Best Lamy Fountain Pen: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide
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Many people want to own fountain pens for the pleasure they bring to writing. However, choosing the right pen is a decision many struggle with when shopping for one. If this is your first time buying a fountain pen, you should read this guide on what the best Lamy fountain pen is. Here, we have reviewed five of the German maker’s best fountain pens.

Here Are Our Top Picks:

1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen (17F) Umber + 5 Black Ink Cartridges

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is the introductory pen for many people into the blissful world of fountain pens. It is light, smooth, and makes you forget that fountain pens also serve decorative purposes. 

This pen has been around for a while but the maker keeps producing more colors to appeal to the target market. The target market for the Lamy Safari fountain pen is the young and “the young at heart”, to quote the German maker. The most notable thing is that this pen continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts despite the competition it faces from others from the same brand.

What We Like

  • It has a good grip, which stems from the robustness of its barrel
  • It has a classic and original design, which became the model for later Lamy fountain pens
  • It is affordable to most looking to buy their first fountain pen
  • It is very comfortable to write with and gives off a natural feel

What We Don’t Like

  • The material is plastic, which can give off a cheap feel


This is one of the best Lamy fountain pens you can lay your hands on. It is beloved by fountain pen enthusiasts who have lengthy writing tasks and prefer comfortable pens. Everything from the nib and barrel to the ink makes it one of the best the maker has ever produced.

2. Lamy Transparent Vista Fountain Pen with Medium Nib and Blue Ink

Lamy Vista is one of the company’s pride and joys and the transparent model with medium nib is popular enough to protect that pride. Many people buy this pen because it is affordable and gives them options. When you buy a Lamy Transparent Vista fountain pen, you can choose the cartridge of your choice and switch later if you want.

Lamy makes the Vista fountain pen special with its transparent barrel, which allows you to see how it works. The pen ticks every box with its non-fade plastic body with a metal clip, stainless steel nib, and ergonomic grip. This is another pen Lamy dedicates to the youngsters with its motto, “write differently”.

What We Like

  • It writes smoothly and allows you to write for a long time without disturbance
  • It has a great grip, which coupled with the transparent body, makes it easy for beginners to use
  • It makes a great addition to any collector’s repertoire

What We Don’t Like

  • It can get leaky and stain your fingers with ink after writing for a long time
  • The nib can be sometimes scratchy when you first buy it


This is a beginner’s pen that long-time users of fountain pens also enjoy. It serves more than a decorative purpose as you can use it to undertake extensive writing tasks. The visual is one of the reasons this pen is always regarded as one of the best Lamy fountain pens.

3. Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen – Ocean Blue Fine

The toughest decision is between Lamy Safari and Al Star models for many people. The two are carbon copies of each other, but the difference is in the material. While Safari is made of plastic, Lamy designed the Al Star model with metal. The difference is more than that, though.

Lamy Al Star fountain pen has an aluminum body and a translucent grip that allows you to monitor the ink level. Its nib is not the smoothest of fountain pens, but its functionality makes up for this. You can take long notes with this pen, even on low-quality paper.

What We Like

  • It is made of durable materials that do not reduce in quality with the passage of years
  • The color is very appealing and adds to the elegance of the pen
  • It allows you to flaunt your individuality with any ink you want once you get a Z28 converter
  • Its grip guarantees writing comfort for a long time

What We Don’t Like

  • Its nib is not very smooth
  • The cover may sometimes not stay put, which can be distracting if you are writing for a long time


This is one of those pens people will recommend when you want to buy your first fountain pen. It is affordable to most people and designed with great materials that last a long time. The color also gives a visual appeal that most people cannot ignore, and you can keep it even if you want to get another fountain pen.

4. Lamy Studio Fountain Pen, Imperial Blue, Fine Nib

The Studio model is one of the best Lamy fountain pens you can lay your hands on. Even among other Lamy products, this pen stands out. It has a blue metal body that fulfills both artistic and functional roles. It is more expensive than most others from the same maker, but the price is worth it if you buy the original product.

Lamy Studio makes our list because it ticks every box on the classic fountain pen list. From its physical shape to functionality, you will have little to complain about with this pen. Like most Lamy fountain pens, you can change the converter to explore other ink cartridges and have fun with your fountain pen.

What We Like

  • It has a smoother nib than most of the other Lamy fountain pens
  • It is visually appealing and highly functional
  • It is great for long writing tasks as it does not feature any distracting physical embellishments
  • It is durable, and you can change the ink cartridge as you want

What We Don’t  Like

  • It has a slippery grip, which can distract you from long writing tasks


Lamy Studio fountain pen is just that pen to flash if you fancy fountain pens but don’t want to invest in the expensive ones. It makes for a good personal writing instrument and a gift to loved ones. The maker designed the body to show how close design and art can be.

5. Lamy Joy L15 ABS Black with Red Trim Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Most Lamy fountain pens are designed for general writing tasks, but this pen is different. The Lamy Joy is a specialized calligraphy pen engineered for creative writing. This pen is in a class of its own with its unique designs that secure its place on this list. It has three nibs designed for different types of writing, but the most popular is the 1.5mm used for italic calligraphy.

Lamy Joy fountain pen’s features include a black plastic body, aluminum cap, steel nib, spring-loaded bronze wire clip, and an ink cartridge that can be used with the LAMY Z 28 converter. These characteristics will make your creative writing process an enjoyable one, as most reviews have revealed.

What We Like

  • It is great for creative writing
  • It has a stylish and distinct look, especially with its tail
  • It can be used for a wide range of writing
  • It has the grip needed for deliberate cursive handwriting

What We Don’t Like

  • The nib is too big for general writing
  • It can be a bit scratchy if you are not deliberate about the design you are making


Lamy Joy is a pen you want to buy if you are into using fountain pens to make calligraphic notes. It may take a while to get used to, as the regular 1.5mm nib is thicker than normal, but it becomes a pleasure to use once you get the hang of it.

Things to Know Before You Buy a Lamy Fountain Pen

Buying a Lamy is a good way to get your first fountain pen. It is affordable, has a long history, and has good reviews generally. However, buying a fountain pen is not as simple as buying a ballpoint pen or a gel pen. You have to know about things like:

The Intended Use

There are several fountain pens out there that you can spend a long time deciding which to buy. You should know that your decision should be guided by what you intend to use the pen for. For example, buying Lamy Joy may be a good option if you want to do creative writing but not for writing on a daily basis.

The intended use of a fountain pen will further guide you on how much you should spend on one. For example, a cheap Lamy Safari or Al Star will do for daily writing but not an expensive one like Lamy 2000. The latter is best for important uses such as signing official documents or gifting loved ones.

The Parts

Once you let your intended use guide you towards a suitable fountain pen, the next thing you have to focus on is the pen and its parts. Here, you must consider the physical shape and functionality. You will have to consider how every part suits your need, from the nib to the cover.

Nibs are especially important since they directly affect your writing. Therefore, you should buy a pen with a nib size and style that will suit your writing style and purpose. Most fountain pens give various nib size options such as fine (F), extra-fine (EF), medium (M), and so on. The good thing about fountain pens is that you can change the nib if it does not suit your desire.

Apart from nibs, other parts that require great attention include the barrel and your pen grip. The barrel is the body and contributes majorly to the aesthetics of the pen. Some of the best Lamy fountain pens have plastic barrels, while others are made of different metals. What matters most is comfortably holding the pen, especially if you intend to buy it for long writing tasks.

For increasing your level of comfort while writing pen to paper, the grip is another part you should pay attention to. A fountain pen may either have a straight grip or a triangular one. Buying a pen with a triangular grip is an excellent choice for someone who writes a lot. The recessed grip guarantees writing comfort more than the straight grip in most instances.

The final thing to know about the parts is that they should be easy to replace. Many Lamy fountain pens come with ink cartridges that can be changed with cartridge converters. Fountain pens are meant to be used for a long time, and this is why we emphasize knowing about the parts in case you have to change one or the other.

Other Options

Before buying a Lamy fountain pen, check the options available to you. The company has many models at affordable prices. Their fountain pens are also given distinct designs to appeal to different demographics. Of course, you must buy one that appeals to your taste.

Apart from the remarkable five pens that have made our list of best Lamy fountain pens, you can look through others on the company’s website. They cut across different price ranges, but one of the signatures of Lamy is the affordability of their fountain pens.

Finally, fountain pens need to be cared for to fully exploit their values over years. Learn how to take care of your Lamy fountain pen from the maker or other authoritative sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Lamy Safari fountain pen and the Al Star?

Al Star is Lamy’s upgrade to the Safari model. The major difference is that Safari is made of plastic while Al Star has a metal body. However, other subtle differences, such as the translucent body that enables Al Star users to monitor the ink capacity. Either of the two is a great choice for writers who write for long periods.

Does the ink cartridge come inserted already?

All Lamy pens come with ink cartridges that are not installed. This is the same for most fountain pens, as they can be stored for a long time without use. You only have to remove the cardboard ring to shut the pen, and the ink will start to flow. You can also prime the ink to flow by dipping the nib in a little water if you have not used the pen in a long time.


You can begin your journey into the fountain pen world with one of these best Lamy fountain pen that are available today. We have highlighted five of the best items from the German maker’s collections, but there are more. 

You can check Lamy’s website for more of their classic fountain pens, such as the famous LAMY 2000 and LAMY aion, or others like LAMY Lx, dialog, scala, imporium, accent, logo, and more. Decide which will be the perfect choice of these popular writing instruments and place your order.


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