The Best Fountain Pen for Students Today: A Top 5 List 
best fountain pen for students

The phrase “student fountain pen” isn’t something that gets thrown around as much now as it once did in the middle part of the 20th Century. Nonetheless, you can still find a range of fountain pens available that are designed specifically to be used by students. 

A good fountain pen allows students to add a touch of class to their writing. Yes, there are some fountain pens for students that cost a pretty penny, but plenty of budget-friendly options are available.

So, what’s the best fountain pen for students? Read on to find out more. 

5 Of the Best Fountain Pens Students May Want To Try 

1. Best Fountain Pen With Comfortable Grip

If you are looking for a pen with an ink cartridge that doesn’t need refilling, look no further than the Pilot Varsity. The ink flows smoothly from the nib as you begin writing and does not produce distorted lines. 

The steady flow of ink from the nib reduces the pressure placed on the writer’s hand. Of the five writing tools we’ll discuss in this article, this is perhaps the best suited for long periods of writing. Also, the design of the pen body is ergonomic, which means you won’t need to put additional pressure on the instrument as you write.

The pen’s advanced liquid ink system and the authentic nib on this disposable fountain pen guarantee smooth writing no matter what type of paper you are using. 

Notably, these are designed to be disposable, so as soon as the ink runs out, there is no need to try to refill the cartridge, as you can buy a pack of six for around $12, making them among the most affordable.


  • Cheap to buy
  • Nib allows you to write from just about any angle
  • Available in different colored inks


  • It doesn’t feel as robust as the more expensive models

2. Best For Smooth Writing Experience

Students who have never used fountain pens before will want to consider the Lamy Safari. In fact, of all the pens we review here, this is the one that has become very popular, not only with students but with many YouTubers and bloggers.

Like many other fountain pens, you’ll find that the German-made Lamy Safari is made from strong ABS plastic, making it a sturdy instrument. It comes with a range of colors that are vibrant and long-lasting. Popular for their special edition models and easy to insert ink cartridges, these pens are fantastic for most students.

This model’s unique removable, interchangeable nibs are a feature that others on this list lack. This makes it so you can change out the nib and replace it with a variety of nibs from other pens also produced by Lamy. However, you may not need to change it out, as the stainless steel nibs provided with it do offer you excellent writing performance on any piece of paper.


  • Is an affordable fountain pen
  • Even though 40 years old, it still comes with a very sleek and modern design
  • It comes with a comfortable triangular grip
  • The built-in ink window shows when the cartridge is running out


  • The use of plastic for the body makes it feel cheap
  • The pen tip does not accommodate flex nibs

3. The Most Inexpensive Fountain Pen For Students

The Pilot V Pen is a good option for most first-time fountain pen users who are working on a budget and aren’t looking to break the bank.

These fashionable, maintenance-free pens are convenient and easy to use, as most pens are under the Pilot brand. This particular disposable pen is fitted with an advanced feed system and a high-quality stainless steel nib, which help to ensure you have a smooth writing experience.

You’ll be surprised at just how well-balanced this lightweight pen is and why so many students use it on a daily basis. It does feel comparable to some of the more expensive fountain pens you can buy. Plus, as you simply throw away the pen once the ink cartridge has run out, you don’t need to worry about buying a bottle of ink to refill it.

If you’re looking for a pen that doesn’t weigh a great deal, then look no further than the Pilot V Pen. This model weighs around 44 grams, whereas the likes of the Kaweco Sport weigh about 2.1 grams more.


  • The nib feels sharp and provides a decent amount of feedback
  • Excellent Performance
  • Is cheap to buy


  • Does look cheap in comparison to some other disposable fountain pens
  • It only comes with a medium-size nib

4. Most Affordable Disposable Fountain Pen For A Student

When it comes to disposable fountain pens that will provide ink for an extended time, then look no further than the Arteza disposable fountain pen. These are not only beautiful to hold because of their ergonomic design but include inkwells that are designed to last.

The ink inside each cartridge is quick-drying, so you do not need to worry about the crisp lines on the paper becoming smudged or smeared.

The Artez disposable fountain pen is fitted with a 0.9mm nib that you can use for writing or sketching. Indeed, if you are looking for pens to create precise lines and develop architectural designs, this class of fountain pens is ideal.

On average, you’ll find that a pack of 12 of these pens comes within a price range of around $16.00, which is about $1.30 per pen. You get a lot for your money for such an inexpensive fountain pen.


  • Inexpensive pens for everyday use
  • Quick-dry time
  • It can be used just like an everyday ballpoint pen


  • If used often may find that the ink runs out quickly
  • Ink doesn’t always flow out of the nib well

5. The Best Beginner Fountain Pen 

Want something similar to a traditional fountain pen, but that comes at a fraction of the cost? Look no further than the Epakh 4-piece refillable fountain pen.

Each purchase comes with four individual pens and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. This is one of our personal preferences as these are sturdy, making them difficult to break. Like other types of pens by this brand, they are perfect for all manner of writing.

As these pens’ nibs come with an EF point design, you will find that they are suitable for various paper types. They are also easy to handle and do not cause fatigue after sustained use.

These piston fountain pens come with a transparent pen body that allows you to see how much blue ink is left inside. You can also refill these with a wide variety of ink color options.


  • You can use it in a wide range of applications
  • Durable pen body
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Easy to refill from an ink bottle


  • Nibs cannot be replaced
  • Using gold ink has flow issues

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best types of fountain pens you can buy, we’ll go over some of the benefits of using such pens. Along with this, we’ll also provide you information on how to take care of them to ensure that they provide you with an excellent writing experience every time you use one. 

Benefits Of Using A Fountain Pen For Writing

Below we explain why using such pens is suitable for college students and all manner of assignments. 

1. Reduce Hand Cramping And Fatigue 

The main difference between these pens and a typical ballpoint pen is your pressure when using them. With fountain pens, you won’t need to apply much pressure at all. You’ll simply need to guide the pen as it moves over the paper. 

The ink inside the cartridge flows automatically down to the nib and then onto the paper. As ink leaves the pen, the air is able to enter through a tiny hole in the nib. This helps to replace the vacuum in the cartridge reservoir that results as the ink flows from the tip. 

As you don’t need to apply any real pressure when holding the pen’s body, you’ll find your hand will not start to cramp as often. 

2. Good Value For Money 

As you will see above, such pens may cost slightly more than a typical ballpoint pen. However, they make up for this slight difference in price by being more durable. 

Plus, if you choose to go for a refillable model, they can last you a very long time. Additionally, since you’ll be able to change the ink cartridge, you can also change the color of your pen and switch it up from time to time.

Because of this, you may also find that they’re more affordable in the long run, as you can simply refill the cartridge directly from an ink bottle and not have to purchase an entirely new pen. 

How To Care For Your Fountain Pen 

If you decide to use these writing tools regularly, it is essential that you take care of them correctly. Doing this will help ensure your pen produces crisp and straight lines. 

Below are some basic things to help you take care of your fountain pen. 

1. Keep The Cap On When Not In Use

This is vital to prevent the ink from drying out on the nib tip, which can result in clogging. So, as soon as you have finished writing, remember to put the cap back on. 

2. Don’t Let Anyone Else Use It 

This may seem a little odd, but whoever has borrowed your fountain pen may not treat it with your care. They could end up causing damage to the nib if they press down too hard while writing. 

3. Regularly Flush Refillable Fountain Pens 

If you aren’t using yours regularly, you may find that the ink begins to dry out and harden after a while. This build-up of ink in the nib can then lead to your pen producing distorted lines.

Regular flushing can help prevent this situation from arising, as it ensures the ink flow remains open and constant. 

Just by soaking the nib in a cup of cool water for a few hours should work, as it will soften any ink that has hardened.  


Do Pilot V pens come with a fine point? 

Unfortunately, this pen-type only comes with a standard nib rather than one with a fine point. 

How Do I Know If The Lamy Safari I Buy Is Authentic? 

The quickest and easiest way to identify an authentic Lamy fountain pen is to look at the nib. When you pull it out, you should notice a small amount of blue ink remaining on the tip from when the pen was tested before leaving the factory. 

Best Brands 


Pilot is a company that has offered innovative writing solutions for 100 years. The first of their pens appeared in Japan in 1918. Initially formed by Ryosuke Namiki, the company changed its name to Pilot Pen Co Ltd in 1938. The name then changed once again in 1989 to Pilot Corporation. 


Lamy has stood out for more than 50 years, and their products are known for possessing excellent workmanship. Each one of their pens is made in Germany and comes pre-tested. They produce a variety of different models that are suited to a range of tasks. 


Arteza produces a wide range of fountain pens designed to be used by artists, architects, and even musicians. They hope that their customers can express who they are through the work they produce with their pens. 

Let’s Wrap Things Up 

As you’ve discovered, there are numerous best fountain pens for students out there to choose from. You may also be pleased to learn that all of the pens we have discussed here are suitable for right-handed and left-handed writers.  

Plus, as these pens come in at an affordable price, you may want to consider buying a couple of different ones. This way you can see which one you like the best. 

Why not let us know what best fountain pen for students you went for?


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