraphy pen with a flexible nib will help you make thick and thin lines.

Ink Selection

Buy a calligraphy pen with ink readily available in the market. That will make things much more convenient for you. 

Plus, remember that the ink should also be compatible with the pen. 

Durability and Quality

Remember that a high-quality fountain pen goes a long way.

Buying a cheap product will only cause ink spills, a poor experience, and ruin your calligraphy.

In Conclusion

Through our guide, we’ve provided you with the best calligraphy pen (wooden). 

If we had to choose and recommend one out of this amazing listing, it’d be the Fountain Pen by Monaggio

It’s eco-friendly and comes with a high-quality German nib that helps create beautiful writing. You can rest assured and use it as an everyday pen. 

If you found this guide useful, spread the word. Tell us about your favorite wooden calligraphy pen by commenting down below.


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