What’s The Best Fountain Pen Nib For You?
best fountain pen nib

A fountain pen is more than just a stick of plastic that writes. Instead, it consists of different parts that come together to form one whole unit. You can write comfortably with your pen because all the components work perfectly. 

However, what happens when a part of your pen wears out? You will notice ink leakages, scratchy nibs, poor ink flow, and other problems. Ultimately it will affect your writing progress, and you might need to get a new pen.

So what happens when your nib is faulty? Unlike some other parts, you can simply change it. You can get the best fountain pen nib that will work perfectly for your pen, and we’ve prepared a tested list of five models.

1. Set Of 3 Hongidan Fountain Pen Black Nibs  

First on our list is a product from Hondgian, and it is part of their Asvine collection. This particular product is made to satisfy your writing needs and last you long. If you have a Hongidan fountain pen with a damaged nib, you can quickly get one of these instead of replacing the whole pen. 

The nibs feature quality construction from polystyrene material. Polystyrene is a polymer of a hydrocarbon, and it comes in the form of hard plastic.  The polystyrene used in making these nibs give it some features that make it easier for you to use your pen. 

Polystyrene is a form of plastic, but it is very tough. Using polystyrene to make the nib contributes to its durability, and there is a low chance of your nib breaking if your pen falls to the ground. 

The material is very light, adding negligible weight to the total mass of the pen. For this reason, it’s easier to write without applying extra force to your nib. Polystyrene is smooth and lets your pen glide over the paper while you write. You also don’t have to worry about scratches on your work surface.

Apart from the durability and the lightness of the nib, the aesthetic value is another interesting point. The nib is carefully crafted to please the eyes and contributes to your pen’s overall beauty. As part of this effort, each nib has unique designs at the tip, and it also carries the manufacturer’s logo.

The nib’s design is not only aimed at beauty; they are also as user-friendly as possible. It can be irritating when you have to go through a lot of stress trying to get your nib out. However, the Hongdian nibs are easy to install or remove from your pen.

These nibs feature a twist mechanism, and all you need to do is turn your nib clockwise or counterclockwise to remove it or install it. However, always remember to remove the converter or cartridge before taking off the nib. If you remove the nib without taking out the ink, you will end up with a mess. 

Another great thing is that there is more than one type of nib for you to pick from. Asvine has made these nibs in different styles; you can get the fine nib, extra-fine nib, and bent nib, depending on your taste. 

Also, you don’t have to limit your purchases to the black nib because there are other colors available. This product is available in black, blue, gold trim, and silver. 

However, there is one drawback to this product, and that is the compatibility.  You can’t use these nibs for any type of pen; you can only use them for particular Hongdian Fountain pens like 1850, 1851, 6013, 517D, 517S, 525, H1, H3, A3, 1843, and the 920 Series. 

What we like

  • It comes with three nib options.
  • It has an excellent design.
  • It is light and weighs 0.352 ounces.
  • It is easy to install and remove.

What we don’t like

  • It is compatible with only some types of pens.


The Hongdian Fountain Pen nibs are a great choice, especially if you have a pen that can work with it. Also, it is easy to install and leak-proof. 

2. Kaigelu Fountain Pen Nibs   

The Kaigelu Fountain pen nibs are well-crafted nibs that appeal to the eyes. They are products of Erofa, a brand also known for making quality fountain pens. The nibs are a recent model that they introduced in 2021.

Upon looking at these nibs, the first thing that catches your attention is the design and the appearance. It has a classic look that reminds you of an antique fountain pen. For that reason, this nib is a great way to improve the elegance of your pen.

The nib’s tip has a unique rhomboid shape patterned with gold plating and a flame mark. Together, the unique design combination aims to improve the effectiveness and elegance of the nib.

Different designs are available for this product, and you don’t have to limit your choice. There is the calligraphy nib flame mark and rhombus mark, and both designs give off a sophisticated feel, and they are both convenient.

The nib has a dimension of 6.65 x 3.07 x .31 inches, and it weighs 0.3117 ounces. This weight makes writing comfortable for you, and at the same time, it gives your pen balance when moving. Furthermore, the material used to make the nib is highly durable, and you don’t need to worry about your nib breaking any time soon. 

Also, Erofa has made the nib available in different sizes you can get medium, fine, and extra-fine nibs. There are also different package sizes with different numbers of nib pieces; some come in packs of twos, while others come in packs of three. 

This product is not universal, and it only works with fountain pens that need #6 nibs like Jinhao 100, 450, 699, T1, C1, and the like. 

What we like

  • Elegant design
  • Durable material
  • Different nib sizes
  • Different types available
  • Allows for smooth writing

What we don’t like

  • It is scratchy at first and needs time to adjust.


The Kaiegelu Fountain Pen nib is one of the best fountain pen nibs on the market, and it is good-looking and performs optimally with time.

3. Noodler’s Ink Art Nibs

Next, we have something that will interest the artists in the house. The Noodler’s Ink Art Nib is a specially designed nib that brings out the best in your calligraphy. This model was made available in 2017 and still works wonders to date. 

Noodler’s nibs come in a pack containing five pieces, and there are three different types of nibs in the pack. You will get 2 flex nibs, two no-flex nibs, and one tipped non-flex nib. The variation of the nibs makes it possible for you to switch them out at intervals, and you don’t have to wear out the nibs. 

The design of this product is also attractive. It has a silver color that gives the nib a retro look.

Asides from the attractive color of the nib, the material used to make it is another advantage. The nib features stainless steel construction. Although stainless steel is not a strong metal, it is still one of the most durable materials for pens. 

You can draw conveniently without worrying about your nib breaking. Also, stainless steel is resistant to rust and other external factors, and you can rest assured that your nib will last a long time. 

The weight of each nib is another point to note. The nibs are designed to add just the right amount of weight and balance to your pen. It feels very comfortable drawing with these nibs, and you can add just the right amount of pressure. 

What we like

  • Different types are available in the pack.
  • Well balanced.
  • Compatible with different pens.

What we don’t like

  • Larger than expected.


The Noodler’s Ink Art Nibs are designed for drawing and calligraphy. 

4. Gullor Fountain Pen Nibs 

The Gullor Fountain Pen nib is one of the best fountain pen nibs. Although the design is very different from the products we’ve already looked at, it is still one of the top choices on our list. 

The pen’s design reminds one of royalty; it has a gold and silver pattern that creates an antique vibe. This pen nib gives your pen a formal look and makes it a great choice for fancy outings. 

The nib features metal construction, unlike the polystyrene material that we first saw in the earlier reviews. Nibs made of metal are stronger and boast high durability. You can rest assured that your nib will not break on you no matter how much force you apply.

Not only is the metal good for durability, but it also contributes to the weight of your pen. The nib makes your pen more balanced, and it gives you better leverage on the lower part where your fingers will hold the pen. 

The nib weighs 0.176 ounces; it doesn’t add too much weight to make your pen heavy and uncomfortable, but it adds enough weight to balance out the feel of your pen. 

This Gullor nib is of medium-range size. This size is perfect for those whose lettering borders small and large, and it is a great choice for intermediate to expert fountain pen users. 

You will get about 0.5mm thick lines when writing with this gold nib. You can comfortably make signatures and quick notes without leaving too much of a smear or ink streak. 

Another cool thing about this product is that you get five nibs in one pack. This arrangement is very convenient because you don’t have to keep getting a new nib every time you need one. Also, you can use them interchangeably to prevent overusing a particular nib. 

Finally, the nib allows for easy removal and installation. To remove the nib, all you need to do is pull it out with a slight swing, and you simply push the replacement in. you no longer have to worry about damaging your nib while trying to install it, and even kids can change this nib. 

What we like

  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • It has a ceremonial appearance.
  • It is made of metal and highly durable.
  • It comes in a pack containing five pieces.

What we don’t like

  • The line thickness varies from time to time.


The Gullor Fountain pen is still our top choice on this list. The design is elegant, the material used to make it is durable, and you can change out the nibs from time to time without buying another pack.

5. Dryden Designs Replaceable Nib 

Last on our list is the Dryden Designs replaceable nib. Dryden Designs is one of the leading fountain pen makers on the market, and they released this line of replaceable nibs in 2021. The nib should be used with a converter, so you get both a nib and converter in one product. 

The nib and converter have a bold and authoritative appearance, with the black color of the converter and the gold color of the nib. The combination of nib and converter will give your pen a better aesthetic. 

Also, the combination of the nib and converter saves you the extra cost of having to get them separately. 

The product is made of bamboo, which is not something you see often. Bamboo is a strong wood-like material with high durability, although it is not as strong as metal. The bamboo material gives the nib a unique feel in your hand, allowing for a better grip. 

The nib has a dimension of 2.3 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches, and it weighs 0.634 ounces because of the extra converter unit. 

What we like

  • Bamboo construction
  • Lightweight nib 
  • Comes with a converter
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like

  • Not very durable


Dryden Designs have come up with an innovative nib and converter unit made from bamboo. Although this makes it less durable, the added grip makes for great writing in humid conditions and whenever you need that extra help.


Your fountain pen is made up of different smaller parts. If a part is damaged, you can replace it instead of changing the entire pen.

The nib is an essential part of your pen, and if it gets damaged, you won’t be able to write. However, you don’t need to change your pen, and you can easily get a replacement for the nib. We’ve provided you with some of the best fountain pen nibs. 

The best fountain pen nib from our list is the Gullor Fountain Pen Nib. This product is made of metal with high durability, and it also comes in a pack containing five pieces. 


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