The Best Letter Opener in 2022
best letter opener

Although we fountain pen users live in a digital age, several things like birthday cards, statements, and bills still come as physical letters. Whether you run an SME or a household, you need a good letter opener, especially if you have a fellow fountain pen loving pen pal!

While letter openers might seem like an unnecessary home or office supply, the fact is that they have several purposes.

First, and perhaps most importantly, they ensure that you don’t sustain painful paper cuts when you use your fingers to open envelopes.

Second, these letter opening tools make sure that you do not damage the letter or bill contained within the envelope.

And, let’s not forget that these paper knives provide your home and office space with a more even and collected feel.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a great package opener and/or envelope opener, here are the best ones on the market right now!

Best Letter Opener

1. Uncommon Desks Colorful Letter Openers Trendy Pack (3 Pieces)

Any detailed evaluation of these office mail supplies will quickly reveal one thing — they’re one of the best ways to add a nice detail to your office!

Available at reasonable prices, they help you make quick work of paper envelopes and packages. If you’re looking for a letter opener that’s comfortable to wield, lightweight, and long-lasting, then the cutting inches Uncommon envelope letter openers are sure to meet all your needs.

Just like the name suggests, these products are far from your conventional straight blade openers. Their unique shape and design helps these letter opening tools efficiently slide under the flap of an envelope, cutting the top open cleanly without harming the handwritten letter inside.

There are two things that stood out to us about these letter openers. 

The first is that each piece comes in very distinct and beautiful colors. Available in mint green, black, hot pink, and daisy white, we especially like the fact that you get to choose which colors you want each envelope opener to come in while you place your order!

The second thing that’s especially appealing about this particular product is that since you get three openers when you buy it, you can effectively cover all your letter opening needs in different locations in your home or office. 

  • It’s available at a fair price.
  • It has numerous attractive color options.
  • Its concealed blade and unique size design make it safer to use compared to many straight blade openers.
  • It comes in a pack of three.
  • It has a sleek design and comes with a key-chain ring hole so you’ll have zero mobility issues if you plan to move this around. 
  • It has a long, untapered tip so it isn’t always easy to fit under the flap of an envelope.
  • Its build could be sturdier. 

2. Ram-Pro 3pc Envelope Letter Openers Slitter Set

Another elegant way to say goodbye to painful paper cuts, the Ram-Pro envelope letter openers have a sharp stainless steel blade that opens envelopes without stress.

The true embodiment of the phrase small but mighty, there isn’t an envelope that this efficient tool cannot open quickly. Perfect for people who get a large amount of mail, you can half the time you usually spend on opening letters with these beauties.

We also recommend this slitter set to people who want to get their hands on an envelope opener quickly. Because it comes in a set of three, you can have one join your kitchen products, the other in the office, and the last one by your front door. 

And, since it comes with a key-chain hole, you can move it around easily.

The best thing about Ram-Pro’s offering is that their product is incredibly high-quality while being inexpensive. You get more value for your money with these paper knives! 

  • Its hidden blade is remarkably sharp.
  • It’s very affordable.
  •  It has a stylish design and build.
  •  It’s a good value for the price. 
  • Due to its high dexterity, it’s a good choice for people with mobility issues. 
  • Its stainless steel blade could be better concealed.
  • It could be sturdier. 

3. TUCKMER Letter Opener Envelope Slitter Set (4 Pcs)

Let’s just come out and say it — this is without a doubt the best letter opener you could find on the market today!

This isn’t an opinion unique to our editing team. This product has tons of positive reviews from users all around the world. 

Like all the other entrants on our list so far, the TUCKMER has a recessed blade. However, where it differs from its counterparts here is that it is exceptionally safe. This is because the gap under the blade is super narrow, minimizing the chances of hurting yourself.

In addition to this, you also get 4 envelope letter openers in a single purchase, further increasing the convenience of your letter opening.

And, we’ll also admit we’re huge fans of the design. Shaped like a credit card, this letter opener is both classy and elegant. The grip is also good, and the plastic it’s made of feels sturdy and durable. Its rounded edges complete the mature aesthetic and efficient look of the letter opener.

  • It has a sharp stainless steel blade.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • It’s very safe to use.
  • It’s cost-efficient.
  • It’s great for the price.
  • It’s easy to carry around.
  • It may be too small for some users. 

4. Paul Revere Paper Cutting Knife

While the letter knife has undergone a major revolution over the years, straight blade openers remain quite popular. The Paul Revere paper cutting knife clearly shows why these types of envelope letter openers will always be in vogue.

For starters, this nickel-plated letter opener looks stylish, elegant, and readily complements almost any background décor of your home or office.

But more than this, simply holding this knife lets you know you’re in the presence of a high-quality item. Weighing about 3 ounces, it gives you perfect balance and grip and helps you effortlessly rip open envelope after envelope.

While it’s not as fast as its more modern, recessed counterparts, you can rest assured that the Paul Revere paper cutting knife will last you for far longer. What’s more, you’ll be trading speed for precision here because of its cleaner cuts. 

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the holidays or birthdays, this letter opener is a great option!  

  • Its beautiful nickel plating makes it look very stylish and elegant.
  • It’s sufficiently long and well-tapered.
  • The stainless steel blade has blunt edges, which makes it safer. 
  • It gives you clean, precise, and even cuts.
  •  It’s a great gift idea.
  • It’s designed to be durable and long-lasting. 
  • It’s a bit pricey. 

5. Westcott All-Purpose Letter Opener

If you’re interested in purchasing a straight blade opener,  our top recommendation for you is the Westcott All-Purpose Letter Opener.

Unlike most other straight blade openers, this one comes with a very sharp edge. It’s great for cutting through envelopes, but you have to be careful. 

What’s more, this letter opener doesn’t have to be thrown away once it gets dull because you can easily sharpen it with a whetstone. 

In terms of longevity, this enveloper opener will serve you well. Even though it has a plastic grip, it’s so well made so that the plastic doesn’t deteriorate.

It’ll make a great addition to your home and office mail supplies. 

  • It has a very sharp blade.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • It’s super lightweight.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It gives users a strong and steady grip.
  • It’s available in multiple color options. 
  • Even though it has various color options, users don’t get to choose which one they get.
  • Because it’s so sharp, you have to be very careful when using it and ensure that you keep it far away from kids. 

What Is a Letter Opener?

These tools are specifically designed to help you cut through paper folds with a greater level of ease and precision. Also commonly called paper knives, letter openers usually carry either a sharp or dull blade.

These office mail supplies can also be made from various materials, ranging from metal to wood, plastic, or ivory. They also come in varying designs to increase the level of precision and ease with which the tools are used.

These tools are good to have not only because they prevent painful paper cuts but also because they are faster and facilitate easier organization.

How To Pick the Best Letter Opener

If you’re going to invest in this type of tool, you might as well get the best one. 

Finding the best paper knife requires a measure of skill. This is because the best letter opener has to meet several crucial criteria. We’ll be discussing some of the most important ones now.

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Paper Knife

Some of the most important variables you need to use to inform your purchasing decision include:

Size and Weight

How much this cutting tool weighs is an especially important variable if you plan to use it a lot. In this case, you need to make sure you pick something that won’t become heavy during extended use.

We recommend a letter opener that weighs no more than 0.3 to 3 ounces.

In terms of length, anything beyond 10 inches is probably too long and you may experience difficulty storing it.


You generally have two options here.

The first is exposed straight blade openers, while the second is recessed blade openers that have a hidden blade and a card-like grip.

With a few exceptions, the former has dull blades while the latter features sharp ones.

There are several pros and cons to going either way.

For example, while recessed openers might be sharper, you’ll get a more even cut with straight blades.

Keep in mind that you can also get electronic letter openers. However, these are better suited for commercial purposes.

Make and Material 

As we mentioned earlier, paper knives can be made of different types of materials. Often, the material your paper knife is made of often determines how long it’ll last.

For instance, some letter openers are made of plastic from top to bottom. While these are usually cheaper, they tend to fall apart quickly.

On the other hand, letter openers with a stainless steel blade and hard plastic or a genuine Ray skin handle tend to last longer.


1. What’s the Difference Between a Letter Opener and a Paper Knife?

They are basically the same thing.

These office tools used to be called paper knives. However, today, they’re more commonly known as letter openers.

2. Are These Tools Safe?

When used as intended, yes.

You can increase their safety factor by going for certain types of letter openers. Straight blade openers with dull edges are the way to go if you want increased safety because they are usually duller. 

3. How Do Paper Knives Work?

This depends on the type and design of the letter opener in question.

However, they all leverage the same basic principle — you slip the blade under the fold of the envelope, shove it across, and work your way to the end.

4. Can Every Letter Opener Work as a Package Opener?


If you want a paper knife that can easily double as a package opener, then you should opt for a straight blade opener. The shape and design of a straight blade makes it perfect for this type of task.

Final Word

A letter opener is a mature and elegant tool to add to your office. With the best letter opener, you can open mail with ease without worrying about damaging the contents inside or sustaining paper cuts. 

Choose any of the paper knives we’ve reviewed and improve your letter opening experience!

See more great ways to make your workspace more functional and efficient here.


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